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Tips to Avoid Wasting Time on Facebook

Updated on March 5, 2016
log on Facebook.
log on Facebook. | Source

Apart from the connection power of this social network, it carries many drawbacks that are stealing much time from our daily life. Instead of hanging out expanding acquaintances, people tend to go online and communicate through screen and non-human facilities. Are you determined to get yourselves out of this addiction and manage a better daily schedule? It’s time to take following tips as references.

1. Log out on your mobile devices

People tend to check up their Facebook notifications on their cell phones and tablets after using it on their personal computers at the workplace. Going offline on other devices will hinder you from seeing new notifications on your mobile when you go online for just simply reading newspaper at home. One more powerful thing is you should set up a long password so that you feel less motivated to type your account name and password when you want to log on another new device. Also, do not forget to uncheck “Remember password” as being asked by the system. This is a tiny tip but very useful in reducing times you want to log on Facebook.

2. Turn off chat box

Just imagine when you are about to go offline, your buddies pop in new messages. You read them, ”Seen” icon appears and you have to answer them immediately without delay. You say to yourself “Oh, just saying some greetings and I’ll log out”. But the story goes on and when you recognize the time, it already takes you a few more hours. When you turn off chat, you cannot see anyone who is available, your intention for talking is less, and no one will send you messages, or you can reply later in case you are not having time for chatting.

3. Remove the function of sending messages of new notifications to your email

Now you use your email to check up your work every minute and new message alerts from Facebook will distract you from your current concentration. Many of them are not related to you such as invitation for a new game or a stranger has tagged you in an advertising post. However, your temptation and curiosity for checking up new feeds appear and you are induced to log on Facebook to see what is happening. And you know what, you will waste another few minutes. You will definitely do it a couple of times in a day, and you may not be aware of how much valuable time you sacrifice for Facebook.

Remove the function of sending messages of new notifications to your email
Remove the function of sending messages of new notifications to your email | Source

4. Self-control

One of the reasons for most people posting on Facebook is to express their thoughts and release their emotions. Instead of going on Facebook to complain about someone nobody can guess who he is, find one buddy or a person you trust to talk to. You can tell them your problem, they will listen to you and give you practical solutions. Your negative feeling is alleviated, and you will feel much better. This is also a good way to tighten your relationship in real life.

The second suggestion is that consider other substitute tools for Facebook before you want to log on it. If you want to update social information, you can go to online newspaper’s sites to read news instead of logging on Facebook. If you want to chat with your friend living outside, use other apps like Skype.

And the last thing: if you think that you will impress others by posting your status on Facebook, you are deadly wrong. They even do not have enough time to care about their own problems and issues, let alone yours.


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