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Top 10 Female TV Show Characters (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Updated on February 9, 2016

Samantha Carter, Stargate

Played by Amanda Tapping Sam Carter is a woman who is getting along fine in a predominantly male environment. She shows on many occasions that she is more than capable of doing the same jobs as the men. By the time SG-1 finishes she has been promoted to Colonel and she is also given command of Atlantis. She was credited as being the one who designed the dialing system for the gate. She is predominantly a scientist but has raked up plenty of combat time.


Helen Magnus, Sanctuary

Again played by Amanda Tapping Helen Magnus a Victorian scientist who has lived for over 150 years. She achieved her longevity by injecting herself with pure vampire blood. She has devoted her life's work to caring for 'abnormals', people with abilities that make them outcasts.

She is strong yet sexy and can show emotion.


Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek Voyager

Played by Kate Mulgrew Kathryn Janeway is a Strafleet Captain who shows great strength and resolve when her ship is catapulted across space. First she nearly alienates the crew by blowing up what could have been their best chance of getting home. Then she manages to get her crew and that of a damaged Marquis ship to bond and work together to get home.

Throughout the series she is shown as bing strong yet at times vulnerable. She always tries to make the best of a situation. She is also wiling to go down with the ship.

Dana Scully

Played brilliantly by Gillian Anderson Dana Scully is the serious scientist to Moulder the paranormal investigater.

She is a strong character who goes through lots during the couse of the original series. I just hope she is as strong in the new series.


B'Elanna Torres,Voyager

Played by Roxann Dawson B'Elanna Torres is a fiery half-human half-Klingon member of the Marquis. When her ship is stranded in the Delta Quadrant along with Voyager she is given the chance of becoming Voyager Chief Engineer. At first some of the Starfleet crew object and she manages to get herself into trouble but after a while she becomes a well respected member of the crew.

By the time Voyager make it home B'Elanna has become a mother.


Tasha Yar, ST:TNG

Played by Denise Crosby Tasha Yar was chief of security aboard Enterprise-D. She was sown to be strong willed and not afraid of death. She was killed off at the end of the first season but came back for an episode where the time line got changed.

Her strength comes from a childhood of having to fend for herself while looking out for her younger sister.

Because of her relatively short time on the Enterprise we did not get to see what she could have become.

Jadzia Dax, DS9

Filled with the memories of generations of hosts of the Dax Symbiont. Jadzia was a strong willed individual who served on DS9 and the Defiant.

Nyota Uhura, Star Trek

The main female character in the Original Series Uhura was a linguist on board the USS Enterprise.

Aeryn Sun

An Ex-Peacekeeper who is skilled with weapons and in hand to hand combat. Brought up on a military ship she is at first cold and hard but becomes softer, loving and lovable by the end.


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