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Top 10 Lesser Known Slasher Films

Updated on May 9, 2014

10.) The New York Ripper

Gialo films are the root of the slasher film and this gruesome work leans more on gore and shock and less on long chase scenes. Disembowelment and a killer with a voice like Donald Duck are featured .

9.) The Prowler

Released around the same time as the much more popular MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE POWLER mines similar territory with a revenge theme and plenty of nasty kills plus the presence of Golden Age of Hollywood actor Farley Granger as well as the always scene stealing Lawrence Tierney. It's easy to guess the identity of the killer but there's a number of good scares and lots of bayonet and pitchfork action.

8.) Intruder

The plot of this cult slasher is simple - The night shift staff of a grocery store that is set to close in the morning for good are picked off one by one. The resolution is silly but the key to any good slasher film is pacing. The tension is thick and each murder will have you on the edge of your seat - well directed. Quite gory too.

7.) Satan's Little Helper

Humor has its place in a slasher film and this film does a good job of balancing fear and the funnies. Unpredictable, well-plotted, some great visuals, and I dug the end (if not the annoying little boy :) )

6.) The Sleeper

Modern day slasher created as an homage to the 1980s slasher film but surpasses many of the films it's saluting due to a great title character with white eyes, bearing a hammer as a murder weapon and one of the creepiest voices of any movie killer. Also it gets everything right from the kill scenes to the look of 80's college students.

5.) The Dorm That Dripped Blood

If atmosphere is 3/4's of the presentation of a slasher film then this film wins because of that plus the truly downbeat ending. Lots of impressive kills - spiked baseball bat, drill in the head, running over someone's skull

4.) Gutterballs

Excess in the name of parody creates the ultimate modern day slasher. Much more explicit nudity and sex coupled with generous gore only creates a richer stew of evil in this grand exaggerated version of the slasher template.

3.) Torso

Another Gialo proto-slasher that established the methodology and mood of the killers to come. Has all the right elements - Sex mixed with murder, a red herring, a killer who is someone respected plus some really gory kills.

2.) Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

The first FRIDAY THE 13TH film is perhaps the best slasher film of all time. It is certainly my favorite. However, this installment runs second. Full of the usual great stalking and killing scenes, Part VII also throws in a character who can actually combat Jason on his terms. It's too bad the telekinetic girl character never got a chance to kick Jason's ass for a second time

1.) Graduation Day

Unjustly ignored, treated as a bit of a joke, this slasher gets everything right - From the killer's motivation to the high school atmosphere to the various red herrings to the creative kills themselves (pole vault scene) plus some outlandish humor and the presence of a wildly overacting Christopher George. One of the most enjoyable slasher films of all time.


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