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Tim Burton's Worst To Best

Updated on April 2, 2019
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Mark is an avid film buff that enjoys going to the cinema at least once a week and watching films at least once a day.

Let's get this started

Dark Shadows:

Easily the worst thing that Tim Burton has done even with a fantastic cast nothing could save this dumpster fire. (2/10)

Mars Attacks:

A film so bad it's good but it was the film that killed his ridiculous hot streak. (6/10)


By no means a bad film I even find the black and white animation an interesting touch its its that for some reason I couldn't get emotionally invested in it. (6/10)

Alice In Wonderland:

Originally I absolutely loves this film but it just hasn't stood up to repeat showings but I still find enjoyment in Johnny Depps enjoyably camp Mad Hatter. (7/10)

Big Eyes:

Arguably the closest movie that he has made that could be considered "Oscar bait" still as take as it feels its two leads are excellent and there chemistry is undeniable. (7/10)

Big Fish:

A film I find to be the complete opposite to Alice in that first time round I found this film difficult to enjoy but I was young then and as I've gotten older and gave the film more viewings I now really enjoy it. (8/10)

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children:

At the time this film felt like a return to form for Mr. Burton following a bit of a slump but wonderful and charming return it was. (9/10)

Sleepy Hollow:

Probably the closest to a full blown serious horror film that he has come and with a gorgeous gothic aesthetic and a brilliant cast doing brilliant performances. (9/10)

Ed Wood:

The end of a wonderful streak of films although arguably the weakest of them but still the is a wonderfully offbeat and unique biopic. (9/10)


The first of two fantastic adaptations of the iconic caped crusader Tim Burton's gothic flair was a welcome shot to the arm of the superhero genre plus Jack Nicholsons joker is excellent despite being overshadowed since. (9/10)

Corpse Bride:

A stunningly animated and ridiculously fun little gem of a movie with Tim Burton's trademark excellent world building and a brilliantly catchy soundtrack. (9/10)


I absolutely love this insane piece of cinema with a fabulously unhinged and whacky performance from Michael Keaton and it's to this day disturbing practical effects. (10/10)

Sweeney Todd:

From a directing standpoint this may be Tim Burton's most ambitious project not that any of his films lack ambition, the costumes, make up and settings are beautiful and grim, the music is beautiful and it arguably has Johnny Depps best performance under Mr. Burton. (10/10)

Batman Returns:

For a long time I considered this to be the best superhero movie ever made, I still consider this to be the best Christmas movie ever made, its also one of the greatest sequels and Michelle Pfeiffer is still the most iconic Catwoman. (10/10)

Edward Scissorhands:

From the amazing sets and wonderfully weird costumes to Johnny Depps wonderfully odd performance and the films heartbreaking and tear inducing climax this film is the perfect Tim Burton film and is a bonafide masterpiece. (10/10)

Leave a worst to best of you own in the comments if you wish

What is your favourite Tim Burton movie?

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