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This Is Us -- One Couple Breaks Up...

Updated on April 5, 2019

While another makes up,,,

Last time, things went from bad to worse with Beth and Randall….

Tonight is the season finale and one couple will break-up and with the exception of one couple, all the other couples will be moving to different states.

The episode starts out with future Beth and she doesn’t look very happy as she makes coffee. Present Beth doesn’t look any happier as she also makes coffee. Randall in his office, also having coffee looking at pics of his family. Rebecca brings coffee to Kate and Toby. Zoe is making coffee for Kevin. Kevin makes a remark about a screaming baby which makes it clear that contrary to what he said the baby issue isn’t off the table, after all. Past Rebecca is also drinking coffee as she drives. When a peach drops on the floor out of the grocery bag as she’s driving, she bends down to pick it up and smashes into another car. Talk about distracted driving. Bad Rebecca.

Jack gets the call at work and rushes to the hospital to see her. She’s got a broken arm. She has to stay overnight. When the kids comes to visit, Kevin is clinging to Jack and Randall is why she’s talking so funny [she was given a pain killer and it’s made her sleepy]. He wonders if she’s got brain damage. [Me rolling my eyes.]

Baby Jack is able to breathe on his own. The doctor warns they have to monitor Baby Jack closely because he may forget to breathe. Kate gets annoyed that Rebecca is taking over all the questions about Baby Jack and when she tries to ask a question the doctor has to go and basically ignores her.

Randall comes home while Beth and the girls are having breakfast. Beth tries to apologize for what she said. Randall wants to talk about how they can get through this and Beth says she’s not seeing the door to solve this problem. Always before she saw a door they could go through to solve whatever problem they were dealing with.

Randall taking Deja to her first debate and she asks when he and Beth stopped learning how to talk to each other. Kevin and Zoey taking care of the girls while Beth goes to dance class.

Kate not thrilled that Rebecca wants to move so close to her. Jack stops breathing and Kate panics but Rebecca gets him breathing again. Kate blames Rebecca saying she put him down because Rebecca was driving her crazy and she would have tapped him, too. Yeah, but you didn’t and called for help, instead. Try being grateful. Rebecca decides to leave for awhile. Probably a good idea.

Jack at home taking care of the kids. Both Kevin and Randall tell Jack what Rebecca was going to do with them. They don’t care for the meal Jack made. When Jack bites into it his doesn’t like it, either and suggest they have ice cream instead.

Tess tells Kevin that Beth is too busy fighting with Randall and working. Kevin offers to listen to Tess’ problems. Now that she’s come out she doesn’t know how she should dress or act. He says he’s the champ of not knowing who he is and says they find out who they are slowly and she will to. That with each person that comes into her life she’ll find a piece of herself. And that makes Tess feel better.

Beth looking around at all the women in her class. I wonder if she’s thinking what Randall said to her on the phone was true. Her boss asks her to take a class with women who are just trying to lose weight. Basically what Randall said in his nasty voice mail.

Deja says there’s no debate and this is the house where she lived for 8 months while her mom was in rehab. She says Mr. and Mrs. Johnson kept you hungry and blew all the money they got for taking care of foster kids on scratch off tickets. They all had to share one can of soup. She recalls stealing on of the scratchers with the hope of winning and buying all the kids hamburgers and shakes. She said neither she or the Johnsons won. Deja says most people don’t win. That he’s won twice: once when he was adopted and once when he met Beth and he needs to get it together.

Jack having a hard time without Rebecca in bed next to him. He gets the kids together and says they’re going to spend the night at the hospital with Rebecca.

Kate looks at Rebecca’s notebook and feels like crap. She wrote down all these meticulous instructions on how to care for Baby Jack.

Randall asks his campaign manager if we were to resign what would happen. He says all the people that took a chance on Randall would feel betrayed by him.

Kevin watches Zoe with the girls. He says his mom didn’t want kids, at first. He suggests Zoe will change her mind about kids. He says he thinks he might be good with kids, too. So, he obviously didn’t take Zoe serious about no kids ever. He thinks she’ll change her mind in time.

Beth goes to see a realtor about finding a place in Philly to start her own dance studio and a new place for them to live so Randall won’t have the long commute. That way they can both have what they want and both be happy. She finally found the door.

Kate comes home to find Rebecca. Rebecca apologizes for over-stepping and Kate says Rebecca always knows what to do. She’s afraid she’ll never be as good a mom as Rebecca. She says she doesn’t know how she’ll ever live up to Rebecca. Kate says she wants her there. That makes Rebecca very happy.

Kevin and Zoe arrive home. Zoe says they need to talk. She says he wants to be a dad. She says he should be a dad. She wants him to have that, but she doesn’t want that. Kevin says he made his choice and Zoe says he made the wrong choice. He thinks she’s going to change but she won’t. She makes it clear she’s never going to want to have kids. She makes the brave choice that Kevin won’t. To end it now before they start hurting each other in the future.

The family arrives back at the hospital. Jack tries to get the nurse to let them into Rebecca’s room when she says visiting hour are over. She tells them to go ahead and to keep their voices down. Young Kevin tries flirting with the nurse.

Randall tells Beth that Deja had a talk with him. Randall says he’s going to resign. Beth says he’s not going to resign. They’re moving to Philadelphia. She says she’s not giving up on her dream and she’s going to open her own dance studio in Philly. She says they’ve got to scale back. She doesn’t mind them having to get a smaller place. She says they don’t work apart, but together they set the world on fire.

Beth is in Kevin’s house which is Huge. Tess comes into see Beth. Beth and Randall are still together in the future and they still love each other. Randall isn’t the reason Beth looks unhappy.

Zoe packs up her things and Kevin helps and then they say goodbye.

Kate and Toby bring home Baby Jack to a waiting Rebecca and Miguel.

Toby arrives at Kevin’s house. He says he just talked to Jack and they decided to come. Kevin’s son walks by, so Kevin did have at least one child. The question is who is the mother and how can he afford such a large house?

In the present, Kevin says he’s moving back to California and will also be around a lot to spend time with his new nephew. Toby doesn’t seem too happy about that.

Nick is sitting with Rebecca who is really old. She apparently lives with Kevin now. Have they all come because she’s dying? Randall tells her it’s him, her son, Randall. Rebecca seems to have a very unfriendly look on her face when Randall used to be the cream in her coffee.

Miguel doesn’t seem to be around, so has Rebecca outlived two husbands. Another MIA is Randall and Beth’s daughter, Annie, who I always think of as the forgotten daughter. Couldn’t something have happened to her? Deja not being there makes sense, though, because with Rebecca moving away Deja and Rebecca wouldn’t have developed a close relationship like she had with Tess and Annie. Kate isn’t there and the way Toby acts it sounds like he and Kate aren’t together again. Could Kevin and Kate being back together again have reactivated their twin thing and did it cause problems in their marriage? Only next season will tell.


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