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This Is Us -- Jack's Big Secret?

Updated on December 7, 2018

Did Jack let everyone believe a lie?

Last week, several Thanksgivings were celebrated over many time lines and places. The big news is Tess is gay and doesn't know how to tell her parents and Beth realizes Randall gave her a job on his campaign out of pity for her.

Back in Nam and Jack still not making any progress with his brother. Jack trying to get more time with his brother, but his time is up. Jack says he wants to take him some place. Nick punches Jack and Jack gives him a shove. Jack says he's got 48 hours left with him and then he's back on his own base. He agrees to go where Jack wants to take him.

Kevin planning to go to the village where Jack served. Zoe tries to caution him that this may not end the way he wants this to.

Kate told her ultrasound looks good. She and Toby decide to keep the baby's sex a secret. Kate told she shouldn't be sitting so much because of her high blood pressure. That means she can no longer drive to her gigs singing singing telegrams as Adele.

Beth resigns from Randall's campaign and forgives him. They learn Deja is still in contact with her mom. Beth urges Randall to concentrate on the campaign.

Jack takes Nick to the beach. He says one day this place will be a distant memory but Nick needs to stay focused on getting home.

Kate out walking her dog. Kate feels bad she has to give up doing her singing telegrams. Madison says the school she works at needs a new chorus director. Sounds like a perfect job for Kate.

Beth gives Randall a pep talk before he goes on stage when he starts obsessing over Deja and who she's texting.

Rebecca drives Tess to the debate. Tess realizes Kate told Rebecca that she's gay. Tess snarls she doesn't want to talk about it with her.

Kevin and Zoe arrive at the village. Kevin imagines seeing Jack walking around it.

Kate loses out on the job because she doesn't have a college degree.

Kevin is introduced to a man who lived in the village as a child and who may know something about Jack.

Nick wakes up in the middle of night, he sneaks some drugs out of a bag. When Jack wakes in the morning his brother is gone. He sees him sitting at the end of the dock pretending to shoot people with his finger. Jack realizes Nick is high. Jack says he'll get him clean, again. Nick says he doesn't want to get clean. He says he's not going to complete the mission and for Jack to not follow him.

Toby suggests maybe Kate isn't supposed to be working, right now. He suggests she take this time to relax. She says she needs to keep busy because she's still not sure the baby will really happen. She says they don't want to know the sex of the baby because they're terrified of making it too real.

It looks like Saul Brown is beating Randall until Randall talks to the people and points out all Brown has promised and hasn't delivered. He vows if they take a chance on him he'll be different.

Kevin shows the man a picture of Jack and the Asian woman. He doesn't recognize Jack. He doesn't know the woman, either. The man talks about his VC father who never told them he was off fighting a war when he'd sneak in to visit him at night. He says their fathers were enemies but not so different as they hid their war stories from them. It's not the answers he was looking for, but maybe it's an answer to something bigger.

Rebecca says she has pains in her neck and wrist and thinks it's because she kept everything inside her. She says Tess doesn't have to tell her parents, but she doesn't want her to end up like her. Having pain because she keeps everything inside.

Toby urges Kate to finish getting her degree.

Beth congratulates Randall. Randall's campaign manager thinks Brown is too far ahead in the polls that Randall can't possibly win, despite winning the debate.

Deja tells Randall and Beth she wants to go visit her Mom. Randall says okay. Then Tess comes to see them. She says she feels uncomfortable around them. She has a stomach ache all the time. She tells them she thinks she might like girls, not boys. She didn't want to tell them, because she didn't want it to become a thing. Both Beth and Randall let her know they love her no matter what. Tess says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore, right now.

Beth thinks Randall should drop out of the race, since she doesn't think he can win. Randall says he made promises to the community. She says she's no longer on board with him running. He says he understands and he loves her, but he's not dropping out. Beth not happy with his answer.

A dejected Kevin feeling bad because he didn't get any answers. Zoe says maybe this isn't the ending.

Jack looking for his brother at camp. Then they hear gunfire. Jack runs to the water.

Beth prepares for Randall to sleep on the couch and doesn't want him to touch her.

Tess and Randall visiting the person they talked about in the flash forward in the finale. They call Beth, so it's not her. It turns out that Rebecca is alive and she's the one they're visiting.

Kate and Toby learn they're having a boy.

Jack learns a boat exploded. He runs in the water.

Kevin learns his uncle may not have died in the war. Somewhere someplace a man sits down and his mail says Nick Pearson.

The big question is did Jack know. Before Nick went off to the war, he was trying to help him make it to Canada so he wouldn't have to go. Could Jack have helped his brother fake his death so he could keep his promise to save his brother? And did he live a lie all these years?

This is Us returns January 15.


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