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Thor: The Dark World Movie Film Review

Updated on January 22, 2017
Alec Zander profile image

Alec is a film critic with a true passion for the film industry & hopes his reviews and articles will help launch his career.

Loki has been thrown in prison by his stepfather Odin for the crimes committed in The Avengers. Jane has been infected by an ancient power knows as the Aether. Thor has been trying to silence the wars that have broken out throughout the universe. But Thor will have to put a hold on the wars because Jane's discovering the Aether has drawn Malekith and his army of Dark Elves to earth to find it. In order to stop him, Thor must turn to someone unexpected - his brother Loki.

The story was better than the first but still needed work. Jane being infected with the Aether and Thor coming to the rescue was essential to the plot, but the damsel in distress card is played in almost every hero movie. I realize that's how it is in the comics as well and the movies are just attempting to relay what's written. Maybe it's just me but damsel-in-distress is overplayed. No matter, because that was only a part of the movie and the overall story was far greater. Thor needing Loki's help, Jane solving the riddle of the Convergence....Everything came together and even gave us a surprise of an ending.

The humor was much, much better compared to the first. None of the dialogue was cheesy or unnecessary. It felt like it belonged and that worked to the film's advantage in the long run. Arguably, the best parts of the film were the verbal exchanges between Thor and Loki.

The directing was better than the first as well. There was flow and fluidity that didn't veer off course or lag. The visuals weren't spectacular in one particular place but they worked everywhere else.

In conclusion, it was overall a fun film filled with action and humor that kept me entertained. I was quite happy with how everything turned out. The mid-credits scene was especially intriguing and I am eager to see how that unfolds.

© 2016 Alec Zander


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