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Tiger Chinese Zodiac Year

Updated on August 16, 2012

Year of the Tiger

People who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger are known to be great leaders. They are born to be the greatest leader in the field that they are currently in. They always love leading the people around them, and they often the ones to start new tasks without worrying at all.

A lot of people respect them because of the courage that they have, this even includes other people who don't believe in them. One of the known characteristics of Tiger is that they are fighters, and will definitely stand up for what they believe in. Some people may find them selfish in some situations, but they are also generous whenever they like to be.

A Tiger is very unpredictable, which is why some people are always surprised on how they think about certain things in life. They are always intense and they love to hurry things up because they believe that every minute is important in their lives. Due to this kind of attitude that they have, they tend to work by themselves. They are also known to be very hard working when it comes to the tasks that they have and they make sure to accomplish everything before the deadline itself.

A lot of people notice that people under this sign are quite difficult to avoid. They have a characteristic that is very magnetic, which is why a lot of people are always around them. They can look warm and calm at times, but they also have certain fears in life that they don't want other people to know about.

When they are faced with a danger, they will try their best to be as courageous as possible to make sure that things will perfectly go into places. People under this Chinese zodiac sign can be mysterious at times with other people around them.

Tiger under Metal 1950 and 2010

People who are born under the metal Tiger are known to think rapidly when it comes to certain situations. They also act sharply when it comes to things, which makes them \shine in every group. The metal Tiger is always ready to accomplish everything that they have in mind. They are always determined to get the goal that they want in life, which can sometimes make them very competitive in their chosen field. Behind the charming character that they have, they often suffer from tantrums and their mood changes instantly. On the other hand, they tend to over analyze things first, without even thinking of the future consequences that they might encounter later on. This is one of the common problems of the metal Tiger, which they need to avoid or change.

Tiger under Water 1902 and 1962

One of the most relaxed Chinese zodiac sign is the water Tiger because of the attitude that they have. They are known to be very understanding and very sensible, since they do tend to accept the ideas and the emotions of the people around them.

For people who don't know, water Tiger has a power that is intuitive that is why they often give judgments that are excellent and right. People under this sign are also known to be very indecisive, wherein they tend to watch things first and observe the effects before they try it themselves. On the other hand, they love dreaming and sleeping, which can cause them to not accomplish certain task that is given to them.

Tiger under Wood 1914 and 1974

People around the wood Tiger love working with them because this type of Tiger does not actually love to take the lead. Due to the element that this Tiger has, it gives him the stability of life and the characteristic that is warm. This is the reason why they are more popular than the other Chinese zodiac signs today. If you are dear to a wood Tiger, you will notice how generous he is when it comes to his possessions, attentions and as well as his own time.

These reasons make them a good friend and partner to the people around them. If a wood Tiger experiences a problem, he will make sure to solve the problem without breaking down. On the other hand, they have short span attention when it comes to things, which can sometimes cause tempers that are volatile. This should be avoided for as much as possible, for them to avoid causing pain to their family and friends.

Fire under Tiger 1926 and 1986

Dramatic and being eccentric are the two characteristics of people who are born under the fire Tiger. They also have verve and passion in everything that they do in life. They are often optimistic in things, which let them look on the brighter side of every situation. They love socializing with other people and expressing the feelings that they have. People under this Chinese zodiac sign have the ability to make the people around them feel excited because of the enthusiasm gift that they have inside of them.

A lot of people find them funny because of the sense of humor that they have at times. On the other hand when a fire Tiger starts speaking, the people around them will surely be persuaded because fire Tigers have this gift of commanding other people. They may become dramatic at times because of the never ending energy that they have. They are always sensitive when it comes to approaching other people.

Tiger under Earth 1938 and 1998

Earth Tiger is always on the side of life's realities because they don't want to be filled with excitement and enthusiasm in life. They can't be distracted easily, which make them a good worker in every field that they choose. They are responsible enough to accomplish the tasks given to them because they know that it will help them achieve their goals in life.

They can become successful in their own little ways, since they often concentrate on things that will let them achieve everything that they want in life. On the other hand, people who are born under this Chinese zodiac sign should lessen their seriousness for them to be able to relax. They also need to relax at times and to practice the sense of humor that they generally have.

Overall, people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger are emotional and can also be sensitive at times. They have the ability to love people and it may also become very intense at times. If you know a person under this Chinese zodiac sign, you will notice how possessive they are. They will always expect you to take their side against the people who don't treat them right.


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    • profile image

      Atomic to One Eyed Dragon 

      4 years ago

      All Tiger Zodiac needs to be balance out regardless of their western sign due to them being a YANG. YANG needs Yin and vice versa. No western sign can balance out the yin yang. Please remember that Chinese Zodiac has been around longer then western horoscope. You can't have a 24 hour day if you don't have a 12 hour night and a 12 hour day. The yin yang helps maintain harmony, peace, and long life. 2 yang or 2 yin do not make a right. 1 yang and 1 yin = harmony, balance, and longevity. That's the yin yang for you.

    • profile image

      One Eyed Dragon 

      4 years ago

      Alright; done some research recently.

      Virgo / Tigers are all about balance. Virgo is nearly the opposite of Tiger but despite some inner turmoil they can turn out wonderful if they get the balance right. Tigers are impulsive and emotional; Virgos are cool and analytical. The result is a person who can be both empathic and objective and is, thus, potentially the wisest of Tigers. They make good debaters and advisors as they like to see both sides and get the full picture.

      Besides that, Virgo / Tigers simply like to be right. Tigers like to be first and here this manifests in a tendency towards Know-It-All-ism (yes, I know that's not even a word- I'm a Virgo / Tiger, after all). They can be a bit meddlesome too as they like to be known as the problem solvers of the family. Though they usually DO have good advice and valuable insight, this tendency can rub people up the wrong way. Especially since, like all Tigers, they value their independence and thus don't tolerate any such meddling in their OWN lives.

      But they are generally good people. They like making others happy and seeing them reach their full potential (hence the meddling). They like achiever, especially warm-hearted achievers, and aspire to be such themselves, though they might be more comfortable as the power behind the throne (so long as the person on the throne isn't too much of a dependent). Like all Tigers they like the spotlight, but they are perhaps the most privacy and security-conscious of all Tigers and, thus, prefer to be the centre of attention when they are good and ready. They don't mind pulling the occasional prank or making fun of themselves, either. In addition, they know their own limits. Mostly.

      Virgo / Tigers can also be snobs, which comes from Virgo. They like comfort and status and culture for themselves and their loved ones, and are the most tradition-bound of Tigers. But they still have a rebellious side and don't like to feel trapped by such things, either; it's a matter of preference and taste, and not so much ideology. They are by nature charitable and have strong social instincts, sometimes even Socialist instincts, despite these inclinations. They like travel and adventure, but they like to have a comfortable nest to return to as well. They are sociable and familial, but also sort-of loners, preoccupied with the never-ending quest of sorting their own life and dreams out.

      So, basically, an insufferable genius with a heart of gold.

    • profile image

      One Eyed Dragon 

      5 years ago

      I googled Virgo Tiger and it brought me to this page.

    • agvulpes profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      How odd I would also like to know about the Virgo Tiger? lol

      Great hub elle it is full of interesting information about the Tiger Chinese Zodiac Year :-)

    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Scandinavia

      LOL- don't know-yet

    • watergeek profile image


      6 years ago from Pasadena CA

      So what would you say about a Virgo Tiger, Elle?


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