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To Protect Oneself: The Much Needed Foreign Policy for America

Updated on September 28, 2016

One Nation Under Law


You Can't Have it Both Ways

The blood of those killed in the Kunduz hospital in Afghanistan is not on the United States. By bringing the fight to the civilian population, the US asserts its position as a power that must crush its enemies. If only this last part were true. America’s altruism and disastrous foreign policy have brought the death of thousands of American servicemen and women. It has put the lives of millions in jeopardy as a result. Because of its devotion to selflessness and sacrifice, the country which is supposed to a have a backbone in the face of threats and attacks it has suffered loss after critical loss. The fact that the US ought not to have been in Afghanistan in the first place is rarely discussed. The fact that the harborers of terrorists continue to be Iran and Saudi Arabia is even less put on the the table. What distinguishes this attack from any other is the reality that non-enemy combatants experienced injury or death. But this is the ugly part of war. It is more the reason that America should be fighting a war against the enemy which continues to show itself to be more malignant than the day before.

All the apologizing and kowtowing only perpetuates the idea that America is a paper tiger that bears its teeth and then cowers once pundits heap criticism on leaders like President Obama. As both the left and the right squabble over the emotional impact of the deaths of “innocent” children, American troops must brave the travails of following orders that lead them to their deaths. One cannot have one’s cake and it eat it too on this issue. It’s either the death of known enemies like the Taliban or US citizens. The fate of this country rests on the commander-in-chief’s capability to neutralize any potential hazards. If that involves the death or injury of people caught in the crosshairs, so be it. The initiators of physical force against the US are at fault and should be obliterated from the face of the planet. Instead of tip-toeing around the issue of killing civilians in a warzone, the generals ought to become egoists and regard their actions as protecting selfishly the interests of America.


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