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This Is Us -- Toby Bottoms Out

Updated on October 25, 2018

And Kevin uncovers a mystery from Jack's past...

Last time we got Jack's backstory. How when his brother was born his father told him it was his job to take care of him, how Jack had a heart problem throughout most his life and ended with Jack being reunited with his brother in the war.

Tonight it's Toby's backstory. Toby hears his parents fighting. His father is seeing another woman. Toby's in bed with his fan on and has chewed his nails down to the nub.

Adult Toby lying in bed, while Kate obsessing over having a baby. The doctor calls saying they can fertilize three eggs. One egg worked.

Post Jack's death with kids, minus Kate, wanting to go to the prom.

Beth going on a job interview while Randall prepares his run for city councilman. Randall promises to drop out if Beth isn't feeling it.

Kevin preparing to meet an army comrade of his father's.

Toby's mom says he doesn't need a blazer when they're out doing back to school shopping as he does impressions.

Kate hopes she's pregnant, while Toby acting normal. When he walks out of the apartment he lets the act go.

Miguel brings Rebecca a piano. Kate is a Debbie Downer about it. Miguel looks at the refrigerator while Rebecca sits down and plays the piano while Kate stares daggers at her.

Kevin doesn't notice a clerk reaction to him and Zoe being an interracial couple, but Zoe does.

Randall hosts a free BBQ but everyone interested in the food, not Randall.

Teenage Toby watches his father packing his bags to leave. His father says he has too much of his mother in him and he'd better get over being all mopey.

Toby goes to a pharmacist wanting to go back on his meds, but the pharmacist says he needs to see his doctor to get back on them properly. He leaves saying Kate can't know when the pharmacist asks if someone can pick him up.

Randall goes to pick up his date with Kevin and Sophie. His date's father can't pretend he's okay with his daughter dating a black boy. His date runs after her father and her mother says she's sorry. So Randall ends up dateless at the prom.

The people at the BBQ won't hear anything bad about Saul Brown who they think can do no wrong and walk out of Randall when he trash talks him.

Kevin starts drinking on the way to the prom. So he's having a lousy prom night, too.

Kevin and Zoe arrive on Jack's combat buddy's doorstep, as Toby is trying to get in contact with his doctor. Meanwhile, Kate is perfoming as Adele for a group of people.

Toby recalls his ex-wife Josie leaving him.

Kate explains to a guy that paid for her to sing the telegram that when sad things happen to her she shuts music out of her life. She says that's why she's 40 and singing telegrams.

Kevin shows Kyle old pics of Jack. Kevin says both he and Jack suffered from alcohol. Kyle asks how deep Kevin wants to go with this. Kyle reveals to Kevin that Jack was a staff sargeant not a mechanic as Kevin thought. Meanwhile Zoe talks to Kyle's wife how Kevin doesn't get what it's like to be black and didn't notice the clerk was rude to her.

The restaurant owner tells Randall to go back where he belongs and to get out of his restaurant. He tells the story of how Saul Brown helped him keep his restaurant. So he doesn't care that Brown is doing nothing for the neighborhood.

Toby's mother finds him lying in bed. He doesn't want to get up because Josie left him. His mom gets him help and he recovers and meets Kate.

Kevin says Jack always seemed to be haunted by the war. Kyle tried writing him, but Jack never wrote back. Kevin sees a picture of his uncle in the picture. Kyle warns with this war the answers are so dark you're better off not having them.

Randall comes home without going to the prom and he tells Miguel what happened. Miguel says he came from Puerto Rico and studied so he would sound American. But his first day of school he got the nickname Ricky Ricardo. He says Randall is stronger than him, but Randall says he's tired.

Zoe explains why she needs a pillowcase and about the racist clerk and she's telling Kevin this because she thinks he might be worth it.

Rebecca tells Teen Kate the music was always in her. Rebecca tries to get Kate to sing with her, but she says she can't. Rebecca says she knows one day Kate will sing, again.

Kate singing at the piano. Toby comes home. Kate tells him she's pregnant. Toby starts crying and can't stop.

Beth tries to cheer Randall up. Randall says these people are Councilman Brown and they're him. Beth puts on a happy face as she remembers her interview. Beth recalls breaking down during her interview and having to leave.

Kate calls Toby's doctor saying he's been off his meds for 5 weeks. Toby is lying in bed and won't get up.

Miguel takes care of a drunk Kevin after Sophie drops him off.

Miguel flashes back on Jack filling out a life insurance form and asks Miguel to look out for his famiy if something happens to him. And that's how he and Rebecca eventually got together.

Kevin and Zoe come back to see Kyle. He gives Kevin some letters. He sees a photo of an Asian woman wearing the necklace Jack gave him. Who is she and what was she to Jack? Dum dum dum...


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