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This Bodyguard is Hard Hitting

Updated on September 16, 2018
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Eileen enjoys a variety of movies and likes to share reviews of those that impress her. She also loves British television comedy series.

Two main Bodyguard Characters

The two main characters the British Home Secretary and her bodyguard
The two main characters the British Home Secretary and her bodyguard | Source

Bodyguard, Drama at its Best

A gripping drama series launched on BBC1 a few weeks ago and it is grabbing headlines here in the U.K.

Available on BBC catch up we started again from scratch viewing this exceptional drama having missed episode two while on vacation.

We watched what we thought was episode two and were confused until we realized it was in truth episode three.

So it proved a better option to watch all three episodes on catch up before watching episode four.

Tonight episode five will air on BBC1 at 9pm and viewing figures are expected to be through the roof.

Some mainstream media publications have posted spoilers this week and it has been difficult avoiding them. I avoided pretty well until I caught a glimpse of an headline online which spilled some of the beans.

To be fair it highlighted what I had guessed but even so those who have shared spoilers have in truth spoiled the drama of last two episodes.

The Plot

*Contains slight spoilers*

While off-duty, David Budd heroically prevents a suicide attack on a train. On the back of that Budd, a divorced father of two and a veteran of recent conflicts, is promoted from his current role in counter terrorism but gets of to a bumpy start in his new role.

He is appointed Home Secretary Julia Montague‘s new bodyguard and it is hate at first sight on her part.

It does not take long however for them to develop a working relationship and Montague to realize what an exceptional bodyguard Budd is.

Accompanying Montague just about everywhere the pair soon develop an intimate relationship.

But all is not well and forces are at work that will rock their world.

A terror attack on a school Budd’s children attend is followed by a bomb attack as the Home Secretary is addressing an invited audience.

The effects are devastating.

What I like about Bodyguard

Bodyguard is a six-part series that grabs the viewer’s attention. In the same way it is difficult to put a good book down each episode leaves the viewer wanting more and now!

The characters are all believable

Home Secretary Julia Montague is played to perfection by Keeley Hawes who admits she researched the role by watching footage of former Home Secretary Amber Rudd. The similarities are easily spotted helped along by a script that includes some of Rudd’s political work including R.I.P.A. the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

Former Game of Thrones star Richard Madden plays David Budd. Budd is one of the good guys, or is he?

Budd is a wreck following military service in Afghanistan. He is physically and emotionally scarred. This leaves the viewer questioning at times the loyalty of Budd.

The characters and plot all fall into place as this drama unfolds but there are twists and turns.

Realistic scenes

The terrorist attacks are realistic and the scenes very tense.

Perhaps the only silly scene for me was a teacher gathering up children in a schoolyard as a truck with a terrorist driving is heading at speed toward the school gates. Armed police have responded to the attack and are trying to stop the truck but she does not even put her mug of tea down!

Perhaps that is what a teacher would do though trying not to frighten the children but I doubt it.

When a sniper strikes the tension is heart stopping and the scenes all too realistic. However there is no gratuitous violence.

Overall though Bodyguard is the best drama series I have watched for years.

With just two episodes to air on BBC1 this hard-hitting drama will not fail to deliver the goods.


Bodyguard is tough viewing and accordingly aired after the so-called TV watershed in the U.K. It is not suitable for children.

Some of the Cast

Richard Madden ... David Budd

Sophie Rundle ... Vicky Budd

Vincent Franklin ... Mike Travis

Paul Ready ... Rob Macdonald

Richard Riddell ... Tom Fenton

Nicholas Gleaves ... Roger Penhaligon

Ash Tandon ... Deepak Sharma

Stuart Bowman ... Stephen Hunter-Dunn

Stephanie Hyam ... Chanel Ella Budd

David Westhead ... Prime Minister

Keeley Hawes ... Julia Montague

Written and Created by-

Jed Mercurio

Official Trailer

© 2018 Ethel Smith


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