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Top 10 Train Songs of All-Time

Updated on April 18, 2012

10 Save Me San Francisco (Save Me San Francisco)

The upbeat 5th single off of their 5th album, this song peaked at #75 on the Billboard 100 and lasted 8 weeks, but it also peaked at #6 on Billboard's US Adult Pop Songs.

9 Marry Me (Save Me San Francisco)

The 3rd single off Save Me San Francisco debuted at #95 on the Billboard 100 and peaked as high as #34 during the 11 weeks it lasted. The single hit over 1 million downloads as it also peaked at #3 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart and #4 on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs chart.

8 This'll Be My Year (California 37)

Maybe I'm jumping the gun on this one, but this is a personal favorite of mine off the new album that I haven't been able to stop listening to. It reminds me too much of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" which is an all-time favorite song of mine and a hit, so I believe this will be one of Train's future singles and it will be really popular. My review of the album "California 37" is in the link below.

7 When I Look To The Sky (My Private Nation)

This is one of the earliest hit songs Train had back in the day. The song is almost 10 years old and last featured on the Billboard 100 in February of 2004. It peaked at #74 in it's 14 weeks on the chart.

6 Meet Virginia (Train)

This is the oldest hit Train has. It was off their self-named debut album back in 1998 and peaked at #20 on the Billboard 100 during it's life of 27 weeks on the charts. This song was featured on 7 different charts and peaked as high as #2 on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs.

5 Calling All Angels (My Private Nation)

The song reached #19 on Billboard's Top 100 during its 29 weeks. It also lasted 3 weeks and #1 on billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks and on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs.

4 If It's Love (Save Me San Francisco)

This was the 2nd biggest hit off their 2009 album that peaked at #34 on Billboard's Top 100, but it also peaked at #1 on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs. It featured on 9 charts and received Gold certifications from the U.S. and Australia.

3 Drive By (California 37)

The 1st hit single off their latest album has been on the charts for 12 weeks so far and has peaked at #13 for the moment. It's featured on over 20 charts worldwide and has peaked at #2 on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs.

2 Drops of Jupiter (Drops of Jupiter)

Before 2009, this was Train's biggest hit song. It was the song they were known for. It lasted on Billboard's 100 for over a year (54 weeks exactly) and peaked at #5 on that chart. It featured on 18 different charts in 2001 (3 #1 spots in Canada, Ireland, and U.S. Adult Pop Songs) and was ranked #4 on Billboard's end of the 2001 year chart.

1 Hey, Soul Sister! (Save Me San Francisco)

This is the song that put Train back on the map in the mainstream music world and has been their best, most successful hit of all time. It peaked at #3 on Billboard's 100 during the 48 weeks it lasted, but also peaked #1 on 6 of the 25 charts it featured on, was certified 5x platinum in the United States and received platinum in 5 other countries, and finished top 10 in 10 different year end charts worldwide including a #1 finish in Billboard's Adult Pop songs.


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      Jude 4 years ago

      It is good but I think drive by would deserve to be no 1