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Top 10 Best Tech N9ne Rap Songs

Updated on July 2, 2014

Tech N9ne

  • Born as Aaron Dontez Yates
  • Birthday: 11/08/1971
  • Born in Kansas City, MO
  • First Album: "The Calm Before the Storm"

My Top 10 Favorite Tech N9ne Songs

Aaron Yates, better known as Tech N9ne, began his ultra successful career in 1991. Ever since, he has been taking the underground audience by storm; and has even bounced in and out of the mainstream. Due to his desire to stay out of mainstream music and avoid losing originality, he has maintained Strange Music Inc (record label) which he and his partner Travis had founded. Now that I've covered a bit of background on Tech N9ne, I'd love to share some of MY top ten songs by Tech N9ne that I consider his best music!

Warning: Tech's music is for a mature audience, and is not filtered. Some may involve material that's not suitable for many audiences, proceed to watching the videos at your own discretion.

Tech N9ne is one of the best independent rappers in the world. My list of the top 10 best tech n9ne rap songs should demonstrate why.
Tech N9ne is one of the best independent rappers in the world. My list of the top 10 best tech n9ne rap songs should demonstrate why. | Source

#1 of the Top Ten Tech N9ne Songs: One Good Time

This song is one of a few that reveal one of the most painful emotions- sadness, loss, agony. It's directed towards crying- and how many will hold it in. This song is one I've listened to over and over again, and I really do think it is one of his best. Pain is human, and it is unavoidable. It not only shows his true talent, but his struggles. Also, Brian Dennis (who he mentions in this song) was his childhood best friend. He passed away in 2003 due to homicide unfortunately.

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#2 Riot Maker

I absolutely love this song! It is great for an adrenaline boost, whether it be going to work out, getting hyped up for a big event, or a small party with friends. It has an amazing beat and the lyrical flow is simply genius. If you respect rap music, you must admit that his lyrical flow and progression is one of the most talented displays in the rap industry. This song is dedicated to Brian Dennis as well, his childhood friend.

#3 Caribou Lou

This song is, like many, about a great party. It's one of my favorites to listen to during get togethers with friends. The upbeat tone of the song is awesome for small get togethers, but the lyrics are definitely not for a formal gathering; unless you're non-conforming. Which, is awesome too.

#4 Don't Tweet This

I absolutely love the message of this song. Seriously, social media is getting WAY out of control. People share anything and everything they do online. Why, people? Why? Does your family really need to know you're going to the gym for the 105th time? Do your friends really need to know that you just bought a new shade of lipstick? People get sick of all of the "drama" and all of the people who "stay in their business". I think the irony is that they post it all online for the public to see, then they get angry if it becomes something that's gossiped about.

#5 Stress Relief

This song is perfect for when you're angry, frustrated, or upset. It's got a fast, "get pumped" kind of tone to it. The lyrics are strong and grounded, and taps nearly any situation that someone might be in. It seriously relates to almost any negative mood you could get slapped with. The song is perfectly named; because when one sings along with these angry, pumped up lyrics, they ARE relieved of some stress! It's almost like the stress doll of the music world!

#6 Fragile

This Tech N9ne song is a killer story of the emotions that an artist goes through; they bend and break themselves, only to have this glimmer of hope that someone will appreciate the artwork that they release. However, they know they're more likely to be criticized rather than appreciated, left to fight another day as a struggling artist. Come on everyone! Let's give a hand to our local artists! Wouldn't want your dream to be positively supported too?

#7 Like Yeah

This song is fun to listen to, and I have many great memories as a teen that come flooding back when I hear this song. It's extremely upbeat, and perhaps a bit too explicit for most. It's obviously not mainstream music, as tech doesn't go for mainstream. That is one of the best things about his music; it stays independent, and it's always got his personal work in it!

#8 Red Nose

Not only is this a nice song to listen and relax to, but it's a great song for when you're feeling left out or cast aside. This song is very symbolic; Tech feels alone within the world of rap, as he's independent. While he's still got an insane amount of popularity, he is still an outcast (by choice) as far as the mainstream music industry is concerned. Either way this is still a really good song to listen to, and it will always be a favorite of mine!

#9 See Me (with B.O.B. and Wiz Khalifa)

This is a fairly laid back song, with quick lyrics just as you'd expect from Tech. I like that B.O.B and Wiz collaborated on this song; this is perhaps the biggest reason it's on my top ten. I love the flow between them! It's also catchy in my opinion!

#10 Slacker

This song is about some seriously lazy people; people who aren't going anywhere in their lives. For me, I really just love the song, its music. The lyrics truly capture reality though. But I think ALL of us would be pretty lazy if we didn't have to pay for our own food, clothes, and rent!

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Thanks for Checking Out My Top Ten Tech N9ne Songs!

I sure hope you've enjoyed all of these Tech N9ne songs. Of course, if you've found your way here, you must obviously be a Techa Nina fan. All of his albums are insane, and I hope I've included a song from several; but then again, he has way too many albums to include one from each on this list!


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