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Top 10 Heavy Rock Music Albums & Bands Of The Noughties

Updated on January 13, 2013

Despite heavy rock music and metal being driven underground by mediocre generic spew-out clones of mainstream commercialized music and songs from X-Factor constestants dominating the charts, many decent heavy rock music albums have been released over the course of the last decade or so. Many heavy rock musicians that found success back in the good old days have now become independent artists. No longer does heavy rock music get the true recognition or mainstream exposure that it deserves, at least not for now. Considering the current state of the music industry it's amazing to think what Nirvana managed to achieve in their days.

Unfortunately, heavy rock music is not something which is brought into mainstream knowledge through the media. If you want to listen to new heavy rock music, you have to go out and find it yourself. Thankfully the internet provides convenient way to keep up with the latest rock releases.

1. Slash by Slash

Ex-Guns n' Roses lead guitarist Slash released his first ever official solo album in 2010 and what an impressive album it is. Various subgenres are covered over the course of the album with a different guest vocalist for each track. All songs are written by Slash himself and the album features vocalists such as Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Lemmy (Motorhead), Cypress Hill, Kid Rock, Iggy Pop, Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Ozzy Ozbourne. No heavy rock music fan, big or small, should be without this album in their collection... make that the deluxe version!

Favourite Track: Gotten featuring Adam Levine

2. Scream by Ozzy Osbourne

Yes, Ozzy is getting on a bit nowadays but I assure you, you will be impressed by how much this man can rock even without his Black Sabbath counterparts. Scream is undoubtedly Ozzy's best album yet with it's hard hitting squealing guitar riffs, gritty modern vocoded vocals and it's absolutely oozing with heavy rock awesomeness in all it's fine glory. This is one very impressive album and one of the heaviest to ever come from the prince of darkness.

Favourite Track: Soul Sucker

3. The Wildhearts by The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts released their self-titled album in 2007 and if you're in the mood for some very pissed off rock music then this is what you want. This album is literally quite monstrous, every song is an ingenious masterpiece that just cannot be ignored. Charismatic frontman Ginger showcases his awesome songwriting skills and demonstrates his very effective way with words that he has become known for. Kicking off with 'Rooting For The Bad Guy' the album immediately gets you desperately wanting more. The second track, The Sweetest Song, is one of the most offensive but very cool sounding songs I've ever heard... except for maybe that last track 'Destroy All Monsters' to which the video was banned in the UK.

Favourite Track: The Sweetest Song

4. The Betrayed by Lostprophets

These boys originating from the hearty depths of South Wales certainly know how to write fresh, original and modern music that absolutely rocks. Lostprophets have a very unique style and feel to their music which makes them very distinct. The Betrayed is their best work yet with crazy overly long song titles such as 'It's Not The End Of The World But I Can See It From Here' and 'If It Wasn't For Hate We'd Be Dead By Now'. The album kicks off with powerful pounding drums on the first track and runs through some of band's best material ever written before shifting into a more mellow modality to end the album on a pleasant note.

Favourite Track: If It Wasn't For Hate We'd Be Dead By Now

5. Tinnitus by Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies are a heavy punk rock band that could be considered to be somewhat of a modernized version of The Ramones, who are clearly their strongest influence. Tinnitus was released in 2005 and not only provides you with some of the Backyard Babies' finest songs but it also comes with a bonus disc of their live in Paris album. This band can perform very impressively live and they have been known to team up with Ginger and The Wildhearts at times. Backyard Babies are an awesome banging punk rock band and their songs are hugely melodic and very very catchy indeed... plus the cool rock attitude of course.

Favourite Track: A Song For The Outcast

6. Contraband by Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver, consisting of ex-Guns n Roses guitarist Slash, ex-Guns bassist Duff McKagan and (at the time) vocalist Scott Weiland, previously of Stone Temple Pilots. Velvet Revolver released their debut album in 2004. The band have a great heavy sleaze rock style to the music which is something to be admired. Tracks like 'Do It For The Kids', 'Big Machine' and 'Loving The Alien' touch upon some controversial and sensitive subjects. Velvet Revolver do not sound anything like Guns n' Roses and their songs are highly original. This album provides something very different to listen to in the world of heavy rock music.

Favourite Track: Slither

7. Here And Now by Nickelback

Yes yes I know Nickelback gained success via commercializm but in all honesty their latest album, Here And Now, absolutely rocks! Despite being known for their soppy chart songs and 'all about the money' attitude Nickelback's last two albums have actually proven to be pretty damn good. Sure, Chad Kroeger sings about sex, money and having good times but isn't that what rock 'n' roll is all about? Nickelback's latest album, Here And Now, is freshly produced and filled up with rocking romping all balls out heavy rock beauty. Don't be fooled by their soft exterior image, Nickelback can actually rock pretty hard and Here And Now is almost as good as their previous album, Dark Horse.

Favourite Track: When We Stand Together

8. American Idiot by Green Day

Green Day are sort of new wave punk rock band that have garnered a lot of attention and found mainstream success. One could argue that there their music may have become slightly commercialized. However, American Idiot provides eleven highly original and thoroughly entertaining and extremely catchy songs that are just plain addictive. There's no show-off guitar solos, there's no trying to impress with technical dynamics or production qualities. Just good decent rock music. I can honestly say without the shadow of a doubt that Jesus Of Suburbia is one of the best rock masterpieces I have ever heard in my life.

Favourite Track: Jesus Of Suburbia

9. Chinese Democracy by Guns n' Roses

We all know that it took a ridiculous thirteen years for Axl Rose to get his act together and finally release the forever-coming Chinese Democracy. Despite the fact that we started to mock Guns n' Roses it should be noted that Rose spent $3 million producing the album which features no less than three, yes three, lead guitarists. Disregarding the fact that the new main lead guitarist of Guns wears a KFC bucket on his head and goes by the unimaginitive name of Buckethead, Chinese Democracy is actually pretty cool sounding. Axl's raw screechy vocals are imminent and although the songs are vaguely reminiscent of the old Guns n' Roses they are more up to date and have an industrial edge.

Favourite Track: Sorry

10. Yoni By Ginger

Although not as heavy as any of the other albums listed here, Yoni is a solo album by the frontman of The Wildhearts and was released in 2007. Ginger impressively shows off his songwriting skills and his charismatic way with words throughout the album. Kicking off with 'Black Windows' and then running on through tracks like 'This Bed Is On Fire', 'Wendy, You're Killing Me' and 'Why Can't You Just Be Normal All The Time' the album is quite eclectic in nature and fuses many genres and subgenres together. One thing is certain, both Ginger and his album Yoni remain massively underappreciated.

Favourite Track: This Bed Is On Fire


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