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Three Days Grace

Updated on May 18, 2016
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Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace 2015
Three Days Grace 2015 | Source

Crazy Canadian Rockers

You are Either a fan of the band with the most Number 1's in active rock radio or a novice either way this site has music videos, band Bio and anything else I come across of Interviews and quirky clips. You may wonder what provoked me to make this hub on the band, well I've been a fan of theirs since the self-titled album came out, and so far every album after has not let me down. Also I decided to make the page at this time due to the new front-man and Brother of bassist Brad... Matt Walst from My Darkest Days.

With that I hope I have found all the information you may be looking for on the band, and if for some reason I have not answered it here, please just ask and I will include it for you as well as those that follow.

Drumming Up Some News...

three-days-grace-neil-sanderson Loudwire Blog on new-album-progress-fallen-angel-dedication-wall

Neil & Matt

I hate everything about you


Originally formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1992 the Groundswell, was founded while the line-up of Adam Gontier, drummer Neil Sanderson , bassist Brad Walst, lead Guitar Phil Crowe and secondary Joe Grant were more or less all still in High School. The band was able to release a full length album titled Wave of Popular Feeling.

In 1995 the band broke-up and Phil & Joe went their separate ways...



Three Days Grace 2003 Self Titled Debut
Three Days Grace 2003 Self Titled Debut

Just Like You

Human Album


Strong Effort, you can tell there's a new singer but not by much, I think Matt might have a slightly softer voice than former front-man Adam. There's 1 song on here I'm not thrilled about and another I'm mixed, otherwise the rest of the album is awesome! It's worth the purchase on any platform.


Three Days Grace

They came back in 1997 as Three Days Grace with a sound described as as hard Rock, Alt-metal and Post-grunge or Nu-metal, and a line up of 3 of the original members Vocalist Adam Grontier, bassist Barry Walst, & Drummer Neil Sanderson, and 2003 ushered in Lead Guitarist Barry Stock.

The band has 5 studio albums which oddly has been at three year intervals... Their Self-Titled release, One-X, Life Starts Now, and Transit of Venus. Those first three albums the first 2 are RIAA Platinum and the last Gold, Meanwhile in the homeland they are certified Platinum, Double Platinum & platinum by music Canada.

The end of 2014 I'd heard whispering of front man Adam Gontier leaving the band for some sort of medical reason or rehab or something of the sort. Which lead to word of My darkest Days singer Matt Walst (yes they're bros) joining to substitute and would be on the most recent release, 2015's Human with Matt Walst. I find Matt to be a fitting choice as he has grown up with the guys even doing the ALS ice Bucket Challenge (and if there were a winner for the best one done... I would have to choose theirs! Where better!)

During a concert I watched on Youtube, Matt mentioned Home all the way from the first album, was the 1st song he ever co-wrote with the band


One-X 2006
One-X 2006

3DG does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014)


2003- Self-titled release

2006 One-X

2008 Live at the Palace 2008

2009 Life Starts Now

2012 Transit of Venus

2015 Human (with Matt Walst)

Fallen Angel Acoustic

Transit of Venus

Never Too Late

Adam Gontier - Former Frontman

Adam Wade Gontier born in Peterborough, Ontario and grew up in Markham. Adam is One of the original founding members, of Three Days Grace but left the band in late 2013 or 2014, siting a "non-life threatening medical condition" He has collaborated with bands like Apocolyptic (you can see the video at the end) and the art of Dying.

He went to rehab in 2005 where he wrote many of the songs for the One-X album, there was a docu-drama on his addiction called behind the Pain in 2007


Life Stgars Now 2009 release
Life Stgars Now 2009 release


Neil Sanderson

Co-founder, drummer and backing vocals of the band was born the 17th of December 1978. He plays piano and while in elementary school worked with different instruments, this is when he started to 'bang on the drums all day' .

