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This Is Us -- Kevin Wants to Help Uncle Nick...

Updated on February 20, 2019

Only Uncle Nick doesn't want to be helped...

Last time, the kids met Uncle Nick.

Kevin tells Nick he's spending the night at the hotel with them. After they leave, Kevin wants to know what they're going to do. Kevin is determined they help him. Kevin says he'll call Rebecca when neither Kate nor Randall want to do it.

Kevin finds a facility he hopes might help Nick. Kevin makes the suggestion to Nick, but he doesn't seem interested. Rebecca shows up. She introduces herself to Nick as Jack's wife.

Rebecca asks is Nick knew about them. He excuses himself to go outside and Rebecca remembers Jack coming back from visiting Nick. Jack says he needs a day to recuperate. Kate asks Jack if he got her something. Rebecca rescues Jack from Kevin wanting him to take him to the mall.

Kate and Randall tell Kevin they have to go back. Kevin doesn't take it well. Kevin apologizes when he accuses Randall of not helping their uncle. Kevin says it's just him and Rebecca then to try and help Nick.

Kate and Randall talking about Jack not telling them about Nick. Kate recalls having a good time with Jack after he came back from seeing Nick. Randall suggests he and Kate go back and visit their old house.

In the past, Jack makes an excuse to go outside and sit by himself. Randall comes out and sits with him.

Rebecca and Kevin take Nick to the vet place he found. Nick says the place isn't for him. He tells Kevin he's talked to people before, is a drunk and gets the shakes leaving his trailer. Kevin takes a time out leaving Rebecca with Nick. Rebecca comes out to see Kevin. Kevin says he's mad at Jack for not telling them about Nick. Rebecca says she's mad, too. The three leave the vet place.

In the past Kevin won't leave the mall until he gets his baseball card signed.

Rebecca tells Nick it's time they talked.

Randall and Kate go to their old house, but the family living their slams the door in their face. Randall says all the houses on the street look completely different. The little girl of the family asks them if they want to see her room.

Randall finds Jack in the garage exercising and he tells Randall to order a pizza everyone will like.

Kevin goes back to Nick's trailer and starts trying to clean it up. Kevin calls Zoe to tell her he thinks he'll be home in another day. Something suddenly attracts his attention.

Randall corrects Kate's recollection of the day being the perfect day. Jack comes in and yells at Kate for making a mess. He breaks the plate. She refuses to believe things aren't the perfect way she remembers them, leaving all the bad stuff out with Jack yelling at her and breaking a plate.

In the past, Rebecca comes back looking for Kevin. In the present, she tells Nick she didn't want to meet him because she didn't want to unravel what Jack told her. She asks if he has any fun stories about their childhood. Nick says Jack told her he was dead because he wishes he was dead. Rebecca says she thinks Jack would have found his way back to him. Rebecca says he still has a chance. She says Kevin has always been more tricky and hard to define. In the past, Rebecca is told by the athelete that Kevin is a special little boy. Rebecca says Kevin is sensitive underneath his exterior. She says Nick is important to Kevin. Nick makes it clear he doesn't see Kevin as family, he sees him as nothing, and a disappointed Rebecca walks away from him.

Kate wonders if she dis-remembers her entire childhood. Randall says she just remembered the good stuff.

Jack comes back and apologizes to Kate and Randall, saying he was tired. Jack back to normal, joking with the kids and starts the sequin fight that Kate remembers so well.

Nick comes out to see Rebecca. He starts talking about Jack as a child. That Jack liked to build things. Nick said he wanted to be a writer and then a doctor and then he didn't want anything. He said he used to be a person, and wishes he could be that person, again. He says it's been so long he doesn't think he can. Nick says she and the kids were all Jack ever wanted.

Nick comes to see Kevin and asks him to go somewhere with him. He takes Kevin to his trailer and directs Kevin on how to repair his trailer. Nick says he doesn't have to worry about his leaky roof and he'll go to one of those meetings at the vet center. He says he knows Kevin wants to fix him, but he can't give him that. Him and his family are just too painful. Kevin says it was a pleasure to meet him, taking the hint he wants him to leave, and says maybe he'll meet him, again.

Randall returns home. Beth's mother fell and hurt herself and she's heading to Washington to go take care of her. Randall brings the kids presents home. While Kate is greeted by her dog and Toby. Kate tells Toby what she wants to do with their baby when he's born.

Kevin and Rebecca driving back home. Kevin doesn't tell her he started drinking again while alone in Nick's trailer. It was a bottle of liquor that attracted his attention in Nick's trailer and he took a drink from it.


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