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Too Close To Home -- JB And Brody Are Brothers...

Updated on August 30, 2016

And they really don't like each other...

Last week we met the cast of characters. There's Anna, the president's screw toy who screwed him into a heart attack she's that good. Her two sisters who live in Happy, Alabama. Shelby is a junkie who screws Bonnie's live-in boyfriend and takes off with his rig. Bonnie's taking care of Shelby's son, Mac, along with a passel of other kids, who we're not sure who they belong to. Anna's ex-boyfriend, Brody, kisses Bonnie and declares his love, but she turns him down, saying it's wrong cause he loves Anna and when Anna was around he couldn't see her for dirt. Brody's father has Alzheimer's and he's taking care of him. One night he tries to shoot Brody, confusing him for his other son, Jesse, and admits to killing his wife in a lucid moment. Meanwhile the betrayed first lady vows to create a scandal exposing Anna for the slut she is in the media.

Brody coming into the bathroom. He hears a noise and realizes his father has taken off in the truck. He rushes back inside to get dressed to go after him. He hops on the back of his motorcycle shirtless. No wait, he pulls a T-shirt over his head before taking off. Apparently, he keeps a T-Shirt on his motorcycle.

Bonnie arrives at work and finds the door to the diner wide open. She calls the sheriff to say someone has broke into the diner. She peeks in and realizes it's Brody's father who broke in. She says she'll call Brody and tell him to come and get him. She calls up Brody who seems to be by a playground. Does his Daddy usually stalk the playground? She tells Brody that his father is naked and the truck is nowhere around.

Bonnie goes in to take care of Dr. Allen. He doesn't realize he's naked. She gives him something to cover himself with. He asks where May Sally is and Bonnie has to tell him his wife is dead. He reacts like it's just happened. He tells Bonnie her sister would go into the bathroom and take men in there. She starts crying when he says he knows about her father. He tells her that Anna is in trouble with the president. He said Anna always was the uppity one.

Back to John and Anna and his hopes to exploit her for his own use. He purposely wakes her up by banging some pots around. She says she's going home. That he asks a lot of questions like a reporter. She asks to use his shower before she goes. He suggests she wash her clothes, so that'll delay her from leaving. She wants to know why he's being so nice to her. He claims he's a nice guy.

Once she goes into the shower, John calls his co-conspirator Carol asking where she is and that he's trying to stall.

JB arrives at the diner. Bonnie asks why he needs to find Shelby so bad. She suggests he call the sheriff. Brody comes in as JB is manhandling Bonnie and pushing his father around. The boys get into a fight. The sheriff comes in a breaks it up, revealing that Brody and JB are brothers. Apparently, they're the same mother and different father. Bonnie reveals to the sheriff that Shelby stole JB's truck, but JB denies it in front of the sheriff. The sheriff tells Brody his father drove his truck in the creek. JB tries to shake the sheriff from coming with him to find his truck. Just what's in that truck?

Brody asks why Bonnie lets JB treat her the way he does. She gets Brody to take her car and says she'll drive his motorcycle back to his house after her shift is over. He asks when she stopped being a shrinking violet and he says she's good with his father. He asks her to help him with his father and she agrees to sit with his father at night in exchange for her mother's rent.

Shelby meets two men, offering to sell the contents of JB's truck. She wants a fix. She asks for $10,000, but comes down to $7,000 but he offers to only pay $1,000, but his partner offers $5,000, instead. Again, what's in that truck. The truck is full of drugs. Too bad little Shelby didn't know, she could have gone crazy.

Anna comes out of the bathroom and John's editor, Carol, offers to let her tell her story as the President's mistress. She won't tell them anything. Anna heads out and is bombarded with more press. She tries to escape them. They're like a pack of vultures surrounding their prey. She leads them back to her “friends” apartment. Victor wants to let her in, but Dax and Valerie don't want to let her in. Victor lets her in. Then Victor lets her in the apartment.

Valerie says she's sick of Anna. She's selfish and isn't the least bit sorry for what she did. Valerie and Dax get phone calls from the White House and they tell her to go. She wants them to get her a ticket home. Valerie confronts her about how she lied to them about who she was. Victor offers to pay her way home, but Dax says no he won't. Dax reminds Victor that he pays all the bills and that it's his credit card, not Victor's. She says she wants to go to Happy, Alabama. As if that place doesn't have enough problems, already.

The sheriff and JB arrive at his truck. A deputy says it looks like it's all there. JB says he won't press charges. After the sheriff leaves he finds his stash missing. Somebody is in trouble. He thinks Shelby has it.

Victor declares that they're all going to drive Anna to Alabama. Valerie and Dax refuse to go. So Victor says he'll do it by himself. Anna, after being called out by Valerie, says Victor can't go. Dax and Valerie try to warn Victor he'll be in trouble if he goes to the south with Anna. Victor insists on driving her.

The Anna character has to be one of the most unsympathetic and unlikable characters on the show.

JB goes to meet his contacst and they learn that the drugs are missing. They want to know Shelby and Bonnie's names. They asks where Bonnie lives. One of the men shoots the other in the head and gives JB a deadline to get his stuff back orBonnie, Shelby and every other piece of white trash in Happy will be killed.

JB rushes to the bathroom to throw up after seeing a man shot to death before him and having said man's blood all over his face.

Once again, the Anna plot and character isn't as interesting as the other characters.


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