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Tips When Attending Live Concerts

Updated on June 4, 2014
U2 live in Cape Town, South Africa
U2 live in Cape Town, South Africa

First things first, you must buy your ticket.

Many a fan have missed the one opportunity in their life to witness a night filled with their favourite sounds because the tickets were sold out before they even had the chance to buy one.. Always keep tabs on the bands you want to see so you can know when they are visiting your city and when tickets go on sale. A good place for this is to follow the band, ticket office and the main event organizers in your area for the latest information. If you know tickets are going to sell fast be sure to wait in line for the ticketing offices to open for a couple of hours.

Choosing your seat is very important. Most rock concerts have standing and seating tickets. The prices vary according to the distance from the stage and Golden Circle are the closest to the stage and are almost always standing. If you are a big fan or you really want the best experience, don't be shy to go for the expensive golden circle tickets. If you are too far from the stage you are going to have to watch most of the show on the screen anyway. Nothing beats the atmosphere at the front. You probably don't want to go alone so if you are buying seating tickets make sure you buy them with your mates so you sit next to each other.

Know Your Lyrics

Being able to sing along with (almost) every song the band performs is very important. Just standing there while everyone else sing/shout the lyrics could be extremely frustrating. Make sure you aren't left out of the fun. Everyone else will also appreciate the fact that you know every song and they will believe you are a true fan (and why wouldn't you be if you spent all that money). It is always fun singing with the other fans and especially your friends. Try to get your hands on most of the songs and ask some of the big fans which songs the band are most likely to play. You could also check out some of their latest performances on You Tube to see what they are currently performing. Normally bands perform the songs that went to the top of the charts and then plan the set list around that. If they are going to be on a tour to promote their newest album then expect a few songs from that album as well.

Our view from Golden Circle at the Linkin Park concert in Cape Town, South Africa.
Our view from Golden Circle at the Linkin Park concert in Cape Town, South Africa.

Check the Weather

Knowing the forecast is helpful when choosing your clothing and possibly the activities prior to the performance. Many concerts don't allow you to take umbrellas into the stadium so a raincoat might not be a bad idea. If the weather is fine during the day and you know it might get cold later in the night you could take some warm clothing with you and leave it in the car for after the show as I doubt whether you will be needing it during the show.

Find the Parking Arrangements

Big events will always have some guidelines to what the parking arrangements are for the concert. Be sure to go online and check it out as many hours of waiting in traffic could be avoided this way.

Better Early Than Late

If you don't mind waiting to go into the stadium then I advise you to be there a few hours before the show starts. This is obviously just for standing ticket holders and if you have a seating ticket then you are fine if you arrive on time. The reason is that the closer you are to the stage the better. Essentially you could end up paying the same amount for a ticket as the guy 20 meters in front of you, the only difference being that he was there an hour before you. Believe me 20 meters is a lot if you want to be as far up the front as possible. People also don't appreciate it if you try pushing your way to the front and the event marshals could step in if you are disturbing the peace.

Coldplay at the Glastonbury Festival 2011
Coldplay at the Glastonbury Festival 2011


A long wait in the ques to enter the stadium and waiting for the band to come on stage can work out an appetite. Take a few snacks with you and remember a plastic bottle with water. Only certain items are allowed in the stadium so make sure you know what they are. Soda cans for example are not allowed in so use a plastic bottle instead. You might also consider cutting back on the water a bit because being forced to the restrooms by your bladder could result in missing out on the best part of the show.

Ear Plugs

I know what you're thinking." I'm going to go watch a metal band with ear plugs? No thanks." Truth be told you could find ear plugs that are well hidden and even the guys performing on stage are wearing some. The reason they are important is that at 110 db your ears start to get damaged and many of these concerts can go well over that. Being exposed to this amount of noise for a 2 hour period is dangerous. Taking a break for 5 minutes from the noise might not be an option as you wouldn't want to leave the show so wearing ear plugs is a good idea if you intend on keeping you hearing when your get older. The damaging effects are irreversible.

Watching Linkin Park with my mates.
Watching Linkin Park with my mates.

The Build Up

Going to the concert is all about the experience so a great idea could be to go do something with your mates before the show starts. If there are some pubs within walking distance from the stadium then you know where to start. Just don't rock up at the stadium drunk because you want to remember the show. If you are a really big fan and you know what to expect from the performance then get your friends psyched for the gig with comments like "I'm going to jump all over the place on that song" or "I will take my shirt off and swing it around if they play that". The ball is truly in your court to make it the best night ever.


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