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Thoughts on Pepper Happy Black Friday

Updated on November 29, 2011

My family and I enjoyed a fantastic Thanksgiving this year. Most of the kids were home and the feast was awesome!

But then on Friday I got sick. Hubby and I didn't venture out and by nightfall I felt so bad I went to bed. And there I practically remained the weekend through. Now during this time I missed out on a lot going on in the world. But Sunday evening, when hubby finally conceded to let me sit up awhile, I caught a little of the evening news. The main story of the moment was about events that had taken place at Walmart on Black Friday. These were not exactly shocking but sad nonetheless, and have now gone down in consumer history/ infamy.

By Monday I was ready -or so I thought- to get some writing in. But my head hurt every time I typed more than a paragraph. So I began looking for other things to amuse myself with. My thoughts at this point kept returning to the Black Friday news items, and in fact all the recent pepper spraying incidents I'd heard about. I was still sneezing and wheezing and coughing and didn't feel like writing. I did, however get inspired for other things.

Today I've spent time working on a much more serious personal interpretation of the Pepper Spraying issue. But it still needs edits and so will be posted later. For right now I hope you can enjoy the following collection of visuals, and in the way they are intended, which yes, is solely for humor.

Black and Blue Friday by Beth Perry/subDes
Black and Blue Friday by Beth Perry/subDes


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  • profile image

    femmeflashpoint 6 years ago


    So sorry you were under the weather, and glad you're feeling much better! I thought this was gonna be a Hub on the wonderful medicinal uses of pepper, lol!

    You're right about the pepper-spray shoppers. Ugly beasts, and they should be hauled off to the pound. Yet ANOTHER reason for me to dislike shopping AND crowds!

    By the way, my fav of the photos you included was Andy and Aunt Bea. It was perfectly suited, lol.

  • bethperry profile image

    Beth Perry 6 years ago from Tennesee

    Claptona, thanks much :)

  • bethperry profile image

    Beth Perry 6 years ago from Tennesee

    Ghaelach, I do feel quite a bit better now, thank you. And glad you enjoyed the hub :)

  • claptona profile image

    John D Wilson 6 years ago from Earth

    Good stuff ,Beth, good stuff

  • profile image

    Ghaelach 6 years ago

    Morning Beth.

    Hope you've got yourself all sorted out (health wise).

    This is a lovely humor full hub.

    Like the "Dairy Queen".

    Take care Beth and have a nice day.

    LOL Ghaelach