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Three Idiots Hindi Movie starring Aamir Khan

Updated on November 15, 2015

Three Idiots , not just a comedy

"Strive for excellence, Sucess will follow you pants down" , that seems to be the message Aamir Khan is trying to get through in this movie and it sure does a good job if getting it through.

Although I categorized this as a comedy there is so much more to this movie than having a good laugh and it surely changed my attitude towards Hindi movies. After getting a steady diet of Hindi movies with romantic love stories I was a bit fed up of them and the only reason I went to watch this is because tickets for "Avatar" was sold out when we got to the movie hall. And compared to some of the decisions I have taken lately it sure was a great one.

I have seeing few movies of Aamir Khan like "Lagaan" and I think he is a very good actor, which is another reason I agreed with the others to watch "3 idiots".

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Three Idiots Hindi Movie
Three Idiots Hindi Movie

Valuable lessons with the laughs

Although you will be laughing througout the movie you will learn some valuable lessons along the way. The film subtly points out the flaws in the education system where they teach the students to pass the exams at all costs. Where students memorize things rather than learn.

The flaws of memorizing ,the importance of following your passion, the real meaning of friendship , how a simple change in attitude can make you a better person are some of the things you can learn from watching this film.

Three Idiots Trailer

My Next Favorite Amir Movie

Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India
Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India

Amir Khan is my favorite Hindi actor so its hard to pick one from his awesome list of movies. But If I have to pick one I'll pick Lagaan. Great story, superb acting and some awesome music.


Excellent Acting to support a Good story line

Although Aamir Khan plays the main role and does very well in it other actors have also done a great job. Kareena Kapoor , Madhavan and Sharman Joshi's roles are widely discussed and they do justice to there roles but I feel Boman Irani ( Professor ) and Omi Vaidya's ( silencer ) contributions are slightly neglected. Nevertheless the whole crew has done a great job in making this film a succeess.

My favorite funny scene in the movie

How it could be better

When a film as a whole is good you tend to ignore minor things and as a whole this is a great film. Only place where I think they went a bit overboard is the child delivery scene. Somehow there were too much can't be's in that particular scene. This is just me being picky and it really is a small scene in the whole movie.


Although I'm not a big fan of Hindi movies I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one. I feel this is a must watch for anyone , not only for the laughs but for the valuable lessons you can learn from watching this movie. I could have added the storyline here but thought that would be kind of a spoiler. But if you really want to know you can follow this wikipedia link. It has quite a good explenation of how the movie goes. I'm sure anyone will enjoy watching this moves so don't miss it :-)


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    • rumbling profile image

      Nishadha Silva 7 years ago from Sri Lanka


      your welcome , I'm not a big fan of Hindi movies but this one was just too good to pass

    • mplgmg profile image

      mplgmg 7 years ago from Sri Lanka,Colombo

      Yeah one of the best Hindi movie I have ever watched , Thanks rumbling to post such a good article on this movie.

    • rumbling profile image

      Nishadha Silva 8 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Thanks Sandy , it sure was one of the best Hindi movies I saw

    • profile image

      Sandy 8 years ago

      Your review of the movie is spot on - good and very detailed. I have seen the movie and loved it !!! Great message and very entertaining.