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Top 10 Paid Actors 2013

Updated on May 18, 2014

Top Earning Actors 2013 (Hollywood, TOP 10)

On average the top earning actors in Hollywood currently range from $20-30 million. This is no surprise considering the amount of money which is made from the box office hits which in the list, will become clear just who has been in the box office movies for 2013.

However an actor can earn substantially more by deferring part or even all of their salary against a percentage of the films gross. This is known in the film industry as a profit participation deal. This is gradually becoming the route to the fortune which actors are making when they are at the top of their game as they have realised the potential for taking part in a profit participation deal.

Robert Downey Jr (2013)- Looking pleased. Probably due to the sum of money he is currently earning.
Robert Downey Jr (2013)- Looking pleased. Probably due to the sum of money he is currently earning. | Source

No.1- Robert Downey Jr- $75 Million

We are going to start the list off with Robert Downey Jr who seems to get better with age in his performances on screen as proven with his role as Iron man which was a box office smash hit.

I remember the days before Robert became a Hollywood superstar when he played in such movies as US Marshals and Chaplin which were great movies but I must admit that he has come a long way since then. After appearing in the hit role playing Tony Stark (aka Iron man), it only got better with his next hit role playing Sherlock Holmes (a box office hit) and later, the Avengers movie which brought together a team of the Marvel super hero's including Iron Man.

Robert's pay in 2013 is due to his role as Tony Stark (aka Iron man), in Iron man 3 as well as his enormous payout from The Avengers Assemble. Least to say with the seemingly lasting success of the Iron man series, The Avengers series as well as the Sherlock Holmes series, Robert is going to be good for money for a long while yet.

Channing Tatum (2013)- Handsome star earning a substantially handsome sum of money.
Channing Tatum (2013)- Handsome star earning a substantially handsome sum of money. | Source

No.2- Channing Tatum- $60 Million

Due to the hugely successful Magic Mike film in the box office, Channing Tatum has managed to rack up enough money in 2013, to gain a 2nd place spot in the top 10 earning actors list.

Channing Tatum can do no wrong at the moment in Hollywood with one of the largest fan bases in the world as well as starring in a couple of the most talked about movies. With the success of the G.I. Joe series and the 21 jump street series, and the Magic Mike movie, Channing will be set up for the time being with up coming roles in these movies alone.

Channing Tatum has come a long way in Hollywood, gaining success in directions in which he seems to turn. Having now proven that he can adapt to serious roles, like in 'side effects' and 'the eagle'. He has also proven that he can turn to the comedies with his not so serious roles in, 'she's the man' and '21 jump street'. Then to top it off he has also proven that he can adapt to action rolls playing the tough guy like in, 'G.I. Joe: the rise of cobra' and 'white house down'.

One thing is certainly clear for Channing Tatum, which is that his future is certainly bright for the adapting actor within Hollywood who only now has the task of proving that his skills as an actor will only improve as he ages.

Hugh Jackman- Handsome, rugged, rich.
Hugh Jackman- Handsome, rugged, rich. | Source

No.3- Hugh Jackman- $55 Million

Hugh Jackman is best known for his role as the Wolverine in the X-Men series. It has been mistaken that the movie for 2013 which made him the most money was 'The Wolverine' when in true fact it was 'Les Miserable'. Although arguably the best movie which he has starred in so far is in fact X-Men playing the role as the Wolverine.

Not to say that we haven't seen some particularly powerful performances from Hugh Jackman lately because we most certainly have outside of the X-Men franchise movies. To name a few there was 'Prisoners', released in 2013, in which Hugh played a father stressed to his maximum by the kidnapping of his daughter, whereby he takes matters into his own hands to get results. Prisoners for me was by far Hugh Jackman's best role in terms of bringing real emotion to the screen which he did superbly. Then there was 'Real steel', released in 2011 which was a box office hit, with a wow factor due to the futuristic look on the idea of robots fighting in the ring rather than men fighting in the ring which I felt worked well and clearly others agreed. Finally there is 'Les Miserables', released in 2012, which had a powerful performance from the whole cast with some unlikely Hollywood stars singing, including the likes of Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.

Mark Wahlberg- Hollywood superstar.
Mark Wahlberg- Hollywood superstar. | Source

No.4- Mark Wahlberg- $52 Million

This is an actor everyone is talking about these days with a lot of great movies added to his profile with a few earlier hits like the big budget film, 'planet of the apes' (2001) and 'the departed' (2006). Although now he is more known for films like 'the fighter' (2010), 'Ted' (2012) and 'lone survivor' (2013).

Mark Wahlberg is making noise in Hollywood, gathering the attention of a lot of people, with his box office numbers rising with the 'lone survivor' becoming an instant hit on the box office. I must admit that when I first saw Mark in a movie which I think was in fact, 'the departed', I immediately thought that he was just a Mat Damon lookalike. But these days I think of Mark Wahlberg before I think of Mat Damon, which says a lot, as I am a huge Mat Damon fan.

