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Toddlers And Tiaras -- Little Girl Bollywood Pageant

Updated on July 1, 2013

Everybody loves Nadia

Well, not everybody. Not me. I was feeling too sorry for Ma'leeh to see what charms Queen Nadia supposedly possesses.

You know how every show there's a really bad mother. Generally it's because of these pageants. But Garriel is a bad mother in her own right. She'd be a bad mother even without these pageants. The problem seems to lay in her inability to be able to even divide her attention between two children. In short she gives all her attention to one child and pretty much ignores the other. Being like that she should have only had one child. Unfortunately, she popped out two kids and is about to pop out another.

She declares Nadia her good child, with the implication that Ma'leeh is the bad child. I didn't see anything bad about Ma'leeh. I just saw a sad neglected child made to feel she isn't as good as Queen Nadia is, who Garriel fawns over incessantly. She really saw it when she didn't get as large a title as Nadia, and she started saying it's because she isn't as pretty as Nadia and that she's jealous of everything. A six year old wouldn't be thinking of jealousy. I'm sure that's garbage Garriel spewed at her while fawning over her beloved Nadia.

You really saw how it is when she entered both Ma'leeh and Nadia in the pageant. She could only spare four minutes to get Ma'leeh ready on stage after spending all her time fussing over her precious Nadia. The truly hilarious thing was Garriel crying because when Ma'leeh was finished doing her routine on stage she didn't come back to sit with her, and she wailed her baby doesn't need her anymore. Honey, your baby doesn't have you since you neglect her for your precious Nadia.

And you saw again how little she thinks of Ma'leeh, as Garriel says as long as her child gets a crown, all is good. Well, Nadia got a crown for winning a Queen title, but Ma'leeh didn't get one because she only got a princess title. I'm sure that makes Ma'leeh feel real good that she didn't get a crown.

Well, Little Cosseted Nadia better enjoy it and she better pray Garriel pops out a boy, this time, because if Garriel has another girl, if she stays true to form the new baby will be anointed the good child that gets all the attention, while little Miss Nadia gets to feel how Ma'leeh feels. You can also bet little Nadia is going to start acting out when she no longer has Mama fawning all over her, thus earning Garriel's title of the bad jealous child that she's labelled Ma'leeh with.

The question is will Ma'leeh bond with Nadia or has Garriel bred so much animosity between the two that Ma'leeh will let Nadia stew in her own juices and not try to give Nadia the attention that Garriel will no longer be giving her.

The other two kids featured were Khloe who is 2 and Brooklyn who is 4. Khloe is named after Khloe Kardashian and she really likes to scream. Mom Abby says she isn't a brat, she just likes her own way. Isn't that the definition of a spoiled brat? Meanwhile Brooklyn loves to fart. Her mom, Sabrina, calls Brooklyn a glitzy hillbilly.

Pageant director, Tasha, who is in love with Nadia, said a lot of the parents don't know what Bollywood is. And in the case of Abby and Garriel that was certainly true. Tasha says Khloe is sassy and persnickety, crazy and over the top. She also feels Brooklyn is the one to watch.

Khloe starts crying and screaming as she's about to go on stage, but manages to pull it together on stage. While Brooklyn doesn't seem to know what to do on stage and her mother's yelling doesn't help. Meanwhile, Ma'leeh is late going on stage because her mother only has four minutes to get her together after fawning all over Nadia for the whole time. Probably the whole rushing to get to stage caused Ma'leeh to rush through her routine, which earned catty comments from one of the judges.

Sabrina declares that Brooklyn was a pissy little brat. While Garriel has a fit over Ma'leeh's performance on stage. Her father Marcus says that Garriel doesn't criticize Ma'leeh in a productive way, but he doesn't call his wife out on her behavior. And from what I saw he doesn't do anything to fill in the gaps for Garriel's neglect of Ma'leeh. He seems to fawn over precious little Nadia, as well.

Before Khloe is supposed to go on stage for Bollywood Wear, she falls asleep and Abby wonders how to wake the little monster up. Her words, not mine. She wake her and as predicted, Khloe has a temper tantrum. This time she doesn't pull it together on stage. She screams on stage and ultimately walks off it. Somehow she wins a Beauty Supreme title. How I have no clue. I guess they excused her cause the kid was tired. She's only 2, after all.

Brooklyn impresses the judges with her Bollywood number. It wins her a Mini Grand Supreme award. I wonder how impressed they would have been by her incessant farting. Again, I'm surprised she won such a high award since she really messed up her Beauty routine.

It seems the judges took an active dislike to Ma'leeh cause she rushed through her beauty. As I said, one of the judges got her nose out of joint saying if she doesn't have time to do it properly they don't want her there. Sometimes these judges are a real trip. They seem to forget these are little kids they're judging so harshly.

I was actually wishing Ma'leeh had won a bigger title than her cosseted sister. It seemed to just help to build the inferiority complex her mother is giving her. But like I said, things may change for Little Nadia when Garriel pops out the new baby. Maybe if Ma'leeh sees Garriel start treating Nadia the same way she's treated her, she'll see there's nothing wrong with her and she's not inferior to Nadia, it's just the way her mother is. She can only manage to give love to one kid at a time, and because of that she should have stopped popping out kids at Ma'leeh.


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