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TikTok Turning Children Into Stars

Updated on May 10, 2020

Children Becoming Internet Famous Off Of TikTok

Do you or someone you know use the app TikTok? If so you are probably up to date with all the latest trends. TikTok is the new hottest app out there! TikTok is used by 800 million people as of today, and it most likely will continue to grow! This is a social media platform that is targeted to children 13 years of age to about 25. All ages above 13 ( TikTok's age requirement ) are welcomed on the app, although most young adults use the app. The app allows you to make 15-60 second videos of all genres. Creators make videos from comedy skits to acting, singing, trend videos and so much more.

The app offers a page specially designed for you; the " Foryou page ". If your video lands a spot on this page, the odds are that it will have a better chance of blowing up. This page distributes your video to a few people and if they interact with it well it will get distributed to more and more people. The videos on the for you page usually have a lot of effort in them. This encourages people to put more effort into their videos. Creators create more interesting and funny videos in hopes it will make the for you page. This is what makes the app so addicting; the want to be put on the foryou page causes videos to stay super interesting.

There's not a dull moment on TikTok, every day theirs new trends being made and new exciting things happening. Creators can go live on TikTok, and post as many videos as they like daily. You can also make money off the app once you gain a big enough following.

Due to the for you page algorithm, recently it has made young TikTok star Charli D'amelio an internet sensation. The young prodigy has earned a massive amount of following of 54.3 million followers as of May 8th, 2020. Charli is originally from Connecticut but flies back and forth to L.A. to collaborate with other big influencers. She got famous off of a duet video she made that got on the foryou page and blew up. She continued to post videos after this and started to gain a big following. She posts about 3 videos on a daily basis. Charli gains about half a million followers every 2 days and averages from about 1 million likes to 6 million per video! Charli makes a good amount of profit from the app. You can make up to about $25,000- $40,000 per video with the following she has. This app is changing children's lives every day and bringing smiles to faces all over the world.

TikTok was originally was called and owned by which was used by 200 million people, but on August 2, 2018 TikTok bought the app. Most teenagers I know either use the app or post on it. This is impacting children's lives and while there's some hate on the app, there are lots of people on the app using it to spread positivity and their life stories.

TikTok is a safe place for most kids and I believe that this is shaping the next generation into who they will become.

© 2020 Ava Morris


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