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Tired & Stressed? Listen to electronic music.

Updated on July 7, 2018
My Loved Ones :)
My Loved Ones :)

Tiredness is a state of body and stress is a state of mind. In any form it is bound to drain one’s energy. Sometimes we get so involved in the routinely work that we fail to realize we’re actually slogging out hard and end up pressurizing our own health. It is not always possible to maintain the mental equilibrium in all circumstances. We tend to react differently to different situations and end up messing up with the psychological health too. Life comes with many flavors of experiences; each bringing with it an amazing combination of different emotions and sentiments. All these variations lead to one and only one after-effect: Stress!

There are multiple ways in which we can reduce the stress levels and enhance our energies around. A positive state of energy is a very good catalyst in reducing stress levels and subsequently bringing in a happy state of mind. It depends on one’s interest and hobbies as to what affects him/her the most to reduce stress and induce relaxation. Ultimate target is to relax the body muscles and revamp some happy fluids throughout the body. Mind and soul are those philosophical aspects which are tempted to be affected the most. So it’s important that we care for our psychological health along with the physical well-being.

Stress leads to anxiety and restlessness. It is therefore important to engage our mind into the relaxing technique thoroughly. I’ve realized how hard it is to concentrate on meditation or breathing exercises without any external support. My mind turns towards thinking about all the activities that I’d undertaken that very day. Even while we rest, we keep wondering about the issues of our daily routine before falling asleep. How do we get the beneficial peace of mind in such a dilemma? The relaxing activity should therefore possess an enticing ability to hook oneself into it for long, till he/she attains a perfectly relaxed state of mind. One such promising technique is listening to electronic music.

What is electronic music? It is a type of music that is created using electronic instruments. Not so simple though! Employing electronic music technology, many sounds are created which are then synthesized to produce a musical compilation. Over the years this processes has resulted into an astonishing collection of genres n sub-genres which are enticing and strongly capable of giving an enriching experience to the listener. It is the hottest form of music existing today and has a wide variety of instrumentation and production techniques available to keep any listener infatuated over it. The electronic beats and bass effects bring a sort of enlightenment to one’s mind and a surge through the body. A definite mood-enhancer!

There are lots of genres namely Trance, Techno, House, Progressive, Dubstep, Hard-trance etc. These involve higher levels of rage and might bring one to a thrilling state of body and mind. But if you are seeking to attain a peaceful state, you can listen to softer genres like Vocal-Trance, Ambient, Lounge, Soulful House etc. I’ve just started understanding all these genres, though it is a daunting task to understand each genre you can always listen for the sake of pure relaxation. Tribal, Cosmic and Goa-Psy Trance are very good genres to keep one engaged.

Here is a good web resource to help you know more about the various genres. It’s an amazing animated tutorial explaining some history of electronic music and the origin of each genre- Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

I came across few eccentric websites while I was researching online. They’re stated below.

You can get hold of some good tracks of famous artists and DJs. Best resource to know more and listen to various upcoming and popular artists is Digitally Imported Radio (DI). It is an amazing service playing numerous numbers throughout the day. Various artists host individual shows on DI. Also they have all the genres and play the tracks selectively.

Finally, I would earnestly suggest that electronic music is an upbeat concept. It will surely provide you good zeal to overcome your tiresome negative energies and a refreshing psychological and physical state.

Keep listening and enjoy your experience with your favorite electronic music genre. Happy relaxing! :)


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