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Too Close To Home -- Nelson Is Back!

Updated on February 1, 2017

Will he catch his cheating wife in the act?

Last time something bad was coming to Happy, perhaps sent there by the First Lady. Anna tried to save Rebel from her molesting grandpappy. And Regina's husband, Nelson, came home, while she was hiding under Elm Tree's bed so his wife wouldn't find her.

Sheriff comes into the diner. Bonnie asks where all those news vans are going. He asks to talk to Bonnie in private. He confronts Bonnie about her mother. He tells her she has to get her mother's trailer cleaned up. He says he'll have some trustees from the jail to come over and help her. He says Frankie can help her mother because she's a therapist. For some reason Bonnie also hates Frankie, who she doesn't even really know.

Some reporters come into the diner looking for Anna. The sheriff gives them the wrong info where Anna is. He asks if Bonnie's seen JB.

Brody brings Nelson into the diner and Bonnie hugs him. She blows off Brody when he tries to say hello. Octavia thrilled to see her brother. Bonnie tries to call Anna on her cell. Octavia asks Bonnie to keep Nelson at the diner.

Apparently, Brody owns the diner. Bonnie asks Brody what happened between him and Anna. Bonnie tells Brody she wants him to leave her alone and that she doesn't want him. While crying as she says it. Of course, Brody's too dumb to get why.

The Secret Service guy comes up behind Anna. She says El Presidente's continued pursuit of her will ruin his presidency and she refuses to talk to HIM. Yuri says to just keep him on the line until he loses interest. Of course, Brody comes by demanding Anna get in the truck and orders Yuri out of his town. So now he owns the town?

Elm Tree and Regina are going at it again when Octavia drives up. She girds her loins to go in to see Mama. Octavia wants to hand it through the window and not come in the trailer. Mama asks if Bonnie is mad at her. She says her lunch isn't right. Octavia asks Mama about Regina. Mama asks how much Octavia will pay her for the info. Then Octavia says hello to Elm Tree and tells him his fly is open. Then she asks him about Regina, too. He's not going to tell you, honey. Octavia covers when she slips that Nelson is back.

The sheriff comes to see Frankie. He tells Frankie she could help Jolene. She says she's a bookkeeper now. He says they'll look out for her and to do him this favor. When he says that color she's wearing brings out her eyes, she asks him how his wife is.

Elm Tree starts sexing up Regina again.

Brody takes Anna back to his place. He starts reminiscing about their past. Dude, leave Bonnie alone and stick with your precious Annie.

Anna upset when Brody isn't upset that Eli out of jail. She mentions Rebel was hanging around with him and tells Brody he's her father and he raped all of them. Brody declares he'll take care of Eli, but Annie talks him down. Then he starts hugging on her. Probably his main concern is poor Annie got raped but Bonnie is strong so she can handle it. Then he orders the sheriff to his place at once. Hard to imagine this character was once likable last season.

Back to Victor and Valerie. He asks if Dax came back. She asks why he didn't tell her he was cheating. She says he needs to apologize. Valerie doesn't believe Dax have the kind of power to get someone deported. Victor tells her that Dax is connected but she won't believe it. He tries getting up, again. He asks her to try and find Dax. She gives him his contacts and her phone. He asks for privacy. He calls someone up he's not supposed to call on that line and asks for help.

Dax calls Caitlyn up. He says he's found a way out of the town, but she says she's released all hell on that town. She wants him to get close to Anna. Caitlyn tells Dax that Victor is talking to the senator he's been sleeping with for help. She offers to give him info to make Victor's life a living hell. Dax says how petty it is for to be after the woman her husband slept with.

I hate to break it to the FLOTUS but sending a pack of reporters to a small town isn't releasing all hell on the town.

El Presidente preparing for press conference with first lady.

Sheriff arrives at King Brody's house. They tell him about Eli. Brody orders the Sheriff that he'd better take care of Eli or he will.

Shelby in the bar. She learns the bar is full of reporters. JB comes up and gets in Shelby's face. Rick offers to give the female reporters info on Annie. Shelby introduces herself to John, a male reporter, as Anna's sister.

JB wants to get his good old boys after Dax and Victor. Why is he still alive?


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