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Top 10 Anthrax Songs

Updated on January 11, 2015

They're a member of the big 4 of trash metal who are famous for combining their brand of heavy metal with humor and rap influences. Today I rank the top 10 Anthrax songs of all time.

10. The Devil You Know

The band proved they were far from finished in the new decade.

Nearly 30 years after the release of their d├ębut album, Anthrax came back strong with 2011's Worship Music. It became their highest charting album in almost two decades. While the record has many standout tracks from tributes to horror themed song, the Devil You Know stands alone by separating itself front the obvious satanic themes of its title and instead focusing on the accomplishments and hardships of war veterans.

9. I'm the Man

This was the band's first mainstream hit single.

How can a song that parodies the Beastie Boys and whose guitar riff is based off a Jewish folk song be a hit? Using many samples from several genres, Anthrax made an instant radio hit and a certified platinum single. The song is notable for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, and Frankie Bello raping the chorus lyrics from the Rodney Dangerfield movie "Easy Money." The song is meant to be heard live as the band dawns crazy get ups and singer Joey Belladonna playing the drums during the song.

8. Antisocial

This is one of the band's first anthems.

First recorded by French hard rock band Trust, Anthrax covered the song in 1989 and completely made it there own. The Anthrax version peaked in the top 50 on the UK charts and continues to be a live staple. Just go to a show and you'll be chanting "Antisocial" before you know it. The song gained even more popularity when it was used in two Guitar Hero games.

7. Belly of the Beast

Darker than any other song the band previously recorded, Belly of the Beast and other songs off 1990s Persistence of time initially had mixed reviews. The band also introduced a progressive side of the music which had not been present in their earlier work, while also placing a reduced emphasis on typical thrash metal elements such as fast tempo and aggression. The song has since become a staple in live shows. The track and album are also notable for being the last full album before the firing of lead singer Joey Belladonna.

6. Indians

This is one of Anthrax's most recognizable thrash tracks.

Recognizing Joey Belladonna's Native American heritage, the band wrote this song for their highly successful 1987 album "Among the Living." The single peaked at number 44 on the UK singles chart and helped its parent album rank high in several other charts. The song is also a live fixture as Belladonna would often come out in a Native American headdress for the song. The song can also be heard on the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video game.

5. I am the Law

Here we have the first single from "Among the Living."

The song itself is a tribute to comic book hero Judge Dredd as many characters, settings, and storylines from the fictional universe are referenced in the lyrics. It was also one of the last songs written by former bassist Danny Lilker as he was fired before the release of the album and replaced by Frankie Bello.

4. Got the Time

Here the band covered another song and made it their own.

Originally written and performed by the British new wave musician Joe Jackson in 1979, Anthrax covered the song for Persistence of Time in 1990. Many music critics saw "Got the Time" as the standout track from the album. Despite poor reviews from Jackson, the song has been a mainstay with heavy metal fans. The song also helped the album peak at number 24 on the Billboard 200.

3. Caught in a Mosh

This is an Anthrax classic

Mosh pits were practically invented by Anthrax fans. Found on "Among the Living," Caught in a Mosh is the ideal head banger anthem. This song gave Anthrax fans a tune to go absolutely crazy to. The song itself is ranked 29th on VH1's top 40 metal songs of all time and its no question why.

2. Madhouse

This is one of the few standout tracks from the band's second album.

The first album featuring Joey Belladonna and the only single released from "Spreading the Disease," Madhouse is written in an up-tempo time signature, with heavy distorted guitar riffs. The song became more famous by the music video which features the band performing in an insane asylum with several mental patients moving along to the tune. The video was eventually banned by MTV claiming it was degrading to the mentally ill.

1. Bring the Noise

This was one of the first rap rock singles.

In 1991, Anthrax approached hip hop group Public Enemy about recording a new version of their 1987 hit "Bring the Noise." Chuck D has stated that initially he didn't take them seriously, but after the collaboration was done it made too much sense. The song is found on both Anthrax's "Attack of the Killer B's" and Public Enemy's "Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black." The song was such a success peaking inside the top 20 on the UK and New Zealand singles chart, that the two groups joined in a joint tour with shows ending with both groups on stage performing the song together. The song has since been a staple in pop culture and paved the way for rap rock groups like Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit.


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    • profile image

      Peter Gellar 

      3 years ago

      There are a few John Bush songs that are good, but Joey Belladonna is my favorite Anthrax singer

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      3 years ago from The Garden State

      Not a fan of the John Bush fronted era of Anthrax, huh? Me neither.


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