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Tom Hanks--One of my favorite actors

Updated on January 6, 2018

A look into Tom Hanks background.

Tom Hanks was born in July 9, 1956 in Concord California. One of the things that stuck me about Hanks is that he seemed to have an interest in Christianity. He was known as a teen age evangelist for several years in school. In a interview with Rolling Stones, he was a "geek" in school, trying to be the center of attention. Defining himself as a good kid, he never got into any trouble.

Going into a series of acting schools in California, Tom immersed himself with going to the theater. He quoted Tennessee Williams as one of his favorites. Studying theater, he met Vicent Dowling, who took him under his wing and sharpened his talents as an actor. In 1978, he won the Cleveland Critics Circle Award for best actor in the play The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Believe it or not, he played a villain in that one.

In 1980, he made his first film debut in the low budget thriller "He Knows You're Alone". If you watch the movie, Hanks appearance is limited to an hour. Did you know that since he was unknown at the time, he wasn't even credited on the video box? (For you VCR fans!) Did you, also, know that he was, only, limited to two scenes? In those scenes, he gives a rundown on the psychology of fear. Nevertheless, this was a good start for him.

Open doors for TV and movies!

Tom Hanks would star in different TV shows such as Blossom Buddies and Family Ties. Then, would come movie hits such as Splash and Bachelor Party that would establish him as a comedian. His dramatic side would, also, come out alongside Jackie Gleason in the movie "Nothing in common." (1986) He would, also, experience some movie flops.

Notwithstanding, he would bounce back with Dragnet and Punchline. Punchline helped him sharpened his skills working with the talented Sally Field. It is amazing how he can do the role of a stand-up comedian and show his serious side at the same time. Tom Hanks hit movies are legendary and some of his productions got some notable acclaim. I am going to list some of my favorite Tom Hanks movies and if I omit listing yours, free free to include them, also!

Forrest Gump

This is, without a doubt, my favorite. Tom Hanks is at his best in this one. With the support of Sally Field, another great actor, this picture is a must see. Mixing comedy with drama, you cannot help but feel sorry for Forrest. It is amazing how in spite of his handicaps, he managed to get somewhere in life.

You can see that Hanks gets inside this character. When you see him acting, you can really believe that he is Forrest Gump. His best friend was a girl named Jenny.(Robin Wright) Jenny would encourage and help him throughout his life. The most moving scene in my opinion is when he married Jenny. The end scenes are more of a tearjerker.

Another supporting character that I liked was Lt Dan (Gary Sinise) This was an interesting one, because he came from a long line of war heroes. Wanting to fulfill his ancestors destiny, Lt Dan was frustrated. Frustrated because Forrest saved his life, but in the process,lost his two legs. Eventually, he seemed to be at peace with God and himself as he meets with Forrest at his wedding, becoming the best of friends. If you have not seen this, this is a great must see movie. I give it 5 stars and never get tired of looking at it.

The thing that you do!

Even though Tom Hanks did not have a lead role, nevertheless, this was a great movie to see. Produced by Tom Hanks, this movie brought the spirit of the early '60's with an imaginary rock group. This story evolved over a rock group called the Wonders. They are in search of fame and fortune.

Eventually, working with Mr. White (Tom Hanks), this rock group makes a hit. It shows the behind the scenes work with the music industry and publicity groups. It, also, shows the pitfalls of every rock band. Division comes within the group and the Wonders are wondering about their future.

I like this movie because it brought memories. Memories of my childhood when I would listen to the early rock hits such as the Beach boys and other great groups. The scenery and the spirit that this movie captures is impressive. A good movie to watch.

Road to Perdition

In this one, Hanks plays a good guy/bad guy. A good guy because he is a family man and a good provider. A bad guy because of the business that he does. In this one, Hanks teams up with Paul Newman to make a blockbuster of a film. This movie would be Newman's last one and it is a great performance. Filled with action, suspense and adventure, you won't be disappointed a this one.

While working for the mob, Michael Sullivan, Sr (Tom Hanks) is sent to meet with some people. His son, curious, at what his father does for a living, hides in the back of the car. The meeting goes sour resulting in a massacre. Meanwhile, Hanks discovers that his son is a witness to that crime. The mob, for fear of being exposed, goes after Hanks and his family and what follows is a series of cliffhanger moments. A great movie to see.

Catch me if you can!

Tom Hanks outdoes himself in this one. In this role, he plays FBI agent Carl Hanretty. Based on a true story, it is centered in the life of Frank Abagnale,jr (Leonardo DiCarpio) who outsmarts the FBI and government law enforcement officials. What I like is that these two actors complement each other in their acting. My favorite scene is when Agent Hanretty goes into a hotel room to nab Frank Abagnale. Frank is so clever and cool that he manages to outsmart him and escape right under his nose---A classic. If you are a Tom Hanks fan, this one is a must see!

Catch me if you can!

Closing comments!

I, probably could come with some more movies that I like, but for now, I will leave it at that. Tom Hanks, is without a doubt, a great actor. He has done some funny and good drama movies, add to the fact that he is a great producer. What will the future hold for him as an actor? My opinion is nothing but success. Feel free to leave your comments and favorite Tom Hanks movie!


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      HeatherDRoberts 5 years ago

      Yeah, Tom Hanks is one of those actors that everyone likes! He's super awesome.