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Too Close To Home -- Season Two Finale

Updated on March 11, 2017

Bonnie does what needs to be done...

Last time, Frankie told Tina to sniff out who Elm is having sex with, while Shelby spritzed on some of Regina's perfume. Rebel went for a ride with Eli despite all her family's warnings about him. And Victor pushed Dax too far.

Anna and Bonnie get Mama to let Shelby loose. Shelby tells Mama that Bonnie is slowly killing Mama because she hates her. Bonnie says it's not true, but Shelby says she can't say it with out her believing it. Mama says she was a good mother, but Shelby says she sold her to Eli. Mama denies it. Anna tells Mama to admit what she did to all of them. Mama won't admit what she did. Bonnie says Shelby's right, she does want her dead. Bonnie says Mama sold them to Eli so she could eat, drink and get high and she hates her. Mama says so what if Bonnie got pregnant at 12 she got pregnant at 11. Anna spits on her and says she disgusts her. Shelby finally leaves. Mama starts crying after they all leave.

El Presidente going over his interview notes. The idiot really things Caitlyn is going to protect his butt. What an arrogant donkey. El Presidente wants to make sure Caitlyn says she was in the office when he was screwing Anna. Caitlyn asks what she gets out of it for covering his butt. To quote, Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit, “Honey, barbecue his ass.”

Anna tells Shelby she believes her. Anna says she's sorry she wasn't old enough and strong enough to protect her. Anna and Shelby say they need each other. Bonnie and Shelby say they love each other. Shelby says she's going to get better. Mama inside her trailer yelling that they want to see her dead. The sheriff wants Frankie to go see Mama.

Frankie goes in to see Mama. Frankie asks the sheriff to let Jolene see her stuff before it's thrown away. Mama starts crying. She says she didn't get this way on purpose. She says her daughters don't know what happened to her. She says she loves her girls, but she didn't do right by them. Frankie asks if Mama wants to go outside and she says she can't walk. Frankie offers to have some of the men carry her outside, when she says she wants to feel the sun on her face.

Brody stops that creep Victor from bleeding. Victor keeps taunting Dax and Brody has enough. He tells them to respect his mother's house or get out. Dax says he no longer cares for Victor. Victor continues to taunt him about being a fool for loving him.

Brody sees his father and he says he's talking to JB, but Brody won't believe him because he doesn't see him hiding around the corner. Dr. Allen says he was mad at JB's mother and punished him. JB claims he forgives Dr. Allen then asks him to sign his “report card”. Dr. Allen sees it's actually mortgage papers. JB grabs Dr Allen and drags him away. Then he holds his hand over his nose and mouth so he can't breathe, until he kills his stepfather.

Bonnie not happy that Mama being brought outside. The Sheriff tells them not to say anything about her weight. Mama thanks Frankie for letting her feel the sun on her face.

Tina and Elm Tree go into Jolene's trailer. Tina apologizes to her lowlife husband. Tina gets a whiff of Regina's perfume on Shelby. Tina attacks Shelby accusing her of sleeping with Elm, but Shelby tells her it's Regina's perfume and she just put it on in the bathroom. Nelson hears this and takes off. Hey, Tina, that's what you should be doing to your lowlife husband.

The White House interview takes place. The president denies everything. Caitlyn tells the truth that there was an affair. She says he can't keep it in his pants and she thinks America should hear the truth. He tries to say she has a drinking problem, but she says don't you dare.

Mama back in her trailer and it's all cleaned up. Mama says Frankie can come and visit her. She asks Frankie to get her dinner.

Mac tells Bonnie that Rebel got in a car with Eli and she takes off.

El Presidente calls his mole. He orders pelican now and his man says it's air born

Bonnie finds Rebel on the road. Eli comes after Rebel. Bonnie says she's going to the sheriff. He tells Bonnie she wanted it. She tells Rebel to close her eyes then gets behind the wheel and runs him down.

Anna ordered to come outside. The slime President is waiting for her. He says he can't leave her alone.

And that's how season two ends. Is Eli dead and will Bonnie get away with it? Is Dr. Allen dead and will JB get away with it? Now that Tina and Nelson know about their spouses tacky affair will Elm Tree and Regina get what they deserve? And will Shelby follow through with her promise to get better?

More importantly will Too Close To Home be renewed for season three?


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