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Top 10 Nicki Minaj - "Pink Friday" Quotes

Updated on June 18, 2011

After listening to Nicki Minaj's new album, Pink Friday, it was added to my list of classics so I had to make a list of the best quotes. It was already difficult enough finding the best quotes because her writing structure is so much different from regular rap songs and a lot of the lyrical content was personal while I look for the best punchlines, wordplay, etc. Either way, I hope you enjoy it and let me know if I missed any or if you want to post your order of favorites. Also, you can check out more Nicki Minaj Lyrics here.

"I'm The Best" Lyrics

"Roman's Revenge" Lyrics

"Did It On Em" Lyrics

"Right Thru Me" Lyrics"

"Moment 4 Life" Lyrics

"Check It Out" Lyrics

"Last Chance" Lyrics

Note*: These Top 10 Quotes are in the order that they appear on the album, 'Pink Friday'.

  1. "Cause before they could begin you told them it was the end
    But I am here to reverse the curse that they lived in
    Got two bones to pick I'm only going to choose one
    You might get addressed on the second album"
    'I'm The Best'
    - Nicki Minaj
  2. "Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’
    So f*ck, I look like gettin’ back to a has-been?
    Yeah, I said it.. has-been
    Hang it up.. flatscreen
    (Ha ha) Plasma
    Hey Nicki, hey Nicki.. asthma
    I got the pumps, it ain’t got medicine
    I got bars.. sentencin'"
    'Roman's Revenge'
    - Nicki Minaj ft Eminem
  3. "Well, b*tch, if you ain’t sh*ttin’, then get off the pot
    Got some n*ggas out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top
    I-I-I-I hear them mumblin’, I hear the cacklin’
    I got ‘em scared, shook, panickin’
    Overseas, church, Vatican
    You at a stand, still, mannequin"
    'Roman's Revenge'
    - Nicki Minaj ft Eminem
  4. "All these b*tches is my sons
    And I'm a go and get some bibs for 'em
    A couple formulas, little pretty lids on 'em
    If I had a dick I would pull it out & piss on 'em"
    'Did It On Em'
    - Nicki Minaj
  5. "Broke b*tches so crusty, disgusting
    Gave the b*tch a ride, got the Continental dusty
    Trust me, I keep a couple hundred in the duff-b
    Couple wet wipes in case a bum try to touch me
    I'm the terminator
    B*tch talk slick, I'm a have to terminate her
    These little nappy headed hoes need a perminator
    You my seed, I spray you with a germinator"
    'Did It On Em'
    - Nicki Minaj
  6. "I hear the criticism loud and clear
    That is how I know that the time is near
    So we become alive in a time of fear
    And I ain't got no motherfucking time to spare"
    'Fly '
    - Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna
  7. "I fly with the stars in the skies
    I am no longer trying to survive
    I believe that life is a prize
    But to live doesn't mean you're alive"
    'Moment 4 Life'
    - Nicki Minaj ft Drake
  8. "Da done done, The sun done, Yep the sun done
    Came up but we still up in dungeon
    Da done done, Yep in London
    Competition? Why yes, I would love some
    How the f*ck they getting mad 'cause they run done
    Mad 'cause I’m getting money in abundance
    Man I can’t even count all of these hundreds
    Duffle bag every time I go to Suntrust"
    'Check It Out'
    - Nicki Minaj ft Will.I.Am
  9. "You could bring it anyday
    Natural badass NBA
    That's my initials, that's why officials
    Don't blow the whistle, bang bang the pistol"
    And I'm bossy
    Can't keep these hoes up off me
    Damn the flow nasty, coffee
    Don't you do like the pope and cross me"
    'Last Chance'
    - Nicki Minaj ft Natasha Bedingfield
  10. "Never been like me, ain't never been like this
    My flow's a crisis, they screamin high pitch
    Gun cock, pause
    And I'm well away of the gun, laws
    Tell 'em that I'm willing for the top Forbes
    Headed to the top, dot, org"
    'Last Chance'
    - Nicki Minaj ft Natasha Bedingfield

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"Here I Am" Lyrics"

Honorable Mentions

"Got two shows tonight that's Brooklyn and Dallas
Then a private party at the Buckingham palace
Which means I gotta fly like a movie no commercial
That's Young Money, Cash Money, yeah I'm universal"
'I'm The Best' - Nicki Minaj

"I am not Jasmine, I’m Aladdin
So far ahead, these bums is laggin’
See me in that new thing, bums is gaggin’
I’m startin’ to feel like a dungeon dragon"
'Roman's Revenge'
- Nicki Minaj ft Eminem

"This stone is flawless, F 1
I keep shooters up top in the F 1
A lot of bad b*tches begging me to F 1
But I'm a eat them rat b*tches when the chef come"
'Did It On Em' - Nicki Minaj

"All these b*tches is my sons
And I ain't talking 'bout Phoenix"
'Did It On Em' - Nicki Minaj

