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Tiger Woods: Fans And Haters!

Updated on November 16, 2014
Tiger Power!
Tiger Power!

Fickle Fans

Copyright 2010 VVeasey Publishing


Fans are fickle! They love you when you’re winning and down you when you're losing!

Take Tiger Woods, fans love a winner and identify with Tiger because he's a winner and consistently the best and number one golfer in the world. So fans love him and revel in his glory as if it's their glory! They feel his pain when he loses and rejoice when he comes back with a win!

That's ok. That's what fans do. But does Tiger owe his fans anything? No he doesn't!

They only reason or main reason fans love Tiger is because he's a winner, and because of what he's accomplished, in the sport of golf.

Do they know Tiger? No they don't.

Do they think they do? Yes they do! But they don't.

All they know is his public persona or what they think is his public persona. They identify with the Tiger they think they know. They think Tiger is like them (and he probably is in some ways) but they don't really know him.

Tiger Expectations

So when Tiger doesn't live up to their expectations, (based on the expectations they've projected on to him). They feel disappointed and let down. They feel Tiger has somehow failed them, (because of their identification with him), as with this so-called sex scandal. But Tiger hasn't failed them and doesn't owe them anything or an apology.

Did Tiger ever promise his fans he wouldn't cheat on his wife? Did he ever promise his fans he would live his life according to their dictates or a life that mirrors theirs? No he didn't!

Tiger Golf Tournaments

If Tiger didn't win golf tournaments, or dominate golf, the way he has for the last ten years, no one would give a damn about what Tiger does! He could play around with other women, and no one would even care! Let him stop winning tournaments, or become mediocre, and watch what happens to all that love he's used to getting! Just like with this current situation.

I'm not saying what he did was right but it's not the end of the world, and he's not perfect, just as those who are quick to point their fingers and express outrage at him, aren't perfect.

Fans And Competitors

Some fans and competitors probably never, liked Tiger for various reasons. But those competitors and fans, couldn't openly criticize Tiger, because he was so popular. But, at the first good opportunity criticize him, look how some fans and competitors, were so quick to jump on him, and bring the man down.

Sometimes those who express great admiration for someone, can have a secret envy of that person, especially if the person is famous. That's why when the person does something wrong, all that love and admiration they had for that person, turns to hate and anger. Now they hate person they once "admired" with the same intensity, as when they loved and admired the person.

Fan Comments

Look at some of the comments, some fans and the public, have made about Tiger ,and you'll see what I mean. Some of the negative comments are way over the top. It's not like he killed or raped someone, tried to assassinate a public official, etc. which he didn't, but that's how some people are reacting.

Tiger's Diehard Fans

Tiger's die hard fans will stick with him. Let him start winning golf tournaments and the fickle, envious and hateful fans, will slowly fall in line and come back to the fold. Because after all... the only reason they love him or hate him inf the first place, is because he's a winner and people love to identify with winners, but some people love to hate them!

Some Don''t Want To Hear This

Some people don't want to hear this, but you have a black man dominating what was for many, many years, an elitist white male dominated sport! Might that be the secret and in some cases not so secret motivating force, underlying some of the quick to anger and criticize, negative attacks, directed at Tiger? I’m just saying!

Uh Oh! Tiger's Winning Again!


Tiger has won twice this year. That's some golfer's careers. It's much harder than it looks to win tournaments. If any golfer can win twice in a year they would be extremely happy.

Tiger won by five-shots in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in March and by 2 shots, Sunday, at Jack Nicklaus' Memorial tournament while suffering from the flu. That's make the Memorial win even more impressive.

This is Tiger's 73rd win and he's tied with Jack Nicklaus for 2nd on the all time most tournaments won list, trailing only Sam Snead who has 82 wins.

The haters, begrudgingly gave him credit for his second win of the year, but added that, Tiger had no real competition and that this win was a lucky one.

Using that logic, they could say that he was just unlucky, all the times that he played poorly, and didn't win! But nooo,,,they won't do that, because the real reason they hate Tiger, has nothing to do with logic or rationality. It's the same reason others have an irrational hatred of President Obama. Tiger is a "black" man dominating what was for most of its history, a white man's sport. So the haters have to come up with some "reason" to account for his wins, especially, when they thought they finally had him down and out for the count, when he was playing badly and not winning.

But now he's winning again. There's just something about, a black man dominating a "white" sport or being the president of "white" country that just irks them.

Can you imagine how insane it's going make these people feel when Tiger continues to win?

Can't wait to see what kind of head spinning is going to take place when that happens.

And it will happen! Tiger will continue to win!


All you Tiger haters must really be really scratching your heads now! Because Tiger just won again at the ATT National! (What!)

This is his 3rd win of the year. He's the first golfer to win 3 tournaments in 2012. This is Tiger's 74th win. He passes Jack Nicklaus' record of 73 wins to became 2nd on the all time tournaments won list!

But you said he would never win again! He was done! He was through!

Uh Oh!

Well what do ya say now my fine feathered friends. What do ya say now!

And Get ready to eat More BIG Mouthful of Crow! Cause Tiger will continue to win again and again!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Surprise! Surprise!

All of you Tiger Woods haters who were hoping that he would never win again and were so sure he would never ever be number one again

Time to eat some more crow! He's number one again!

You gotta be feeling pretty sick to be this wrong about Tiger, because you were so blinded by your hate of him. I told you he'd win again, and not only does he have 3 wins this year (more than any other player) now he's number one again!

What happen to all those golf upstarts, who you thought (were hoping) were gonna replace Tiger?

Nowhere to be seen.

Celebration Time Come on!


Tiger has already won 4 times this year. This is fastest he won 4 times in a year, and he's looking better and better each time he plays. He's only 5 tournaments and 5 majors away from holding the all-time records for the most tournaments and majors won by one man.

One man holding the all-time tournaments and majors won records at the same time, especially a "black" man,in what was once a white man's only, elitist, country club sport?

Oh!The irony and the beauty of it!

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    • vveasey profile imageAUTHOR

      VC L Veasey 

      6 years ago from Detroit,MI

      mazie lindsey of dc

      I agree!

    • profile image

      mazie lindsey of dc 

      6 years ago

      win win win Tiger and keep eye on the ball and GOD. i have been praying for your wins and GOD said now. we all are human , your fan lindsey in dc


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