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Ten Of The Greatest Cartoon/Anime Theme Songs

Updated on June 12, 2013

Cartoon Theme Songs

Animated t.v shows used to dedicate a whole minute to a minute and a half just to the opening. These days it's not as common to see so much dedication to the opening. This list summarizes some of the best cartoon/anime with the best theme songs. This list is in no specific order and is my personal opinion, but feel free to suggest your favorite theme song in the comments.

1. Pokémon

This is the first original Pokémon. These days the show has diminished to something of trash. You may have another opinion, but anyone who has seen the original would agree. This opening is from the first Pokémon. The song has a pretty cool 80's feel, and has deep and meaningful lyrics. It's exciting, intense, and a fun song.

2. Yugi-OH GX

This is the second generation of Yugi-Oh. Some people argue that the show went downhill with GX, but personally I think 5D's is what brought it down. This show is about Jaden Yuki attending the dueling academy. The theme song is much more modern than the first show's. Which by the way as a great theme song too. This song has a sweet rock beat, and is guaranteed to get you excited.

3. DragonBall

Most everyone knows what DragonBall Z is. However not everyone knows what DragonBall is. DragonBall is what started it all. Goku is just a small child in this. This theme is such a classic, if you haven't seen it before check it out. The song is so fun and adventurous, it makes you wanna just get outside and go on a journey.

4. Arthur

This is a great show. It's educational, family oriented, and fun. This is the show that once you get home from school you turned on the t.v to see it on. I'm sure everyone knows the lyrics to this song even if you don't want to admit it. It's catchy and full of heart.

5. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Ranger

An all time favorite from the 90's. There's no case these guys can't solve. This cartoon is a classic and a becomes a part of your childhood that you never forget. It's theme song is adventurous and daring. This song will get stuck in your head all day from just one listen.

6. Darkwing Duck

Let's get dangerous! This duck has got your back whenever there's trouble. He comes out of the night to save the day! This theme song has a sweet jazz swing to it. It's guaranteed to bring out your cool mischievous side.

7. Naruto Shippuden

A great, original, and very emotional anime. This is the sequel series to Naruto. If you've never seen the show I seriously recommend it for the story, characters, and especially the music. There are several theme songs to this show, but I'll only show you my favorite. You may not be able to understand the language, but you'll definitely get a feel of the powerful emotion from the show.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

This show is not widely known, but is still an awesome show. It is very original and also emotional. If you like anime I would highly recommend checking this show out. It's very powerful and has beautiful music. The opening theme song has a fun pop feel to it.

9. One Piece

This show's all about pirates! The One Piece theme song is one of the few that have rap in it. It gives you a great feel of the story, and even introduces all the characters, even if you've never seen the show before. It's an exciting and adventure bound song.

10. 6Teen

This shows a little more modern than the others on this list, but that's not a bad thing. The theme song of this show is catch and upbeat. I promise you'll being singing it later. If your a kid still, this song will inspire you to make the most out of your youth and have fun!


There are many great theme songs out there that I have probably forgotten or could not fit on the list. If you think of any theme songs you love feel free to leave a comment! It could be in my next list!


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      Jett 3 years ago

      The 50's, 60s and the 70s had THE best cartoon theme songs