The money Mark Wahlberg has racked up in 2013 is largely from his role in 'Ted' which was a controversial yet phenomenal movie which did unexpectedly great at the box office. There is no telling what awaits this actor in his future but I have to admit, I am excited to find out. Mark Wahlberg has a great line up of films for 2014 and 2015 with the announced films including, 'Transformers:age of extinction and 'the gambler' etc. It should be interesting to see if Mark Wahlberg makes it onto the top 10 paid actors list in 2014. We will just have to wait and see...

Dwayne Johnson- A man not be messed with. Hollywood's official tough guy.
Dwayne Johnson- A man not be messed with. Hollywood's official tough guy. | Source

No.5- Dwayne Johnson- $46 Million

Dwayne Johnson was a wrestling superstar now turned Hollywood superstar. Is there anything this man cannot become a superstar in, I wonder. Hollywood had been yearning for a new tough guy to bring to the movies since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone got old, but thankfully, Dwayne Johnson filled the position beautifully.

Dwayne's abilities as an actor have proven to be broad with him playing the tough guy (saving the day), the hopeless romantic, the family man, and the bad guy. I like Dwayne Johnson's movies, not matter what character he is taking on because I know that he will pull it off.

Best known in the past within such movies as 'the mummy returns', again playing the same character in 'the scorpion king', 'welcome to the jungle' and 'doom'. These were some entertaining movies from the past in which I'm sure we can all appreciate Dwayne's performance within these movies. However these days the movies you are more likely to think of Dwayne Johnson in are the likes of, 'fast and furious series', 'G.I. Joe: retaliation' and 'pain and gain'. Dwayne has done a great job in providing the appearance, the personality and the confidence which the characters he usually plays demands which has always brought entertaining movies to the screens.

The whopping sum of money which Dwayne Johnson earned in 2013 is largely due to the role he played in 'Fast and furious 6', which is due to have another following. Dwayne Johnson should be kept in the money for some time to come with a line up of movies for him to take part in over the course of 2014 and 2015.

Leonardo Dicaprio- The handsome Hollywood kid star turned Hollywood handsome man star.
Leonardo Dicaprio- The handsome Hollywood kid star turned Hollywood handsome man star. | Source

No.6- Leonardo Dicaprio- $39 Million

Leonardo Dicaprio has certainly come a long way since his role in 'Titanic' (the second biggest grossing movie of all time) which saw an entire world fall in love with the actor. The days of remembering Leonardo in 'Romeo and Juliet' (1996) and 'Titanic' (1997) are most definitely over. For today we know Leonardo more lately for his roles in movies like, 'shutter island', 'inception', and 'the great Gatsby'.

Leonardo's career was certainly boosted by 'titanic', as it brought better roles his way to play but it did not necessarily give him more talent as an actor. Leonardo Dicaprio is undoubtedly, one of the most talented actors in Hollywood which is why after 'titanic' became a thing of the past we started to see Leonardo in a new light. He was playing in unforgettable movies like, 'gangs of New York', 'catch me if you can' and 'the aviator', which all stand out from the endless rows of movies on offer for people to watch.

There is no question of which movie brought Leonardo Dicaprio his small fortune in 2013 since it was clearly the role he played in, 'the great Gatsby' (2013). Although we must not forget the brilliant 'wolf of wall street' which also starred Leonardo playing the wolf himself which was probably one of the best performance I have seen from Leonardo so far. Pure brilliance from an ever more richer man, not only in money but also talent which he somehow seems to create more from thin air as he stars in more and more movies.

Adam Sandler- Comedies ultimate funny man. The earnings are the proof.
Adam Sandler- Comedies ultimate funny man. The earnings are the proof. | Source

No.7- Adam Sandler- $37 Million

Arguably one of the funniest men in the movies with more Hollywood successful comedies than any other 21st Century actor. Adam Sandler is proof that serious money can be made as an actor starring in the comedies which has always been pushed aside as a lower earning for Hollywood stars.

Most will remember Adam Sandler for his roles in such movies as, 'happy Gilmore', 'little Nicky' and '50 first dates'. These were all timeless classics with a hilarious set of antics from the all so familiar Adam Sandler. However these days Adam is more known for his roles in such movies as, 'the grown ups', 'Jack and Jill' and 'funny people'. This is an actor we can all appreciate in the movies, young and old alike due to Adam Sandler's quirky attitude which he brings to all of his characters.

His 2013 earnings came the role which he played in 'hotel Transylvania' (2012) and 'grown ups 2' (2013), which were both brilliant movies which did well on the box office. Adam truly earned the money in 2013 playing in an ace movie which I personally love, called 'grown ups 2'.

Tom Cruise- Handsome Hollywood superstar.
Tom Cruise- Handsome Hollywood superstar. | Source

No.8- Tom Cruise- $35 Million

Tom Cruise is one of the most well known faces in Hollywood, hugely known for his role as Ethan Hunt in the 'mission impossible' series. However he is known for playing in a whole array of movies from, 'top gun', 'Jerry Maguire', 'minority report' and 'war of the worlds'. All of these movies were instant hits on the box office gaining real attention for the first time in Hollywood after starring in 'top gun' (1986), which blew audiences away.

