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Tony Pence Classic Country Music

Updated on February 13, 2013

Tony Pence - singer, song writer and guitar player

The goal of this page is to introduce you to some really cool classic country / outlaw country music.

Tony Pence is a singer, song writer and guitar player from Carter County, Kentucky. Tony is the front man for several different bands including; Tony Pence and the Sneaking Deacons, Tony Pence and Big Ugly and The Big Ugly Bluegrass Band.

Tony plays and sings classic and "outlaw" country music by legends like Waylon Jennings and classic rock from groups like Creedence Clearwater Revival. He also writes his own original songs!

Tony has a voice that is perfectly suited to this style of music. If you like Waylon Jennings sound and style then I am sure you will enjoy Tony's work.

Tony Pence
Tony Pence

Tony's style is reminiscent of classic and "outlaw" country such as Waylon Jennings and David Alan Coe and classic rock such as Creedence Clearwater Revival but definitely has his own original sound and style.

Tony Pence and the Sneaking Deacons

The Sneaking Deacons is made up of Tony Pence, Conner Copher, Charley S. Lyons, Chris Lyons and Billy Craig

Below we have a live video of Tony Pence and the Sneaking Deacons performing on the Cora Wilson Stewart Moonlight Stage in Morehead, Kentucky ( home of the Clack Mountain Festival ).

These guys are great and Conner Copher is absolutely awesome on that green Fender Telecaster! Conner can certainly bend those guitar strings and make that guitar talk. I have had the opportunity to hear Conner play that tele at other shows and I really enjoyed it!

The Ride A Classic David Alan Cole Song

Tony Pence and Big Ugly Classic Country Music

Tony Pence and Big Ugly consists of Tony Pence on guitar and vocals, Glenn Ginn on guitar and vocals, Nick Johnson on drums, Jeremy Armstrong on bass, and Conner Copher on guitar.

Below we have a video of Tony Pence and Big Ugly performing Waylon Jennings tune Lonesome On'ry and Mean live at a benefit show in Carter County, Kentucky. A benefit show was organized to help out with a local girls medical bills when she was involved in a terrible car accident. These guys donated their time and talent to help support that good cause. They traveled to the site, carried out all their equipment and played their hearts out at absolutely no charge. Everything went to the cause.

Tony Pence with his band The Big Ugly
Tony Pence with his band The Big Ugly

Here is Tony Pence with his band The Big Ugly performing on stage at a benefit show for a young girl who was severely injured in a traffic accident. All proceeds from the show, admission was a donation and there were also auctions and food, went to help the young lady and her family.

Not only do these guys have a great sound they have generous hearts too!

Shown here from left to right are Glenn Ginn on electric guitar, Nick Johnson on drums and Tony Pence on acoustic guitar and vocals. (Not shown in the picture are Conner Copher on electric guitar and Jeremy Armstrong on bass)

Lonesome On'ry and Mean A Classic Waylon Jennings Tune!

Someone I Used To Be

1. Another Good Woman
Tony Pence
2. Jack and Thelma
Tony Pence
3. I Won't Forget
Tony Pence and Stan Dixon
4. Someone I Used to Be
Clint Land, Tony Pence and Melanie Haley
5. Somewhere Between Wrong and Daylight
Tony Pence
6. 9 Line Blind
Stan Dixon
7. A Price Upon Your Soul
Tony Pence

Get this CD for only 10.00 plus 1.95 shipping for US address

Read more about Tony Pence and/or order music from his official website

I just got hold of a CD from Tony Pence and Big Ugly titled "Someone I Used To Be". This album contains 7 original songs and every one of them are fantastic. I mean that! And if you enjoy good classic country music this album will be a treat for your ears.

Tony Pence and Big Ugly are reminiscent of the best in classic country but they have their own original sound and style. This is NOT a copy cat band we hear so much of these days.

It would be difficult for me to choose my favorite song on the CD but it would be a toss up between "Another Good Woman" and the title track "Someone I Used to Be".

Membership of the band sometimes changes but on this album Tony Pence and Big Ugly consists of Tony Pence on lead vocals and guitar; Stan Dixon on harp, dobro and harmony vocals; Tim Gilliam on fiddle, mandolin, guitar and harmony vocals; Nick Johnson on drums; Ron Adams on guitar; Larry Lambert on bass guitar; Sam McKinney on guitar on track 6. "9 Line Blind"; and Barton Stevens on keyboards, harmony vocals.

Tony Pence
Tony Pence

Outlaw Country Artists

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I Grew Up On Classic Country

I grew up hearing classic and outlaw country music so Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson are among my favorites. I own several vinyl albums from back in the day and yep I still have a turn table!

The first time I heard Tony and his band play on the Moonlight Stage in Morehead, Kentucky I was hooked! I have met and talked with Tony several times, he is a great person and I look forward to hearing him and his band perform again soon.

If you are anywhere near the Morehead, Kentucky area you should try to get out to see Tony Pence and his band performing. I guarantee you will have a good time!

Tony Pence Radio Personality

In addition to Tony's music he also works for a local radio station along with Bob Christian on Saturdays.

You can tune in at 90.3 FM starting at 11:00 am to listen to the Bluegrass Railroad.

Tony also hosts The Country Jukebox on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm .

If you are in the Eastern Kentucky area dial it in on your radio.

If you are "out there" somewhere out of range you can still listen by live streaming from

Tony Pence and Bob Christian
Tony Pence and Bob Christian


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    • kentuckyslone profile image

      kentuckyslone 7 years ago

      Tony Pence has a facebook fan page at

    • DavePrice profile image

      DavePrice 7 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

      You did justice to some good music and what seems like a great group of guys - enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      Helson 7 years ago

      I checked out the website for info but there really wasnt anything there. Where do these gentlemen play at?

    • kentuckyslone profile image

      kentuckyslone 7 years ago

      Thanks Jess, I reckon Tony has a CD thats gonna be available just any day now

    • profile image

      Jess 7 years ago

      Good stuff, I like the sound