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Top 10 Funniest Family Guy Episodes

Updated on January 26, 2011

Family Guy is a very funny show that everybody loves. While almost every episode is very funny, there are some that just stick out from rest that you will remember for ever. Those are the episodes that you will talk about to a buddy, like, "remember that family guy when...."

The Top 10 Episodes are:

1. Da Boom: One of the best episodes EVER. When their home is destroyed, the Griffins decide to build a new city around a twinky factory. The chicken fight scene is a classic.

2.Saving Private Brian: Brian and Steiwie accidentally sign up for the army, and are have to join it and fight.

3.No Meals on Wheels: Peter opens his own restaurant, but when he won't allow handicapped people into his restaurant, they take matters into their own hands....

4.Stewie Kills Lois: Stewie finally kills Lois! However, everyone thinks that Peter is the killer.

5. Lois Kills Stewie: The second part of the series. Lois actually didn't die, and decides to get revenge on Stewie. This has one of the best endings ever.....

6. Petergeist: Peter finds an indian skull buried outside his house. When he disturbs the spirits sleep, they haunt the Griffins and their house. This has some of the best movie parodies from movies like Lord of the Rings and Poltergeist.

7. Petarted: Peter wins on a game of trivia, and thinks that he is a genius. But when he takes and IQ test, he finds out that he is actually retarded.

8. Boys Do Cry: After a series of events, the Griffins are forced to leave their home and move to Texas.

9. Peter's Daughter: After Meg ends up in a coma, Peter decides that he will be more loving towards his daughter.

10. You May Now Kiss the.... Uhhhhh... Guy who receives: Brian's gay cousin comes to visit, and when his cousin is not allowed to get married, Brian launches a campaign on allowing gay marriage to be legalized.


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    • profile image

      Poolguy nashville 5 years ago

      .yes, agree. Season # would be great with the episode. .

    • profile image

      Kai Bär 5 years ago

      You should have the season number for every episode. Thanks

    • profile image

      Seth McFarlane rules 5 years ago

      My favourite episode is the James Woods episode where all familys in Quahog are invited to a party when it's really like a haunted house.

    • profile image

      FAMO GUY 5 years ago

      Good list but I'd include I dream of Jesus and New Kidney in town. Peter on Red Bull cracks me up

    • profile image

      Scott 5 years ago

      Great list! But my top 2 without a doubt would be i am peter hear me roar and i dream of Jesus, they both have me on the floor with laughter

    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      Olly i totally agree :) i love episodes in any program were people rebuild.. dunno why.... probably a nerdthing :P

    • profile image

      asdf 5 years ago

      What about 'Brian the Bachelor'?? the epic quotes in this one are epic

    • profile image

      shahrad 6 years ago

      what about PTV or I dream of jesus???

    • profile image

      grace 6 years ago

      No.8 is wrong It's where Chris goes to a posh school

    • profile image

      islandmountain 6 years ago

      My absolute favorite episode is "To live and die in Dixie" (season 3, episode 12), the parody of the south i totally awesome...

      I also think the starwars episodes i great!

    • profile image

      syar 6 years ago

      every road to ..... is awesome they should all be in the top 10

    • profile image

      Brad 6 years ago

      Great list! Ohh and to olly at the top...I get that's it's been two years ago but no one asked you to judge this guys site.... What kind of looser goes to judge spelling and site design and then bashes them for trying to show people his favorite shows......once again thanks to the guy who posted this site it helped


      Remember some of my past favorite

      Episodes..... cheers man

    • profile image

      fgg 6 years ago

      i like the one where peter loses his memory. That episode was epic

    • profile image

      6 years ago






    • profile image

      Uproots 6 years ago

      I cant believe people are bashin this guy for posting HIS favorite episodes. Get a life lol.

      But real shit. The road to multiverse is classic

    • profile image

      zain 6 years ago

      THe patriot episode is awsome Stewie: [comes into kitchen] Hey, it's me. Knock, knock. So, uh you got, uh, you got my money?

      Brian: Huh? Oh yeah, I'll pay you soon.

      Stewie: Yeah, well, um here's a suggestion. Um, have the money by tomorrow and there won't be any problems.

