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Top 10 Mos Def Songs Of All Time - Mos Def Music Videos

Updated on November 25, 2012
Mos Def
Mos Def

Mos Def

Mos Def is an American rapper and actor from Brooklyn, New York. In 1996, Mos Def emerged working with De La Soul and Da Bush Babees. He soon signed with Rawkus Records and formed the duo, "Back Star" with Talib Kweli. They released their debut album titled, "Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star" in 1998.

As a solo artist, he has released 4 albums since 1999. The first was "Black On Both Sides" in 1999. The second was "The New Danger" in 2004. the third was "True Magic" in 2006 and fourth was "The Ectatic" in 2009.

Here is a list of what I believe to be his best work. The top 10 Mos Def songs of all time. Enjoy.

  1. Sex, Love & Money
  2. History Ft. Talib Kweli
  3. Casa Bey
  4. Ghetto Rock
  5. Ms. Fat Booty
  6. Supermagic
  7. White Drapes
  8. Yo Yo Yo Ft. Medina Green
  9. Life Is Good
  10. Respiration Ft. Talib Kweli

If you are a fan of Mos Def or BlackStar, be sure to check out my top 10 list for Talib Kweli.


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