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Toddlers And Tiaras -- The 2013 Disco Fever Pageant

Updated on June 6, 2013

'This is how you make someone a diabetic

Usually there's one mother on an episode that can win the title of Worst Mother and Miss Tori gets that title hands down. Tori will do anything to keep two year old Alexa awake. She started giving the poor child coffee when she was 9 months. Coffee aka caffeine is infamous for keeping people awake. She must have already gotten criticism for feeding her baby coffee, since she defends herself by proclaiming it's only one cup in the morning. Actually, the coffee is the least of it.

The really big problem is her constant feeding of this child something she's labelled Tinker Tea. I didn't catch all the ingredients she puts in it, but she said it's 98% sugar. I can't even drink Kool-Aid because I find it too sweet. That almost 100% sugar she's feeding this kid. And then there was the Pixy Stix's she started shoving down the kid's throat at the pageant. If this kid doesn't develop juvenile diabetes before she's five, it's pure luck. Her mother is turning her into a sugar addict just so she can make her stay awake during the pageants she's obsessed putting her kid in.

I think we saw Alexa last season during her first pageant when she started throwing a fit on stage. In fact, she says that happened twice during beauty. It seems Mommy Tori's found an answer to that problem by shoving vast amounts of sugar down her kid's throat. The problem is pouring that amount of sugar down a two year old's throat is just not healthy.

I don't know if Child Welfare ever watches this show, but this is one of the mother's they should go and investigate. I know it's not considered child abuse in the classic sense, but just what is it doing to this two year old's insides to have that amount of sugar poured down her throat. What this woman is doing to this child could have lifelong lasting impact on her health.

Tonya Bailey is the pageant director and the winner of the Disco Fever pageant will win the title of Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme, a life-sized doll house and $15,000 in cash prizes. Unfortunately, none of the featured contestants win the top title.

While Tori is busy pouring mass quantities of sugar down her child's throat, pageant dad, JD is the polar opposite. He's determined his kid, Brooke age 4, will be healthy and he doesn't allow her to eat sugar. Little does he know his wife, Linda, is sneaking Brooke sugar when she starts to get tired during the pageant. But it's only a little bit of sugar which is normal for any child to consume. She isn't mass-feeding it to Brooke behind JD's back the way Tori is to Alexa.

JD is a very muscular man and thinks if he bares his pumped-up physique on stage with Brooke during Brooke's Disco Wear routine, it'll make her unforgettable. Brooke's mother, Vanessa, isn't too impressed with her ex-hubby's performance. The nicest thing she can say about him is he's something else. And JD doesn't approve of the fact that Vanessa decided to treat Brooke to a pizza party after the pageant was over. He doesn't think Brooke should get a treat unless she won the big prize. Earlier, Vanessa says while JD is putting Brooke in these pageant's when she has Brooke she tries to show her what's important in life. You can see why these two are no longer married.

I think it was pretty telling that when Brooke had a melt down before going on stage, she started crying for her mother, not her father. Vanessa managed to calm Brooke and she was able to go on stage. However, one of the judges didn't like Brooke's hair; she felt it made Brooke look too old. Really? And the glitz dresses and make-up and spray tans don't? Isn't that the purpose of these pageants? To make little girls look older than they are?

JD was featured in a montage that showed men can be just as catty as women. He was making cracks about all these mother's that can't fit into there clothes and who have love handles hanging over the waistbands of their jeans. No offense to JD, but I think being overly-buffed up looks kind of grotesque, as well. I like men with some muscle, but when you pump yourself up to look like the Incredible Hulk, you're body just doesn't look natural and looks like it's hard to haul around all that muscle with you wherever you go. It's like women who enlarge their breasts so much they just look grotesque. There are all sorts of ways to have a gross looking body, and being fat is the least of it.

The final child featured is Janeyah, who is 3 and declares herself as a sassy diva. On most shows her big personality might make her stand out, but with Tori the mom shoving sugar down her kid's throat and JD the muscleman, she kind of fades into the woodwork.

Janeyah has two moms, Toya and Naye Naye. Toya has Type II Diabetes which is ironic considering Sugar Shock Tori is featured on the same show. Toya says she tries to be careful what she lets Janeyah eat, and I think it's because she wants to make sure Janeyah doesn't develop diabetes like she has. However, she does allow Janeyah to have her chicken fingers and fries, which is her favorite food. So while we have a very bad mom in Tori, both Toya and Vanessa are good moms and balance her behavior out a bit. In short, not all pageant moms are bad moms like Tori is.

Toya says Janeyah didn't bring her A game during her beauty routine and rated it a C instead. Most embarrassing moment of the night had to be Toya dancing along in the audience as Janeyah did her performance on stage. But at least she stayed off the stage unlike JD.

The judges don't seem too impressed by Janeyah as she doesn't get pulled from her category and is awarded Divisional Supreme Queen.

Both Alexa and Brooke get pulled for a higher title. Alexa gets Mini Supreme 0 To 3 and Brooke gets Mini Supreme 4 To 8.

In regards to bad pageant parents I award both JD and Tori Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme. They both earned it.

Do you think Tori is harming Alexa by feeding her so much sugar?

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