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Top 10 - Hollywoods Biggest Flops

Updated on March 6, 2011

Flop - verb, flopped, flop·ping

–verb (used without object) 1. to fall or plump down suddenly.

The term flop has many uses and definitions. The one that I chose was the most simplistic, and most direct. Which movies lost their respective production companies The Most Money?

# 10 - Cleopatra

1963, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and a slew of other well known actors. This film is infamous for virtually bankrupting 20th Century Fox. It's Original budget was only $2 million. And despite being the largest grossing film in the box office in 1963, but it still earns #10 on the list due to it's immensely swelled budget.

Budget: $44 million, US Box Office: $26 million - Loss = $18 million

NOTE: This film went on to win 4 Acadamy Awards.

# 9 - Howard The Duck

1986, Apparently Hollywood has always believed that you can take ANY comic book character and make it into a movie. This is one I would have to disagree with. When you start with a duck from an alternate universe, add Lea Thompson with humorously puffed up 80's hair. Then throw in a supervillain and creatures from other dimensions. It's not going to end well. And it didn't. The only real surprise here is that it's ONLY #9

Budget: $38 million, US Box Office: $16 million - Loss = $22 million

#8 - Hudson Hawk

1991, What do you mean you can't just give Bruce Willis a gun, point a camera at him, and rake in money? That's just crazy talk. But for any of us, myself being one, who suffered through this awful excuse for a movie, all I can say is that no one told me how bad it was going to be. From Willis' corny one liners to unbelievable and nonthreatening bad guys to an entirely unbelievable plot about turning lead into gold. The majority of the movie was cheesy and unrealistic. The only scene I found to be entertaining was the robbery in which Willis and Aiello rob the museum keeping there timing by singing "Swinging on a Star". I think most Sinatra fans would agree.

Budget: $65 million, US Box Office: $17 million - Loss = $48 million

#7 - Meet Dave

2008, As a production company, as soon as someone mentioned fireball from the sky, Eddie Murphy being controlled by hundreds of tiny humanoid aliens, I'd kick you right out of my office. Seriously who ever bought into this one should have been executed. Or at least fired.

Budget: $60 million, US Box Office: $11.6 million - Loss = $48.4 million

#6 - Battlefield Earth

2000, John Travolta, a dedicated Scientology member desperately wanted to make a movie about one of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard's Books. He succedded, unfortunately for him, myself as well as most everyone else got the impression that it was going to be a lot of Scientology propaganda, and didn't go. The result is a box office loss of $52 million.

Budget: $73 million, US Box Office: $21 million - Loss $52 million

#5 - The Postman

1997, This was the only selection to this list that I disagreed with. I thought this movie was well written, well cast, and had an interesting story. Maybe it just needed a different title. I can just see people saying "I aint watching no movie about delivering mail!"

Budget: $80 million, US Box Office $17.6 million - Loss = $62.4 million

#4 - Speed Racer

2008, Apparently Hollywood has always believed that you can take ANY comic book character and make it into a movie. Oh wait, I said that before didn't I. So fast forward twelve years from the last flop, Hollywood producers again try to take a sub par comic book and stretch it into a full length feature film. And you spent how much? Wow, no you didn't, really that much?

Budget: $120 million, US Box Office: $44 million - Loss = $76million

#3 - Town and Country

2001, help me out here, I can't even figure out what this movie is supposed to be about. Love, relationships, okay. Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Gary Shandlilng, Warrant Beatty. Sounds like a sure fire chick flick if I ever heard of one. Apparently no one else thought so.

The most interesting side note was that it took over two years to film this movie. Because it was taking so long, some sources blame Beatty's OCD like acting in which he has to film each of his scenes dozens of times. Gary Shandling had to leave to film "What planet are you from" (I know I'm surprised that's not on the list too). And Diane Keaton left to film "Hanging Up". They had both made prior arrangements to do these movies. Production began in June of 1998 and didn't wrap until May of 2000.

Several of the reviews I skimmed over were titled "Jaw droppingly bad" and "A rotten tomato"

Budget: $90 million, US Box Office: $6.7 million - Loss = $83.3 million

#2 - Cutthroat Island

1995, This film actually bankrupted Carolco Pictures, It starred Gina Davis, and Matthew Modine. Pirates, treasure maps. I'm sorry, what, you lost me there.

Budget: $98 million, US Box Office: $10 million - Loss = $88 million

#1 - The Adventures Of Pluto Nash

2002, The Plot - Eddie Murphy is an intergalactic nightclub owner tracking down the arsonist that burned down his space club. Seriously?

Well congratulations are in order, you Pluto Nash/Eddie Murphy, you hold the title of the BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD FLOP OF ALL TIME!!!!

Budget: $100 million, US Box Office: $4.4 million - Loss $95.6 million

NOTE: Any other production companies that are even remotely considering casting Eddie Murphy in your new sci-fi comedy spoof . Please refer to this list and then just kick yourself in the face instead, it'll be a lot cheaper.


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    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      #10 was okay never seen the other movies. Great hub!

    • Ranzi profile image

      Cut The Bullshit 7 years ago from All Over

      Nice! I have never seeing any of these movies. And now I know not to.