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Tim Fite

Updated on July 23, 2012

Timothy Sullivan is an American Musician who is known for his artistic creativity and ranging musical talents. Tim Fite begin his career as a rapper using the pseudonym Little T. His first studio album The Fome is Dape by Little T and One Track Mike received some commercial success on MTV in 2001, with the hit Shaniqui. Despite this, the duo never released a follow up album. After a feature on the Scooby Doo soundtrack in 2002 with the song It's A Mystery the group faded into obscurity. Since, Little-T now Tim Fite has been signed to ANTI- Records. He has released two studio albums Fair Ain't Fair and Gone Ain't Gone. Along with the free online releases 2 Minute Blues,Over the Counter Culture,Ding-Dong DITCH!!!, and Change of Heart.

Tim Fite has amazing musical abilities. His various talents are best showcased all in one on Fite's politically aimed Over the Counter Culture. Where he is sometimes rapping other times singing over sampled beats comprised of dollar bin albums. This however is Fite's only rap album since taking on the moniker Tim Fite.

Fite 's sound and style is very unique but best described as alternative, blues and folk.(Fite's myspace however describes him as alternative, country and hip hop.) His  hip hop roots are still notable in songs such as 45 Remedies from Gone Ain't Gone,where Fite raps for 6 verses in a half sung manner. Lyrically he is one of the wittiest singer song writers of the decade. Notorious for taking cliche phrases and nursery rhymes and rewording them.He also frequently uses non sequitur for example on the song Trouble off Fair Ain't Fair Fite sings

Between a hammer and a holiday, a holiday

I’ll take a hammer every time

Tim Fite is in a category all his own with a style all his own.

This New Jersey native may have traded in his mic for a guitar but you can't call him a sellout!

photo: Cybele Malinowski
photo: Cybele Malinowski

I highly encouraged you to check him out !


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