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Thor: Ragnarok

Updated on January 1, 2018


So I saw Thor Ragnarok Sunday November 12th, and of the Thor films, this one was the most enjoyable. Although there were some negatives to be had, albeit some of those negatives came from the promotion of this film rather than the film itself, but I'll get into that when it comes to my pros and cons of the film, but for now let's start things off with the summary.


Our film starts with Thor chained in front of Surtr, who monologues about bringing Ragnarok to Asgard. Thor beats Surtr of course, before he takes Surtr's crown back to the vault. After arriving at Asgard, Thor sees Odin watching a play paying honor to Loki's sacrifice in Dark World. Thor reveals Odin to be Loki since Surtur mentioned that Odin is not on Asgard, before they head to Earth to find Odin. After Dr. Strange teleports them to Odin's location, before Odin warns Thor and Loki about their elder sister, The Goddess Of Death, Hela who draws her power from Asgard. Odin dies and Hela shows up, destroys Thor's hammer as he tries to hit her with it, before Thor and Loki flee on the Bifrost with Hela in pursuit. Hela disposes of Loki before Thor managed to escaped from Hela's grasp. From there, Thor landed on planet Sakaar, before he's taken to The GrandMaster by a female bounty hunter. From there, after meeting up with Loki, Thor engaged in a gladiatorial match with Hulk. During this battle, Thor is being pummeled by Hulk, before he gets a shonen style power up, as his true power awakens and he over powers the Hulk. After the Grandmaster incapacitates him, Thor awakens in a guest chamber with the Hulk. The two have an argument before the bounty hunter visits them, and Thor learns that she is a valkyrie, before she turns down helping him save Asgard from Hela. From there, Thor, Valkyrie, Loki, and Banner escape Sakaar, and made their way back to Asgard. From there they do battle with Hela and her undead army. As Hela grows stronger, Loki revives Surtr, who then destroys Asgard, and from there they flew of into space with all the Asgardians.

Now with that established on to the pros and cons.

Behold one of the most awesome things to be put on screen, only to never be seen again.
Behold one of the most awesome things to be put on screen, only to never be seen again. | Source
Crap, daughter's home, RUUUUUUUN!!!!
Crap, daughter's home, RUUUUUUUN!!!! | Source

The pros are the balance of comedy and drama, and characterization. Each character was a stand out, which was good, because to have only Loki and Thor be standout would've been dull. I enjoyed Valkyrie's simple character arc of going from a lush running from her past to facing it and helping Thor and crew defeat Hela. I enjoyed Skurge, Dr. Strange's cameo appearance, and the fact that Hulk got some characterization. A lot of average movie goers may not know that Hulk actually has his own personality, as he's like a big kid. I enjoyed Hulk and Thor's friendship conveyed in the film. I enjoyed Kate Blanchette as Hela, as I felt she held great presence and personality. Hela was imposing, yet not too vicious that she couldn't have any light hearted moments. I also like the use of the Chekov's Gun of Surtr monologuing about how he'll destroy Asgard only for him to do it, if only so they could beat Hela.

But then the Cons... I hated how easily Hela killed off the Warriors Three by impaling them, as I would've enjoyed for them to put up more of a fight. I wish Hulk had worn his Sakaar battle armor in the climatic fight at the end of the film. I also wish Hulk did more during the climax, as it would've been nice to see him fight Surtr, but oh well. Another con I have wasn't the fault of the film, but I felt underwhelmed when Hela destroyed Thor's hammer because they gave it away in a trailer. I didn't like the execution of Skurge's character arc, as it wasn't executed well. He sulked every time he was on screen. I wished Korg and Miek did more during the conflict too, but I can understand, time and budget constraints. I wish Dr. Strange took part in the climax, and did more than just a cameo appearance. And then there was Korg's line as they watched Asgard get destroyed. It just felt gratuitous as a gag line for a tragic moment.

Admittedly I'm torn on the ending of the film, as a part of me doesn't like that Asgard had to get destroyed. However again it was a Chekov's Gun and added purpose to the title of the film.

This is so battle shonen anime in execution, and I love it! :D
This is so battle shonen anime in execution, and I love it! :D | Source

Bottom line I enjoyed the balanced tone of this film and how fun it was. I enjoyed Thor battle shone power up and how imposing Hela was. I'm bummed that Hela was a one time villain as a result since she carried such a great presence. Though I feel the tone might be problematic for some viewers.

As a result I'd give Thor Ragnarok a 9.0 out of 10.


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