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Toddlers And Tiaras -- The Moment That Shocked The Judges

Updated on September 4, 2012

In retrospect the way the judges behaved was pretty hypocritical. These judges insists these little girls wear full make-up, wear false eye-lashes, wear false teeth because they apparently find their baby teeth offensive to their delicate sensibilities, be spray tanned and ultimately be made to look like mini-drag queens. Yet when a woman has her daughter fake smoking a cigarette they're appalled and think it's going too far. Yet, they had no problem with a woman putting Madonna boob cones on her two year old. Sorry guys, you can't have it both ways.

Cortinth, Mississippi

Jessica is the mother to 22 month old Ava. She says she's gotten criticized for putting Ava in pageants. She has Ava's picture taken. She says she's a competitive pageant move. Her feelings get hurt if someone less prettier beats Ava. Want to make a beat she thinks everyone is less prettier than her Little Ava?

London, Kentucky

Lisa is the mom of four year old Destiny. Lisa says Destiny is a diva. She also admits she's living her pageant dreams through Destiny. For the upcoming pageant Lisa is having Destiny dress like Sandy from Grease in the Shake Shack number. She's going to have Destiny fake smoke in her number. She says she'd never give her child a real cigarette.

Corbin, Kentucky

Vikki is mom to eight year old Emma. Emma told her she wanted to do pageants when she was 7. Emma likes a pink dress for the upcoming pageant while Vikki likes the black dress. Emma locks herself in the bathroom because she doesn't want to wear the black dress. Vikki says sometimes its hard to deal with Emma. She ends up bribing her to wear the black dress.

Corinth, Mississippi

Ava doesn't want to try on her pageant dress. Dad Chad says he doesn't go to the pageants. Ava is a Daddy's girl and cries hysterically when they lead Chad to head off to the pageant. Ava fights off the person trying to apply make-up to her. Jessica's creeping paranoia comes out when she says she believes the hair stylist mislead her to stab her in the back and sabotage Ava's pageant success, because she doesn't like the way Ava's hair was done.

Lisa says as long as Destiny stays in a good mood they'll win. While Vikki worries because Emma hasn't really practiced much.

Jessica is still going on about Ava's hair, while one of the judges liked it. Ava's messes up her routine on stage when she becomes distracted by the stage lights.

Meanwhile, Destiny doesn't want to follow her mother's stage directions. Lisa is in the audience coaching her. I always hate when mother's do that. It's just so cringe-worthy. Lisa is upset Destiny didn't look at the judges. Maybe she would have if she hadn't been distracting her with all her antics in the audience.

Ava is getting sleepy. She's dressed as a Car Hop Girl. She's crying and whining. Ava's grandmother is going crazy in the audience trying to prompt Ava on what she needs to do.

Lisa assures herself she won't get criticized for having Destiny fake smoking a cigarette. It's really a bizarre moment as Lisa tells Destiny as she goes on stage to remember to smoke her cigarette. Hope she remembers this moment when Destiny is older and she starts smoking cigarettes for real. She's only doing what you told her to do, Mom.

Everyone in the audience, judges included, are appalled when Destiny comes out stoking on her fake ciggy, before dropping it to the floor and putting it out with the toe of her show ala Sandy. Lisa is in the audience trying to prompt Destiny on what to do. Judge says he's taking a point off for the ciggy.

Emma's dressed as I Love Lucy. She's not really think of when you think of the name of the pageant, Rocking Around The Clock. Dressing her up as Fonzie might have been a better idea.

Ava gets an award for prettiest hair which makes Jessica laugh after all her conspiracy theories about the hair stylist plotting against her.

Emma wins personality, smile and hair.

Ava wins Beauty Supreme. The throws the crown and breaks it.

Emma wins Personality Supreme.

Destiny wins Ultimate Face.

Vikki says there's more glitz pageants in Emma's future.

Destiny's dream is to be Miss America.

Jessica upset she didn't get Ultimate Grand Supreme, then she corrects herself and says that Ava didn't get it. Seems Lisa isn't the only mom living her dreams through her child.


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