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Thor-The Dark World Movie Review

Updated on March 22, 2014

Thor - The Dark World Movie Review…

It is getting to be too much… whereby the comic book movies once thought to be campy are the ones making waves and so the tradition continues with Thor, The Dark World… It is a crowd pleaser predicated upon the emotions, good or bad, that drive us. In Thor, The Dark World, we see an ancient evil, once thought dead, resurrected to pursue the destruction, not only of Asgard, but the rest of the universe, including earth. We get to see a glimpse of Asgard’s history that tells of the supposed destruction of this ancient enemy - who was thought dead - but only was sleeping; this is an enemy who would literally sacrifice all for power and sought to harness pure evil, the Aether, to satisfy this aim. This Aether is like our Nuclear energy taking the form of a malevolent spirit that is able to possess flesh and blood with all its destructive power and so terrible is this Aether that then when Odin’s father, Bor, battle that ancient enemy, he thought that this dark force could not be destroyed, and, so, it is buried… only to manifest on earth.

In the interim, Thor, our hammer wielding Super Hero, is putting down and quelling unrest on Asgard’s nine fiefdoms - but our super hero is restless and emotionally unsatisfied because after the victory, he is not enjoying the salient, satisfying moments with his men and women of war, and, moreover, taking advantage of Asgard’s largess of being heir to its throne… but instead Thor is quietly pouting and looking lonely in a crowded room...yearning for his earthly love, Jane Foster, who just happened to be possessed by this Aether. You may ask where is Loki, the Cain to Thor’s Abel… lest, we forget, he is doing life in an Asgard prison for crimes, correction, murder against humanity. The interaction between Thor and Loki is borne out of love because the God of Thunder is like those of us who have that family member who is addicted to something and yet we accommodate them out of love. This is how Thor sees Loki knowing that the latter is inherently evil - but yet still with the former hoping for that change.

The movie gets boiling white hot when Loki shows up on screen - this movie may star Chris Hemsworth - but this is a Tom Hiddleston’s, who plays Loki, movie… last we saw of Loki, he was getting the most welcome of beat down from the Hulk in the Avengers’ movie. Mr. Hiddleston owns the screen where he is bedlam, hilarity, and bone chilling evil role up into one. We first see Loki going up against Odin when the latter is bitching about his adopted son’s ungratefulness and being bereft of the son he does not see in Loki. Odin, played again by the brilliant Sir Anthony Hopkins, who made his acting bones with such roles in The Remains of The Day and Hannibal in The Silence of The Lambs.

Another intense scene is when Odin is trading barbs with Loki for the latter’s murderous excursion here on earth. When Loki said that he was only acting as the earthling’s god, Odin reminds him that he was born, that he will get old, and that he too will die... but as we have come to know Loki in that he must have the last say... he retorts that his Demi-God demise will come in about five thousand years or so, which, in essence to Loki, gave him license for his crimes against earth. But no scene in Thor, the Dark World is more moving than when Loki has lost someone dear to him and we see him sitting down against a wall, his hair is a mess and his wild eyes are brimming with righteous, perverted vengeance.

This loss is what prompted Loki to work with his brother, Thor and the banter between the two brothers is off the chart. Take for instance, when they are walking down an ornate street and Loki is engaging in his tricks by morphing into different characters and pissing Thor off… it comes to a head when the trickster morphs into Captain America. It is ironic too see Loki having such disdain for his adopted sibling and father - but yet dearly loves his adopted mother, played by Rene Russo. There is a brief but awe inspiring action scene where Russo’s character is fighting and wielding a sword, albeit as skillfully as any of Asgard’s soldiers... so much so that one is tempted to cheer out loud. So it is that no scene in Thor, The Dark World, is wasted or lines of dialogue, no matter how brief: Idris Alba shines as the watchman on guard for Asgard and his presence is so commanding that I cannot wait until the day I see a movie where he is wielding his sword among Thor and his Asgard cohorts.

The set builders for Thor, The Dark World, did a bang up job because the scenery of Asgard is eye tickingly awesome; though, I suspect that this was accomplished through the illusion of the Green Screen… nonetheless, there is one pivotal scene when Asgard is burying its fallen and we see the Viking-like funerals with ships a sail and aflame… and the images are akin to our Niagara Falls being on fire at night - it is so majestically somber… incidentally, all of Asgard looks like a futuristic concrete Eden without the flowers and the animals.

The action sequences are eye gratifying too… to see Thor’s hammer traveling through dimensions and finding its master's hand is something to behold or to see Loki piloting a craft on Asgard's waters then through a crevice in a meandering mountain… will have you on the edge of your seat. I do not have the scientific aptitude to understand what it is the Aether discussed above is doing to the Omniverse - but all I know is that an alignment of the planets and an association with Stonehenge are causing worlds to literally collide. I will not give away Thor, the Dark World’s surprising ending, but I will say that it is right up there with The Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects... Thor’s ending is like that itch that is a hybrid - part irritating and part sweet nectar and with your yearning to scratch… but afraid that you will scratch the itch out of existence.


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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      5 years ago from New York

      If I knew how to incorporate the preview from You tube - I would have done so... thanks.

    • loveofnight profile image


      5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      i so want to see this movie and this review makes me want to see it even more. a youtube trailer of thor would have been an added bonus. none-the-less great job.


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