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Top 10 Best Mobile Speakerphones In 2016 Reviews

Updated on March 28, 2016

Mobile speakerphones are the latest craze when it comes to listening to your music! Whether you're outside enjoying some tunes, out on the job, or in the shower, these high-quality portable speakers are great for listening to music, podcasts, and more. Check out the top 10 best mobile speakerphones and see which one is best for you!

10. Evizian Rokon Charge 2 In 1 Ultra Portable Wireless Waterproof Shockproof Dust Proof Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker gives you great sound quality as well as volume and comes with a lifetime warranty. Get that rich bass sound and high fidelity audio that you've always wanted, all with great features-- it's water, dust, and shock proof. You can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time! This speaker has 20 hours of play and 200 hours of standby, a USB jack, and is able to charge your phone. Works with all Bluetooth and has noise reduction microphone and speakerphone function so you can talk on the phone, hands-free, for the ultimate in convenience.

9. Opera Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone by SoundBASICS

This high-quality speakerphone by SoundBASICS lets users connect to all devices that have Bluetooth, and works for up to 30 feet away! This stereo has 2 40 m.m. front side speakers and 2 passive sub-woofers on the backside for impressive bass. The ports can connect to your home stereo or other Bluetooth speakers, and the rechargeable battery allows you 10 hours of clean sound every time you charge it. Also comes with a reduced voice pairing level!

8. WAVEstream Universal Portable Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar w/ Conference Call Speakerphone Capability

This speakerphone has built in wireless capacity so that you can now take calls without using your hands. Change music from the WAVEstream or from your phone: the WaveStream works with Spotify, Pandora, Sound Cloud, Tidal, and more. Paire your tablet or phone to the wireless speaker unit. Comes with a charging and aux cable and has high-quality sound every time.

7.Riva Audio Turbo X Black Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone

This Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone has great bass and multidimensional surround sound that helps make movies, tv, video games, and music that much more immersive. It's a wide sound field that makes multimedia that much more enjoyable and is really an experience unlike any other. With great proprietary audio technology and immersive audio that can go past 100 dB with the EQ boost, Riva has delivered a great audio quality that you'll love.

6. iClever® 5W Enhanced BASS+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Full speed transmission and low power consumption make this Portable Bluetooth Speaker a must own. With 8 to 12 hours of play thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery and a range of 33 feet, the iClever is clever indeed. Doubles as a speakerphone thanks to the built-in microphone, and will connect to the last connected device and enable one step streaming of music. Comes with an audio port for devices that aren't Bluetooth and has a great polished Zinc-alloy shell that's glossy, for a speakerphone that looks as fantastic as it performs.

5.OontZ XL Extra Large Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable speaker in 10 inches long, 3.5 inches high and is the go to the portable speaker when you want that great sound for a huge party. Fills up a room with its sound-- and always stays high quality. It can connect to your Bluetooth device and has 3 passive bass radiators to give you deeper bass. With 2 custom 2.25-inch precision drivers for sharp sound clarity, a USB power bank to charge your phone, built-in microphone for Hands-Free talk and 10 hours of playtime, the OontZ XL is a great portable speaker for when you're with a lot of people.

4.UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Rich sound and high-quality appearance in a colorful, plasma coated acoustic skin make the UE BOOM a smash hit. It's water resistant and can go with you anywhere, bringing rich and bold sound wherever you go. Has a rechargeable battery with 15 hours of play, and you can wirelessly connect 2 of these together for vein bigger sound. One thing about this speaker is that it has great bass and is designed to be spontaneous-- you can take it with you anywhere.

3. MusicDrum Portable BlueTooth Speaker

High quality, loud clear music is the signature feature of the MusicDrum speaker. These wireless speakers are ready to go, smaller than a smartphone, and with a battery that will last 1 to 3 hours. Enjoy your music and never miss a call with the built in microphone! Comes with an aluminum case and a Bluetooth universal design. Works up to 33 feet away from the device, and comes with a refund if you aren't satisfied within 30 days.

2. Bluetooth Shower Speaker Rechargeable Wireless with Suction Cup and Hanging Hook

Water and splash resistant, this portable speaker can go anywhere you like. With a hanging hook and suction cup, you can stick this speaker anywhere and it'll stay on. You can even hang it from the ceiling! This is a very versatile model that works as the hands-free speakerphone as well. Take phone calls without having to hold your phone! With a rechargeable battery and USB port, you can take this mini speaker anywhere with you, outdoors or in.

1.Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

This speaker may be little, but it's got the high quality tech in it that makes it super valuable. The Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II brings you great bass, is wireless, and is small enough that you can bring it anywhere. Use voice prompts and make pairing up easy! Has a speakerphone built in so you can always chat, and the battery brings you 10 hours of play? You can even make this speaker look cool with one of the several additional colored soft covers.

Mobile speakerphones give users the best of both worlds! They're able to play great, high-quality music and more for you and at the same time allow you to take calls when you need to. These speakerphones are portable and for the most part water resistant, so you should have no problem subjecting them to the elements with no problems. The fact that most speakerphones have ports to charge smartphones is what makes them so convenient. Check them out today!


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