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Top 10 Movies to Watch When You Are Having A Bad Day

Updated on April 6, 2013

When ever I am having a bad day I find myself automatically putting on my most comfortable raggedy clothes and either crawling into my bed or curling up on the couch. I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want to do anything, and after flipping through all the channels on the TV nothing sounds good.. So I go to my countless movies and always pick the same ones. Somehow, no matter what's going on, these moves make me feel better.

10. Father Goose- I don't know if anyone but myself grew up with this movie, but it is a CLASSIC. With Carey Grant as the star of the movie, the "rebel" who doesn't like people finds himself somehow tangled up with a "Know it All" teacher and her all female students who just never seem to stop getting themselves in tough situations. By the end of the movie you just feel better.

9. Tangled- The new Disney animated film, from 2010, is full of laughs. It doesn't matter that I have watched this movie over and over again, you can't help but laugh every time she knocks someone over the head with a frying pan. Her refreshing love for the world, and her persistence is just the dose of medicine you need after a bad day. Plus, her little gecko buddy steals the whole show.. He is awesome.

8, Liar Liar- Jim Carey... that's all I really need to say isn't it? This is a classic.. a whole movie of someone putting their foot in their mouth with every sentence is amazing. Plus, just a fun fact, I went to elementary school with Justin "Cooper" He still looks the same to this day.

7.The Birdcage- Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.... GAY... could anything be more hilarious??? Simply Classic. You just can't stop laughing at the drama that occurs in this movie.

6. Pineapple Express- You don't need to be a stoner to love this movie. Seth Rogan and James Franco make an awesome duo in this movie. Just the fact that they are stoned through the entire movie, makes everything that much more hilarious. There is a scene where they both flip out in the woods *over a phantom noise* and you will end up rewinding it over and over again. The ridiculousness of their adventure is classic.

5. The Hangover- "What do tigers dreams of? When they take a little tiger snooze,Do they dream of mauling zebras,Or Hallie Barry in her catwoman suit,Don't you worry your pretty striped head,Were gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed, And then were gonna find our best friend Doug,And then were gonna give him a best friend hug
Doug Doug Oh Doug Doug Dougie Doug Doug.....
But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweekers... well then we're shit outta luck."

4. Fools Gold- Mathew McConoughey and Kate Hudson make for the best duo in this movie. After their relationship falls apart, they drive each other nuts when they are brought back together searching for a lost treasure in the ocean. This is funny and its packed with action. Nothing beats that.

3. Arthur (the original) - I have nothing against the new one, but I fell in love with the old one. I have never seen a funnier drunk person, and I love Liza Minnelli in this movie, so young with such a classic look. This movie makes you just fall in love over and over again. You will be laughing within the first 5 minutes of the movie.

2. Finding Nemo- I can't say enough about this movie, and why it is so awesome. I want to say Dory, but she's not the only reason. You feel so much for each of the little characters, you can relate to all of them. You are routing for a father and son, you are laughing and then you are worried, but by the end you just feel good inside.

1. Mrs.Doubtfire- This is my NUMBER ONE favorite movie of all time. Robin Williams set the bar for a man dressing up like a woman. I can't even tell you how funny this movie is.. you need to get up from your computer and go get this movie RIGHT NOW if you do not own it. I have three copies of it, just in case...

This is my list of feel good movies, I highly suggest you watch all of them and tell me how they made you feel. :)


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    • ErinGorney profile image

      ErinGorney 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      I would like to see all of your top 10 choices!!!

    • ErinGorney profile image

      ErinGorney 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      I am glad you all agree! Thank you all for the nice comments.

    • Michelle Taylor profile image

      Michelle Taylor 5 years ago from New Jersey

      I love Father Goose! Some Like it Hot would also be on my list as a classic feel good movie.

    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      You have no idea how much I love Mrs. Doubtfire. That whole "Hello!!!" thing Robin Williams does as Doubtfire, me and my friends still do to this day.

    • carter06 profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Such a nice thing to do to make ourselves feel better Erin,I always choose the same movies too...

      love your hub, and welcome to hubpages I see you are a newbie, glad you came on over, it's a nice place here to write...