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Brad At The Movies: La La Land (2016)

Updated on January 19, 2017
Poster for La La Land. Property of Summit Entertainment.
Poster for La La Land. Property of Summit Entertainment. | Source

La La Land is a very rare movie. One of the reviews I read said "They don't make movies like this anymore". While I do agree La La Land pays tribute to a lot of the classic musicals, it's more than just an old fashioned musical set in modern times. The music in this movie is so important within the story that if you removed it, the film would probably suffer for it.

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a Jazz pianist who dreams of opening his own Jazz club. He meets Mia (Emma Stone) who is an aspiring actress. They form a romance and...really that's all you need. If I go into any more detail, I'd be going into spoiler territory and I really want whoever is reading this to see this movie. This movie is not only about dreaming, it's about the unpredictable roads life takes us on. It's about a love that lasts forever despite fate. It's about finding another way to a person's dream.

The acting is truly some of the best work I've ever seen in any movie. Ryan Gosling is truly wonderful in the role of a down on his luck Jazz pianist. Emma Stone gives probably the best performance in her entire career. She steals the show and I wouldn't be surprised if she won the Best Actress Oscar this year. Even John Legend gives a pretty damn good performance in a small supporting role.

Like I said, the music is not only great but it feels so important to the story that's being told. There are many musicals in this world that really have no idea how to incorporate music into their story (Mamma Mia 2008) and the music more often than not feels like a pointless element. The entire point of a musical is to tell a story through music and you have to make sure the songs in your story either tell us more about a character's struggle/feeling or move the story. La La Land does both wonderfully. This movie is so much more than a musical, it's a film that has great acting, writing and characters. Just go see it! Score: 10/10 (I literally can't find anything wrong with this movie... THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME!)


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      Lalabyeissa 11 months ago

      I can't wait to see it*♡!♡! My favorite review so far