      Brian: Huh?

      Stewie: Yeah, 24 hours.

      Brian: Why, what-what happens in 24 hours?

      Stewie: Huh? I dunno, I'm not psychic, man. I'm just saying it would probably be better for everybody if you had the money tomorrow.

      Brian: Uh, yeah, alright, I'll see what I can do.

      Stewie: Sweet, sweet, great. Uh, how's everything else going?

      Brian: Good.

      Stewie: Alright, alright. See you later. Don't forget! [clicks tongue] Nah, you're not gonna forget.


      Brian: [coming out of shower, opens door] Stewie? Yh, hey.

      Stewie: Hey there. So, uh, it's been 24 hours. Got my money?

      Brian: Ah... You know what, just give me till next Friday, I'll have it for you.

      Stewie: Oh. Oh, that's funny. I could've sworn I said have it today.

      Brian: Yeah, I don't have it, sorry.

      Stewie: Oh, well, alright then. [drinks orange juice] Mmm, that's good O.J. [smashes glass on Brian's head]

      Brian: Aaargh! Aaarghh!!

      Stewie: Yeah, that hurt?

      Brian: Aargh!

      Stewie: That hurt?

      Brian: What the hell?! [continues yelling]

      Stewie: Yeah, that don't feel so good, does it? No, huh? [punches Brian] Yeah, that's what happens, man!

      Brian: Oh, my God!

      Stewie: Yeah, that's what happens. [punches Brian again] Where's my money?! [punches Brian even more] You gonna give me my money? Where's my money, man?! [Brian coughs up blood, Stewie gets towel rack, continiously hits him with it] Where's the money, man?! [Brian screams] Yeah, you like that?! That feel good?! [holds his head in toilet water, Brian starts screaming more and Stewie takes him out of the toilet] Where's the money, man?! Where's my money?! [Brian panting] You got till five o'clock. You hear me?! You got till 5 o'clock!

      Brian: You freakin' psychopath!

      Stewie: Yeah, clean yourself up. [throws a towel at Brian]


      Brian: [incognito] Mornin'.

      Stewie: Good day to you, sir. [notices] Wait a minute! What the hell?!

      Brian: Oh-h-h-h-- [Stewie pushes down the stairs] Aaargh! Oh-ow-ow-ugh! [fall to floor] Ohh... [Stewie hits his head with golf club] Argh!

      Stewie: Getting real tired of you duckin' me, man!

      Brian: Oh, my God!

      Stewie: Yeah, gettin' really tired. Huh?

      Brian: Ogh! Arg-argh!

      Stewie: Where's my money?! Where's my money?! Yeah, you got money to pay for fake moustaches, huh? Yeah, huh? How much did you pay for that fake moustache?

      Brian: $2.99. [Stewie shoots his left knee] Aaargh!! Ow! Oh! Oh..! Listen, you just gotta give me more ti-- [Stewie shoots his right knee] Aaargh!

      Stewie: Don't make a fool out of me, man. Don't make a fool out of me. I want my money. I want my money, man!

      Brian: Listen, Stewie, this is crazy, you're-- Oh, my God! [Stewie shoots his flamethrower at him] Aaarrrgghhh! Aaagghh-aghh..! [the flames extinguish itself] All right, let's go the bank.

    • profile image

      real stewie 6 years ago

      PTV is the best!

    • profile image

      tim079 6 years ago

      Doesn't anyone agree that 'I dream of Jesus' is the best eposide ever? I laughed my butt off, when Peter continuously repeats THE BIRD IS THE WORD!!

    • profile image

      fam guy lover 6 years ago

      petarded is the best eppisode

    • profile image

      Kdawg954 6 years ago

      Peter's Two Dads deserves to be on any Family Guy top 10 list. That episode had so much funny stuff going on. From Robert Losher, to Peter doing crack, to Stewie kicking Mother Theresa out of his cab and then explaing to Rupert how Lois beat him and comes to realizes he likes getting beat. Then Peter goes to Ireland to find his real dad. They fit a lot of stuff into one episode . . . really a gem.

