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This Is Us -- Election Night

Updated on January 22, 2019

Will Randall win?

Last time, we learned Jack's brother is alive. The question remains did Jack know? Beth demanded Randall quit the race because the polls say he can't win and he wouldn't, so she made him sleep on the couch.

Election Night and Randall is still in the race. Randall in a dead heat with Brown.

Zoe tells Kevin she can't do this. Toby calls because Kate is crying and won't stop.

Apparently, Randall and Beth still on the outs.

Seven weeks before Beth wakes Randall up before the kids see him on the couch. Beth still can't believe that Randall won't resign the race. She says he's on his own and she wants no part of his election.

Randall recalls going to Washington with Jack. They're looking at the Washington Monument. Randall says he's considering majoring in political science. Jack tells Randall he'll be a great man.

Kate looking at all the stuff they have in their spare room and wants to turn it into a nursey.

Zoe and Kevin arrive home. Kevin wondering if Jack knew that Nick was alive. He decides not to tell his family what he found out. Kevin asks her to move in with him. That's what Zoe meant when she said she couldn't, even though she takes the key now.

Randall been working hard to try and turn things around for him in the election. Randall decides to stay at campaign headquarters instead of going home. Young Randall tells Jack it scares him to think about doing something important because he can get too focused on something. He's worried he might neglect his wife and kids.

Toby and Kate sold all their stuff in the room. Toby upset when he learns Kate sold his box of Star Wars stuff when he had marked on the box not to sell them.

Kevin and Zoe trying to find information on Nick. Zoe says she might be able to get Kevin the documentation needed so they'll release the info to Kevin he needs to find Uncle Nick.

Three weeks before the election Brown is digging that Beth not supporting Randall. Randall comes home and Beth is wrapping up gifts. Randall wants her and the girls to show up at his election gathering. Beth has a fit because she had to buy all the Christmas presents. Randall suggests she's jealous that he has something he cares about and she doesn't. She storms out.

Zoe asks a congressman to help her and he says he'll get the email. But he looks a little put out about her and Kevin. Seems he's one of Zoe's exes. Kevin asks for the 411 and learns she dated him for a couple of years and talked about moving to New York. She dumped him by email. Kevin a bit shocked how she broke up with the guy, especially considering how long they'd been together.

He goes home and sees a bunch of unpacked boxes. He feels while she's moved in, she really hasn't moved in.

On New Year's Eve Randall's campaign manager finds dirt on Brown. He paid off police charges so he wouldn't get charged for DUI. Randall runs into Brown's pet pastor who suggests he drop out. After Randall talks about why he ran and debating using the dirt he's got on Brown, the pastor ends up giving Randall the pie he needed for his family. Did Randall finally win some points with the Browing-loving pastor? Randall apologizes to the family for giving all his time to the campaign. He says when he's old he'll be thinking of them, not the election. Seems Beth finally forgives him.

Kate tracks down the guy she sold Toby's Star Wars collection to, but he won't sell it back. She tells the kid that Toby wanted to give them to their baby. She tells him about how her house burned down and she lost everything from her childhood, including her father. He's a Star Wars boy. It doesn't work, the kid still won't give up the Star Wars collection.

Zoe comes home. Kevin gets snarky with her because she won't unpack her stuff. He asks if she's going to send him an email, too. Zoe says she moved in to make him happy, because she didn't want to move in. She says he keeps pushing her. She tells him she needs some space. And this must be what lead up to her giving him his key back.

One week before the election Randall at home with the kids when the phone rings. He ignores it. Jack tells Randall what a force he'll be if life puts the right person in his path. Randall says he won't go to church and make his final push to win. Beth recalls the time he closed down a shoe aisle when she was crying. She says she should have had his back and he needs to finish the campaign. Beth tells him why she was crying that day. Randall, Beth and the family got to the church.

From the pulpit the pastor seems to be giving a campaign speech for Brown, but he also speaks well for Randall, as well.

Kate tries to give Toby some Star Wars replacement figures but he knows they're not his. Kate says he doesn't need to pass his Star Wars collection down to their son, because he'll have them and that's what's important.

Election night, Kate is watching election results. She cries when Toby recreates the stadium Jack had made for her, but it's filled with Star Wars figures. She starts flashing back on her and Jack with it. Kate starts crying.

Zoey gives Kevin back his key and Kevin gets the call from Toby about Kate. She says it's a good cry.

Randall tells Beth it may be after midnight until they find out who won. Randall thanks everyone that helped him. He tells everyone to go home and rest. Zoe watches Kevin leave and she follows him. She tells him she has a lot of locks on her apartment so she can have piece of mind. She says she wants to live with him and she thinks she likes what he's pushing for. She's in love with him and wants the key back. He gives it to her. He tells her let's go home. They start unpacking a box of her things. She sees a box of Jack's things and finds a postcard that proves Jack knew Nick was alive along with Nick's address.

Randall asked if Jack wanted to find Nick's name on the wall and he said it would be too sad for him.

The phone rings at Randall's. He learns who won. He won.


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