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Tomb Raider Underworld Strategy Guide 16: Croft Manor, Part 1

Updated on February 19, 2009

Nothing to do but work your way down, and then jump up to another level.  Crouch down again and you will find yourself in another depression.  Keep going and you will see a place that you will have to leap to from a strange precipice. 


You will then come to a bridge, and the bridge is out.  Make sure you go to the right at this place, and pick yourself up the First Treasure.  While you are on the right, hang off the edge of the right side of the bridge, and shimmy all the way right.  Let go twice, and then do a sideways jump to the right to be on the other side of the bridge.  Shimmy all the way around a corner, and jump up one ledge.  Keep going around another corner and joystick up one level, then jump to the next.  If I were you, I would shimmy left at this point, as it is much easier to get up from this particular place.


Follow the tunnel and you will get to an area this where a ledge above is the way to go. Before you get there, there is a tunnel on the left that you might have missed.  Go down the tunnel, and you will pass a gate that you cannot open at this point. 


Keep running up, and you will be able to jump to the top of a pillar.  Use a balance beam to get to the top of another pillar, and then jump to some brick-ish ledges from there.  It may not look like you can jump there, but you can.   


Don’t take the ledge as yet. Instead, just go to the right all the way, and you should be able to find an area where you can make a backwards jump.  You can stand on the pillar, and then jump to an area where the Second Treasure is.  From there, jump your way back to the ledge. 


From there, you need to go through the hallway where you will be at a place with some water at the bottom.  Just jump in, and swim to a wooden plank area that will be on the left. 


Jump up on the first ledge, then two more.  Shimmy around to the left and do a backwards jump to another wooden platform.  You will then come to a place where you can jump up to a ledge on the wall.  Shimmy to the left and jump in that direction.  Jump up one level, then the next.  Shimmy right and jump to a wooden panel. 


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