Neil met Adam Gontier while in high School

His favorite cereal he says would have to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Last fight came in a casino where they thought he was stealing chips

1st celebrity crush was Elizabeth Shoe

Like his steak Medium Rare (ah a man after my heart)

Favorite name for adog. Likes human names, Steve Lloyd (or was it Floyd)

Pantera's (one of his fave bands all time) I'm Broken is one of his most favorite songs

Historical Figure he'd like to meet, the first prime minister of Canada as he was a raging alcoholic and some lady said it to him and he said I may be but I can quit but you'd still be ugly and it's written in the history books. (I'll have to find the Illustratied History of Canada book I have and see if it's in there somewhere)

The Good Life


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Three Days Grace
RIAA Platinum
Music Canada Platinum
RIAA Platinum
Music Canada Double Platinum
Life Starts Now
Music Canada Platinum

Live & Loud interview

Barry Stock

born April 24 1974 in Morningwood Ontario Canada he's the lead guitarist of the band, and seems very laid back.

Rapid response

Drive or Passenger

day or Night

Bart or Lisa

Run D.M.C. or Jay-Z

? or Baseball


2012 release Transit of Venus (which I still need)
2012 release Transit of Venus (which I still need)

A Day in the life


Brad Walst

born February 17, 1977 is the Bassist, backing vocalist and a founding member of the band. He's the older brother of new front man Matt who joined the band in 2014 in time for a tour and recorded the most recent album..Human with them as well.

Too up playing the bass at the age of 13. He had an avid interest in music while in school, and where former 3DG Front-man Adam suggested he take up bass so they could form a band.

Finding Facts:

Married to Rhonda and has 2 sons Grayden and James

Brad was on the Show Ghost Whisperer in the 2006 episode The Curse of the Ninth

My Darkest Days getting 'Pranked' my 3dg

Animal I have Become

Adam resigns from 3DG

Adam talks split

Enter Matt Walst

Matt J.P. Walst born December 28, 1982 is the younger brother of Three Days Grace bassist Brad (by 7 years I think I've heard). He's the lead singer of My Darkest Days and and as early as 2014 was touring as the frontman of 3DG after Adam left the band.

On his site Matt notes when he was (I believe) 12, he saw a Black guitar in Brad's room and started writing riffs. Matt has collaborated with Three Days Grace before on the songs Home, Scared & Let You Down back in the early days. In 2005 he started the band My Darkest Days which won a rock search music contest by an Ontario station with their song "Every Lie". My Darkest Days also has a song on the Saw 3D Soundtrack by the title of 'The World belongs to me' . The My Darkest Days track "Porn Star Dancing' featuring vocals by (as Matt has called him ) "Uncle Chad" Kroeger of Nickleback and became a U.S. Gold & Platinum Canadian recording.

Follow Matt on twitter * Facebook * Website

Fun Facts

Matt & Brad's Dad's birthday is May 27

Matt first got into playing when he was 13. He website says that he found a black electric guitar in Brad's room

First album purchased was Faith No More's Epic

Huge Deftones fan



Show= Hannibal

Album= Faith No More

Singer=Kurt Cobain

City= Toronto Ontario (Canada)

I am Machine


and the newest 2015 release
and the newest 2015 release

Shiprocked 2014

Human Race

iHeart Radio PainKiller with Matt

Full Concert with Matt

Skip to a song

01 Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra (a little hard to hear)

1:58 Just Like You

5:23 Chalk Outline

9:26 Painkiller

13:09 Break

17:14 The High Road

21:22 Let You Down

25:28 Pain

29:41 Home

38:55 Drum Solo

47:58 Misery Loves My Company

50:58 World So Cold

58:47 The Good Life (With The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson song) Intro)

1:03:42 I Hate Everything About You

1:10:45 Break Stuff (Limp Bizkit cover)

1:14:24 Animal I Have Become


1:22:12 Never Too Late

1:27:39 Riot

3dg Riverside, April 9, 2015 think Matt Improved?

Battle of the Frontmen

So who do you prefer as the lead

See results

Apocolyptica "I Don't Care" Feat. Adam Gontier

ooh found Riot from the show I saw

Break" Albany NY April 30, 2011


Animal I have become

I hate Everything About You

The Good LIfe

3 Days Grace wacky Moments

Funny times with 3DG pt 2 @ 2:42 My Darkest Days... with the signs

Riot w/ Seether & Breaking Benjamin messing with 3dg

Adam with Seether on Broken

Prank Night Playlist (hope this works as I hope)


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