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Top 10 Karaoke songs for men 2010

Updated on September 14, 2014

Hi guys,

Im a karaoke host in the Costa Blanca Spain, along with my brother we run a fairly successful karaoke business "double trouble" we have the time of our lives and are very lucky to be in this position.

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After searching for the top ten songs for men to sing at karaoke, i realised 99% of the lists were outdated so i decided to write a list including the latest songs that are popular. This is all based on my experience and what i have seen people enjoy! Hope you like it and watch out for my future posts on karaoke etc

These are in no particular order as its hard to say what is the best song, the reaction all depends on the crowd! So before you put your song in try to have a look around and see what kind of people are in, is the crowd mainly the older generation, younger or is there a nice mix. I recommend just having fun, people actually seem to prefer it if you are awful! However if you are amazing try not to be to modest about it!

1. Kings of leon - Sex on fire

What a belter i've seen crowds go wild for this one!! Young and old

2. Jason Mraz - Im yours

One to impress the ladies

3. Elvis Presley - Devil in disguise

One to impress the more mature ladies

4. The Commitments - Try a little tenderness

A real crowd pleaser

5. The Stereophonics - Dakota

Younger generation crowd pleaser

6. Showaddywaddy - Ramalama ding dong

Older generation fun crowd pleaser

7. The Blues Brothers - Everybody needs somebody

EVERYBODY loves this one!

8. Sam and Dave - Soul man

Great fun song to sing, make sure you get active

9. Michael Buble - Haven't met you yet

One for the middle aged ladies they love a bit of Buble!

10. The Proclaimers - 500 miles

A crowd pleaser (especially if you have the scottish in don't be surprised if you end up sharing the microphone)

Like i said previously these are my top ten for crowd reactions there are lots of other songs that are also really fun, and people enjoy ill just throw a few random ones in here just for some more to choose from.

That's life (Frank Sinatra), Gold (Spandau Ballet), Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal), My old mans a dustman (Lonnie Donegan), Penny Arcade (Roy Orbison), Words (Boyzone), Mack the Knife (Frank Sinatra) In the summertime (Mungo Jerry), The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) JLS (Beat again)

Just to name a few more for you there! Obviously it all depends on the crowd if you're surrounded by a bunch of O.A.P's there not going to appreciate Bonkers by dizzee rascal although you will be surprised at what they like when there drunk haha

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Watch out for my next posts guys, including top ten for women, how to start a karaoke business, product reviews and much more


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Remember Karaoke is about fun, so try to let your hair down especially if you are at a holiday resort it's a time when you won't see this people ever again, so if you have always fancied yourself as a star for the night get a drink down you and get up there and perform as if you was in concert! People like to have fun, so don't just stand there scared, sing your heart out, flirt with the crowd, get people up dancing. If you can't sing, that's fine! People love to have a laugh, and people like to laugh at other people, some of the greatest crowd pleasers I have ever seen have been the worst singers in there. There are a 100,000,000 more songs to chose from and most karaoke hosts will have pretty much everything you want!


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