"Always get the reaction you wanted,
I'm actually fronting, I'm asking you something
Yo! Answer this question, class is in session
Tired of letting, passive aggression, control my mind"
'Right Thru Me' - Nicki Minaj

"I wish today it will rain all day
Maybe that will kinda make the pain go away
Trying to forgive you for abandoning me
Praying but I think I’m still an angel away
Angel away, yeah strange in a way
Maybe that is why I chase strangers away
They got their guns out aiming at me
But I become near when they aiming at me"
'Fly' - Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna

"I just pop up on these hoes on some pimple sh*t
And put an iron to your face you old wrinkled b*tch"
'Check It Out' - Nicki Minaj ft Will.I.Am

"How could it be, little me,
Had the power to be the best B in the league?
Yeah, inevitably, but could it be little me?
You was heckling me, now it's monotony when I regularly..
I catch wreck on recreation, so I exceed all your expectations
B*tches ain't got it in 'em, I kill 'em and then I skin 'em
The contract is on, but I am the addendum"
'Blazin' - Nicki Minaj ft Kanye West

"Half a million dollars just to upgrade the car show
I ain't even detonate the bombs in the arsenal
Before the storm comes the calm
Hope you can take the heat like LeBron"
'Blazin' - Nicki Minaj ft Kanye West

"Soccer mom needs to organize a pep rall'
You game over b*tch, Gatorade; wet towel
Motherf*ckers ain't ready, they never been
As long as I am in the game, you'll never win
I'm on that different type of high, heroin
Put on my cape and hit the sky, heroine!"
'Blazin' - Nicki Minaj ft Kanye West

"Why is that you could only see the worst in me?
I swear sometimes I feel like it nurtures me
But to keep it all real, it's kinda hurting me
I could say I’m done with it, but it lurks in me
So I’m a just tell myself that it works for me
Take a real long drive in the Mer-ce-des"
'Here I Am' - Nicki Minaj

"You got me thinkin’ twice to just breathe
Then you say I won’t survive if I leave
But I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve
I no longer need your attention, at ease"
'Here I Am' - Nicki Minaj

"Maybe you died cause everybody ask me where you at
I try to channel you in hopes that I could steer you back
But its like every intersection we just missed each other
You got your fans waiting tell me you ain't 6 feet under
And tell me that you're coming back that you just took a break
Maybe I blamed you for everything that was my mistake
In hindsight I loved your rawness and I loved your edge
Cause it was you who talked me down from jumping off the ledge"
'Dear Old Nicki' - Nicki Minaj

"But you was underground, and I was mainstream
I live the life now, that we would daydream"
'Dear Old Nicki' - Nicki Minaj

"S on my chest let me get my cape on
He so thugged out, Ghostface and Raekwon
Konvict just like Akon
Cuz you know the snitches be puttin a jake on"
'Your Love' - Nicki Minaj

"I could've been had fame
Jump shot with a stupid ass aim
Caus' you couldn't get around the last name
So my cross-over wins the last game"
'Last Chance' - Nicki Minaj ft Natasha Bedingfield

"I get it in though
Nobody that I could just depend on
Until I touch down in the end zone
And then they come out like roaches
P-p-pecking away like vultures
But little did they know, distribute the payroll
Pick out the outfit, pick out the single"
'Last Chance'
- Nicki Minaj ft Natasha Bedingfield


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    • profile image

      Lybrah 5 years ago

      Okay first things first I'll eat your brains

      Then I'ma start rocking gold teeth and fangs...

      Couldn't resist that...sorry.

    • profile image

      Lybrah 5 years ago

      Oh man! You took my idea! Good article. Here's a Nicki quote for you:

      Pull up in a monster automobile gangsta

      With a bad b@#$% that came from Sri Lanka

      Yeah I'm in that tonka color of Willy Wonka

      You can be the king or watch the queen conquer

    • profile image

      peyton01 6 years ago

      Love nicki minaj she's my inspration

    • profile image

      Kenyonna Hoffmann 6 years ago

      Fav girl Rapper

    • profile image

      Kaitlyn Howard 6 years ago

      In the top 10 quotes part yhu did did it on em

      wrong #5 it suppose to say "Broke b*tches so crusty, disgusting Gave the b*tch a ride, got the Continental dusty Trust me, I keep a couple hundred in the duff-b

      Couple wet wipes in case a bum try to touch me (eww)

      I'm the terminator B*tch talk slick, I'm a have to terminate her These little nappy headed hoes need a perminator You my seed, I spray you with a germinator" get ur lyrics straight plzz..or dnt rite nothing at all. Thank yhu hun.!

    • profile image

      cornell 6 years ago

      i think nicki minaj is the bestest ever mwaj!!!

    • dsmythe profile image

      dsmythe 6 years ago

      Sorry but I can't STAND Nicki Minaj. I never even knew who she was until I listened to the new Kanye West album. Every time she comes on that's when the song ends for me.

    • profile image

      casia 6 years ago

      ..iLove Nicki Minaj..iGotta Girl Crush On Her:)