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This Is Us -- The Pool

Updated on October 25, 2016

This is why Kevin is the way he is...

Kevin realized he was causing problems for Kate and decided for their own good they need to separate as he moved to New York by himself. Rebecca kept Randall from ever knowing William.

I have to say some of the posts I've seen putting down the actress who plays Kate has been very revolting with their meanness and nastiness. The actress is pretty and she's talented but some people can't see that because she's overweight. In fact, they seem to think she should be locked away in a dark room and not seen by anyone because she's overweight. Following the theme of this presidential election, people once again prove we haven't come a long way baby.

Back to the past with as Kevin and Randall are fighting over a Rubik's Cube. Kevin says it belongs to him, but when Rebecca sees Randall solved it that’s all she can think of and be impressed by. Then Jack and Kate come in and say they're going to the pool. Jack says he's stopped drinking. He emphasizes it a little too much.

The girls seem to take well to William being their grandfather. William tells how he got a scar from helping with a bussing incident. Randall gets a call on his tablet from Kevin. He hangs up on Kevin when he sees William harassed by a cop. The white couple next door called the police reporting William as a vagrant. They apologize to Randall when he explains that William is staying with them.

Kate learns Toby has a hot ex-wife. Hello, insecurities.

Rebecca sees people looking at Kate strutting around in her bikini and tries to get Kate to cover up.

Kevin tries to calm Kate's insecurities over Toby's ex-wife.

Kevin comes to audition for a play and makes a really bad impression by insulting the playwright and leading lady. He does horribly in the audition. He makes a complete fool of himself.

Randall takes William shopping for new clothes so he'll fit in with the ritzy neighborhood he lives in. Randall confronts William because he knows William doesn't like the way he behaved. Then he accuses William of thinking he doesn't know what it really feels like to be a black man. He says he's just learned to let it go.

Kevin wants Jack to watch him while he's in the pool. Rebecca yells at Kevin for not watching Randall when Randall disappears. And a couple of girls Kate knows give her a note. Something tells me it isn't filled with glad tidings. Kids can be monsters, especially when they gang up against someone who doesn't fit in with everyone else or doesn't look like everyone else.

Kevin calls Kate over his bad audition. He wants Kate to come out to New York. He runs into the actress he auditioned with. She suggests they go have a drink together.

William goes to kid's night at the school with his grandkids.

Kate goes to where Toby's ex-wife works and ends up getting interviewed for a job.

Rebecca looking for Randall. She doesn't notice that the nasty girls gave Kate a note with a pig drawing on it. Rebecca runs afoul of a black woman who says when she finds Randall hanging around black kids and she mentions how Rebecca didn't introduce herself to them. She also tells Rebecca she needs to find a barber that knows how to cut black hair; that's why Randall has razor bumps all over his head.

The actress tells Kevin he should go back to LA. She says New York stage is hard and he's in over his head. She says he needs to go home and find an acting class. She pissed when she learns Kevin got the part because he used to be the Manny.

Jack continues to ignore Kevin while paying attention to Randall and Kate. While Jack isn't noticing Kevin swims out too far. He almost drowns and Jack and Rebecca never noticed. He has to save himself.

Kevin swimming in a pool, as he flashes back to himself as a kid at the pool. Rebecca finds the nasty note the nasty girls gave Kate. Rebeeca says she got the note because they didn't make her cover up. Kevin comes up and yells at Jack and Rebecca for not even noticing he almost drowned. He says Rebecca and Jack are too obsessed with making sure Kate doesn't eat too much and Randall isn't too adopted and Kevin is dead. Rebecca goes and asks for advice from the black lady at the pool, while Jack makes up with Kevin. I'm beginning to see why Kevin behaves so badly to Randall and it's because his parents ignore him and it makes him resent Randall.

During the job interview, Kate reveals knowing too much about Toby's ex. Then she reveals to Toby she's now working for his ex-wife.

Jack goes up to Kate whose wrapped in a towel. He gives Kate his T-shirt. Jack says he got it in Daytona Beach. Jack says he chased off some jerks who were harassing a homeless man and he chased them off and in repayment he gave Jack his T-shirt. He makes Kate feel better.

Toby accuses Kate of stalking his ex-wife, Josie. She asks if he wants a skinny person. He says he wants to be with a sane person. Toby doesn't like it took Josie to like her to think she's okay. Toby says Josie was horrible to him. He gained 95 pounds after she left him, after cheating on him and taking his money from him. He said he even considered killing himself when he would get drunk. He says she hasn't cornered the market on problems. Kate says her issues aren't going to go away overnight and he says he won't, either. He says he and Josie weren't good together. Kate says she won't keep the job.

Kevin calls Kate and once again she doesn't answer because she's with Toby. He asks her to call him.

William says he offended Randall somehow. He says he's not judging him. Randall is upset that William was clean and sober while he was a child living in an all-white neighborhood. He said every black man he met he wondered if it was his real father. He says he won't apologize for him and his parents. William says he's sorry; that he did everything wrong by him and Randall is doing everything right as a father. That seems to appease Randall.

The doorbell rings and its Kevin. He asks if he can crash there for a while. Kevin sees William. Randall defiantly reveals that William is his biological father who he went looking for. Kevin seems to be cool with it.

Back at the pool Kevin is sitting apart from the family and Jack pulls him to sleep with Kate and Randall.

This episode gave a lot of insight into Kevin and why he's so resentful of Randall as a child. Rebecca completely ignores him. And it explains why he's so insecure and why he became an actor. It's also interesting since Rebecca apparently lives nearby Randall that Kevin chose to go stay with the brother he has strained relationship to opposed his mother and her new husband.


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