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This Is Us -- Randall Goes After the Asian Vote

Updated on November 4, 2018

And Beth has a Meltdown

Last week Kevin learned the cherished necklace Jack gave to him belonged to a woman Jack knew in Vietnam. Randall wasn't doing well in his attempts to run against the councilman. Toby wasn't doing well now he's off his meds and he bottomed out when Kate told him she's pregnant. And Beth wasn't doing well dealing with getting fired.

Kate spreads the news that she's pregnant. Then news spreads about Toby's problem with his depression meds, as well. Meanwhile Toby remains in bed. Kate tries to get him out of bed, but he doesn't want to get up.

Flashback to Kevin trying to show that he's just as good as Randall by knocking him down and fighting with him when they were kids. Rebecca tells him to get off of Randall. Then Jack comes home with a black eye because he was boxing. She wants Jack to only punch a bag and makes him promise.

Beth calling up jobs she sent her resume to. Randall calls Beth asking her to help pick which shirt he should wear to the church. Beth offers to help the girls help sell Girl Scout cookies.

Kevin staring at the pic of Jack and the Vietnamese woman. Zoe wants to go to a hotel alone to celebrate finishing her article and tells Kevin to stop obsessing about the picture.

In the past, Randall asks Jack to teach him to box. He tells Jack about a kid named Dylan whose bullying him at school. Jack is reluctant to do it, because he knows Rebecca won't like it. He ends up agreeing to do it, but to keep it from Rebecca.

The reverend at the church has the councilman lead the flock. The councilman uses the moment to stick it to Randall. Again, we get to see people being sheep to a politician and not seeing him for what he is. In short, he's not their friend and only out for himself.

Someone gets to the spot to sell cookies before Beth and the girls and she says they'll find some place else.

Kevin wants to come to town to talk to Randall.

Kate tells Toby the dog may have swallowed something bad at the dog park and now he won't eat.

Jack teaching Randall to box. Rebecca comes in and catches them. To say she's not pleased is an understatement.

All the girls reacting over Kevin being there to meet Randall. Kevin shows Randall the pic of Jack and the woman. Kevin thinks Jack is in love with the woman. He thinks it means something because he gave him her necklace. Randall asks why now? He makes Randall remember them peeling wallpaper off the walls of a room. Kevin says he started peeling the paper off of Jack. Randall says Vietnam was something Jack didn't want them to know about. Kevin says maybe Randall is right and he should leave it alone.

Someone brings free drinks to them and Kevin says it's because of the nanny. Randall wants to use Kevin to help him with the election with the Asian community that the councilman ignores.

Rebecca and Jack fighting about Randall being taught to box. She says he can't keep things from her when they're about their son. She goes to call the school.

When the kids start complaining how Beth isn't as good as Reilly's mom cause she forgot the swiper and they can't let customers use a credit card to buy cookies, Beth explodes and tells them to shut up and to pack up things because they're leaving. Yeah, Beth really needed to be told she's not as good as someone else when she got fired for the same reason. Leave it to kids to make you feel worse.

Rebecca says Randall lied and that there's no such person as Dylan the bully. Jack tells Rebecca boxing helps him with stuff he can't talk about. It quiets things for him. He says that's the best he can explain it to her.

Toby finally gets up and takes a shower and appears to get back to normal.

Deja goes to talk to Beth. Beth apologizes for what she did and says she's okay. Deja says if Beth is sad she should tell Randall, because he'll tell her how great she is. Beth apologizes to the girls.

Kevin gets the Asian community to register to vote. One of the Koreans calls Randall out for trying to use them to get votes. He says he's never been here before and won't come back. Randall replies he doesn't know what this community needs but he'd like to know so he can help.

When Kate comes home with the dog she sees Toby up and dressed. Toby admits he doesn't feel like being up and getting dressed but hoped he'd start feeling like it if he did. He's worries she'll leave him if he doesn't snap out of this soon. Audio suddenly stands by the door wanting to go for a walk and Kate gets Toby to take a walk with her and their dog.

Kevin says when Randall wants to do something he does it. Kevin says he can't let this thing go about Jack and Randall gives his approval.

Jack comes to confront Randall about the lie. Randall said he wanted Jack to teach him to box but knew Jack wouldn't if he didn't have a good reason. He says he wanted to be more like Jack. He says Kevin got Jack's ability through DNA. Jack says Randall is just as much a son as Kevin is. Jack says Randall's brain will be his secret weapon.

The Asian man comes to see Randall. He says his grandmother registered for the first time in 75 years. He offers to be Randall's campaign manager. He says his name is Jay and Randall welcomes him aboard.

Rebecca buys boxing headgear for Jack so he can be safe. He tells her his brother and him used to box when they were kids. Rebecca asks Jack to teach her how to box. He tells her to put the headgear on to protect her head. He straps the boxing gloves on her. There lesson turns to kisses.

Randall drops by to see the councilman. He says he's good. He was gracious but made him look like he didn't belong. Randall uses some of the boxing strategy Jack taught him on the councilman.

Kate assures Toby she's not going to leave him. Kate says she's needed to be taken care of most of her life. She says she's strong and tough. This isn't going to scare her away and she's going to get him through this.

Kevin shows up at Zoe's hotel room. He says he really needs to talk to her. He says he never knew how to ask his Dad things. Then he gives her a present. He says it's a VISA application to go to Vietnam to track down Jack's story and wants her to go with him. She agrees to go with him.

Beth drinking when Randall comes home. He's all excited about his campaign manager, Jay. She tells Randall she got fired. She says for the past few weeks she's been pretending that she's fine, but she isn't. She also says no one will hire her. Randall asks Beth to join his campaign. He reminds her what a great team they are. He swears it's not a pity job. She says lets win him an election.

So, we've come to the two points in the story that the finale ended on. Kevin and Zoe flying to Vietnam and Toby lying in bed depressed. So all that's left is to find out who Randall and Toby are going to visit.


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