    • profile image

      gentz21 7 years ago

      I think road to the north pole should be on there.

    • profile image

      Seth Mcfarlene 7 years ago

      It is decent but let us remember that this is HIS top ten. Not all of yours. So like whichever one you liked and continue watching family guy. That is on its 9th season.

    • mattdog profile image

      mattdog 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      I don't agree with some of your choices. Road to Rupert w/ Stewie dancing w Gene Kelly in the seamless photoshoping with Jerry Mouse and "Lets Go To The Hop" has a really funny song. "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey" is super funny because Bill Clinton is so goofy. "Back to the Woods" w/ the "Oooh piece of candy" and the Indiana Jones reference at the end.

    • profile image

      jd 7 years ago

      i don't agree that that's the best

    • profile image

      Ste1Ste1 7 years ago

      Lol, i think that Da Boom Is Immense!

    • profile image

      Ron 7 years ago

      Great list. I'm thinking I'm the only (family) guy out there who thinks The Griffin Family History episode is right up there.

    • profile image

      wyatt 7 years ago

      Ok list. But Da Boom is definetly NOT the best episode. How about the Former Life of Brian? That one was hilarious with Stewie acting like such a homo. McStroke was a good episode too. Airport 07 was the best of season 5 with all the redneck parts and others. Uh where the fuck is PTV? That is the absolute best of season 4. The Thin White Line was a good episode too. Definetly the best of the old Family Guy episodes. Also, fantastic job on spelling. (sarcasm)

    • profile image

      virgin killer 7 years ago

      anyone who dosnt think stewie kills lois and lois kills stewie is the best is down right retarded. even know the end of lois kills stewie was a bleeping retarded decision by the writers.i mean they must have had a huge number of complaints and posibly death threats. :o

    • profile image

      Patrick 7 years ago

      Bharath: Multiverse is a great episode... i laughed for like 2 days when i saw that... great episode... just great

    • profile image

      Bharath 7 years ago

      Multiverse should be in the list!!! :P

    • profile image

      Mulefa1 7 years ago

      I agree with most of those choices, although i think the episode with the retarded horse deserves a place on there.

    • profile image

      Hey 7 years ago

      Hey man, sorry people are bashing on your list. You're allowed to have your own opinion. Here's something kind of cool: I didn't know what Family Guy episode I wanted to watch so I googled "funniest Family Guy episode" and your page came up. Points to you, mate. You topped Google.

    • profile image

      Adrian 7 years ago

      Good list !!!

      And to all who r complaining about this shud be on the list or that shud be on ther list; just relax... this his his list.... let it be ... if u don't like it go someplace else!!!


    • profile image

      poobrains 7 years ago

      no it isn't

    • profile image

      GUYwho Knows ITall 7 years ago

      umm big mike that's the stewie grffin untold storry (the movie )(first movie) okay god!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      big mike 7 years ago

      my favorite episode is e peturbus unum.Mainly when Achmed does the thing where u asasanate an infedal and stewie does it too.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...lmfao

    • profile image

      cr0tch 7 years ago

      Where's patriot games episode?

    • profile image

      bigbrotha3 7 years ago

      Olly Who The Fuk Cares

    • BrotherWise84 profile image

      BrotherWise84 7 years ago

      Olly's list doesn't need to be in ascending or descending order. There are no rules here. Genuinely speaking, i read the list and didn't really consider the numbers at all lol. Until i read the comments. Great list though Olly!

    • Afropuff01 profile image

      Afropuff01 8 years ago

      You're completely right.... It should be Da Boom.

    • profile image

      wtf 8 years ago

      road to rhode island should be changed to da boom. You should know your family guy before you make a top ten list

    • Afropuff01 profile image

      Afropuff01 8 years ago

      Sorry there mr. olly the hub judge that I'm not perfect. I've only made like two hubs that actually took effort. I guess I'm supposed to start out being an expert like you?

    • profile image

      Olly 8 years ago

      Sorry, very poorly written. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, poor explanation and descriptions. I hope you're very young.

    • Migodden profile image

      Migodden 8 years ago from Canada Ontario

      you go from 10 to 1 not 1 to 10. this way you build suspense