Today however Tom Cruise is known more for his broken marriages than his movies, as unfair as that seems to say. However if we were to take a look at a few of the movies Tom Cruise is known for more recently, we would think of such movies as, 'mission impossible:ghost protocol', 'Jack Reacher' and 'oblivion'. These are some superb action movies which individually offer some great viewing for fans of action movies and Tom Cruise alike. A personal favourite of mine from one of Tom Cruises later movie releases was 'Jack Reacher' (2012), as it seemed to be endless in fight scenes, yet had a good plot to keep you interested.

I think it is fair to say that Tom Cruise has had a great bunch of movies come out recently, leaving us with only one conclusion, which is that he must be racking in the money. The 2013 income which Tom Cruise has earned is largely due to the role he played in 'Jack Reacher' (2012) as well as partly, the role he played in 'oblivion' (2013).

Denzel Washington- A Hollywood talent who keeps on surprising.
Denzel Washington- A Hollywood talent who keeps on surprising. | Source

No.9- Denzel Washington- $33 Million

Denzel Washington is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood with some great movies on his profile which only adds to the surprise for audiences as for what we can expect in the future. In the past you may have remembered Denzel for such movies as, 'the bone collector' (1999), 'training day' (2001) and 'man on fire' (2004) which were all great movies.

These days we know Denzel Washington for such movies as, 'American gangster' (2007), 'safe house' (2012) and 'flight' (2012), which were all once again great movies. From the list of Denzel Washington's movies, my personal favourite was 'American Gangster', as it showed real skill from Denzel as an actor pulling off a difficult role which I found to be a great movie.

Denzel's money earned in 2013 was largely from the sum of money made from 'flight' in which he played the leading role. Denzel is proving his worthiness in Hollywood every time he sets foot onto another movie which is why it is so exciting, to see what is going to become of the actor in the future.

Liam Neeson- Low key Hollywood superstar. Low  budget movies, high return. That's the way to do it.
Liam Neeson- Low key Hollywood superstar. Low budget movies, high return. That's the way to do it. | Source

No.10- Liam Neeson- $32 Million

Liam Neeson is for me, the oddest out of all of the Hollywood stars on this list to be in the top 10 paid actors for 2013 since it feels like only yesterday, when Liam was playing in such movies like, 'Schindler's list' and 'Rob Roy'. Today of course we know Liam Neeson as the action superstar, saving the day or more rather, saving his daughter from kidnappers.

It is no secret that Liam Neeson saw a dramatic change in his rate of success in Hollywood when he made the wise decision to star in 'Taken' (2008), he seemed to change his career entirely. He was starring in big budget movies like, 'clash of the titans' (2010), 'the A-team' (2010) and 'battleship' (2012). As well as the added bonus of the success of 'clash of the titans' which means they were to do a sequel starring Liam Neeson as well as a sequel for the cult action 'taken'.

Not mentioning the great line up of movies which Liam Neeson has got lined up for 2014 and 2015 which sounds exciting if the titles are anything to go by. Included in this list, a 'taken 3' (2015), which we can only hope has the same intensity as the first two making for a great trilogy.

The money Liam Neeson has earned in 2013 are largely from earning from previous movies, 'taken 2', and 'the grey' which were successful on the box office. Liam Neeson is one of the smarter actors, starring in lower budget movies, which have a big return allowing him to maximise his earnings as a movie needs not, a big budget in order to be a good film. This was proven by 'taken' (2008) and 'the grey' (2011), which were both low budget movies yet had a great return and received very well by audiences.

Summary- Top 10 Paid Actor's 2013 Earnings

2013- Earnings
Majority of Earnings from Following
#1- Robert Downey Jr
$75 Million
The Avengers
#2- Channing Tatum
$60 Million
Magic Mike
#3- Hugh Jackman
$55 Million
Les Miserables
#4- Mark Wahlberg
$52 Million
#5- Dwayne Johnson
$46 Million
Fast and Furious 6
#6- Leonardo Dicaprio
$39 Million
The Great Gatsby
#7- Adam Sandler
$37 Million
Hotel Transylvania
#8- Tom Cruise
$35 Million
Jack Reacher
#9- Denzel Washington
$33 Million
#10- Liam Neeson
$32 Million
Taken 2

A Quick Thank You

Thank you everyone, for reading my hub. I hope you enjoyed checking out this top 10 list for the 'top 10 paid actors 2013'. Don't forget to leave a comment below and follow me by clicking the follow button at the top of the page to gain easy access to my past as well as future hubs as they are created.


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    • profile image

      Craig Easom 3 years ago

      I'm afraid after reviewing the top 10 earning actors for 2013, Samuel L Jackson wasn't a contender. I received my information from 'forbe's magazine'. I have done a little research, sadly not finding any information concerning his 2013 earnings, but what we must remember is that stars do not always announce publicly, their earnings. Although I do agree with your comment, Samuel must be raking in the cash with the amount of roles he seems to be getting at the moment.

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan

      Nice Hub. What about Samuel L Jackson? That dude plays any role in any movie, whether it's a B-Movie or a Hollywood blockbuster, he must have some serious earnings.