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This Is Us -- When Jack Met Rebecca

Updated on October 2, 2018

It's the Big Three's Birthday

Last year, the show ended on a cliffhanger. Kevin was involved with Beth's cousin, Zoe. Randall and his grown daughter were going to visit someone and Toby was crippled by depression. So how did we get there?

Kate tells Toby she wants to make a baby, then goes through several failures. She thinks the pregnancy was a fluke. They go in to take fertility tests.

Randall discovers what Deja did. She seems to blame Randall for her mother giving her up.

Kevin and Zoe getting it on. She keeps it from Beth.

Young Rebecca singing on stage as Young Jack listens to her smitten. She and Jack sitting at a table together after her performance. He tells Miguel she's the one.

It's the Big Three's birthday. Beth is sure Kevin and Zoe are having sex. She orders Randall to tell Kevin to stay away from her.

Toby's depression meds may be decreasing his sperm count. The doctor refuses to take Kate on as a patient because of her weight. She says Kate will have a hard time finding any doctor who will take her on as a patient because of her weight.

Jack takes Rebecca to the carnival.

Beth confronts Kevin and Zoe about knocking boots.

Randall takes Deja to William's old building and tells her how he met William and lost him. Randall tells Deja he'd like to adopt her but only if she wants him to. She says she and Randall are not the same. He had two fathers who wanted him, while her father didn't want her. She asks to be taken back home.

Jack tells Rebecca he got back from Vietnam not that long ago. Jack says he had a brother and he died in the war. Rebecca asks Jack to buy her an umbrella, but he can't because he's out of money.

Zoe and Beth get into it over Kevin.

Kate's a buzz kill at her birthday party when she tells everyone she can't get pregnant because she's fat. She asks when the universe will give her a break.

Randall apologizes to Deja. He says he misses talking to her. Beth tells Randall, Zoe and Kevin are doing it, and she had to say something.

Deja climbs out the window and takes off. She goes to who she thinks her father is. She says she's going to do something great with her life and asks for one thing and he'll never have to hear from her, again.

Jack and Rebecca standing out in the rain. He goes to drive her home. He confesses he couldn't pay for the umbrella. He admits he's been having a hard time since he got back from the war. Having a hard time making money and finding his place. He says he likes talking to her a lot and she makes him feel like he's home. He apologizes for such a lousy first date. She says she never does this and reaches over and kisses him before going inside.

Beth say she adores Kevin but he's never seen a relationship through. Beth says Zoe will break him. Zoe eats men up and spits them out. So in an ironic twist, Beth is worried about Kevin getting involved with Zoe because Kevin might get hurt, not because Zoe might.

Toby and Kate try to convince themselves the IVF not working was a good thing. Toby offers to cut back on his depression meds, but Kate says no. Then the doctor calls asking them to come back in.

Deja returns with a present for Randall. That was what she got from her "father".

Jack returns home and watches a football game.

Dr. Jasper says she didn't like the way she crushed Kate, and said she'll take her on as a patient.

A lot of time is dedicated to Franco Harris. Could he be Deja's father? Does Deja only think she knows who her father is? Meanwhile Deja says Randall and Beth can adopt her.

Toby secretly goes off his anti-depression meds. And that must be how he ends up in bed depressed.

Randall and a grown-up Tess go to visit her. We don't see who her is. He calls an old Toby and says she'd want him to be there, too. Neither Beth or Deja are that close to Toby, so could the her be Kate? But then Tess never saw all that close to Kate. Kevin was closer to Randall's daughter than Kate was. On the bright side Toby's pretty together so he recovers from his bout of crippling depression.

Jack goes to see Rebecca and sees some man kissing her and he leaves. For Rebecca's part she seemed shocked about the man showing up on her doorstep and grabbing her in a kiss. I guess we're all supposed to wonder how Jack and Rebecca got together when it looks like Jack got the wrong idea and left without seeing Rebecca, again.


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