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Top 10 Worst Movies of The Past Decade

Updated on December 31, 2019

Let's get right into it

Please remember that some of these may contain spoiler alerts! You have been warned.

1. Left Behind (2014)
This may have been derived from a religions book series, but I think we can all I agree that this mutated into an unholy pimple of a movie. I guess I cannot say that this is a bad movie but it does commit the worst sin of the industry. It is boring! Despite the legendary outbursts of Nicholas Cage, there is not much in this movie to grab the viewers attention. I want to pose the question, why is a movie about the rapture starring Cage just not entertaining? I was expecting to get a laugh. This statement might also be a sin and possibly bring the rapture, but can we have Kirk Cameron back?

2. Bucky Larson: Born to be A Star (2011)
Nick Swordson was given one chance to prove that he could carry a movie. I am not so sure that he succeeded because this movie was a huge let down. What did this movie prove? It proved that Nick was not meant to be an actor. At least, not in major motion pictures. He might do well in commercials. This is kind of ironic seeing as he movie is about Bucky setting out to find fame. Pauly Shore also had a role in this movie. Did they even try?

3. Movie 43 (2013)
5 years after this movie was released, the same producer would release another movie that was a Best Picture winner. The producer must have gotten considerably better after this monstrosity of a film. Richard Grover described this as the “Citizen Kane of Awful,” when the movie was supposed to be Funny or Die meets Kentucky Fried. One positive aspect of the movie was they did cast some fantastic actors and actresses such as Hallie Berry.

4. The Wedding Ringer (2015)
The only people I can see truly liking this movie would be die hard fans of Kevin Hart. The movie is about a guy named Doug who is getting married. He is marrying a girl who is considered to be too good for him. He is a hard working man but he is not considered to be handsome or outgoing. He just isn’t the type of guy girls like this go for. If you are not okay with crude movies with bad language, you would not appreciate this movie. Over 50 f-bombs are dropped as well as over 60 four letter words starting with the letter “S.” A certain scene shows bestiality, so if that offends you please steer clear of this film.

5. Holmes and Watson (2018)
Starring John C. Riley and Will Ferrell, this movie was expected to be well put together and hilarious. It was all that we could expect after “Talledega Nights” and “Step Brothers.” Like many of his other characters, Will Ferrel played an egotistical buffoon. The only thing mysterious about Holmes and Watson was simply, how can so many funny people produce a movie that was truly clueless? I would also like to ask, just where is the comedy aspect in this movie? Few aspects were chuckle worthy but just were a disappointment compared to precious movies from both actors. The biggest jokes in the movie were about fake mustaches and women being doctors with a few Titanic ones thrown into the mix. Sony could not even get Netflix to upload this movie. That probably says something huge.

6. Loqueesha (2019)
When a white man cannot get the job he wants on the radio, what does he do? Well, according to this terrible movie, you impersonate a sassy black woman. I am super confused as to how it is okay to even make a movie like this? This movie tackles modern day issues that everyone has such as inequality, gender identity, as well as a few other themes I will not mention here. Making it even worse, this man who plays the main role in the movie is portrayed as a kind, wise and gentle protagonist who seems to be a know-it-all. I can easily see how you could compare this movie to one made back in the 1080s called “Soul Man.”

7. The Apparition (2012)
Given only 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, this was truly a flop. Starring Ashley Green, not everything about this film is awful. It has some stereotypical aspects of poltergeist hauntings. The soap blackens, the mold grows faster than the hair on your legs after you shave them. The clothing hanging in the closets are tied into knots. Nothing that hurts the people happen, just an annoying haunting. It really lacks enthusiasm and entertainment. I really got bored watching and found myself wondering when I was going to see something that was not in every haunting film, ever.

8. Gotti (2019)
This seems to be one of the more silly movies from John Travolta, another being Battlefield Earth in 2000. If you look at the script at all, it looks like it was written by a 9 year old. Perhaps a confused AI bot that was only programmed with gangster cliches and Italian stereotypes. This movie is a stereotypical gangster or mobster story. The problem is it lacks any and all humanity. So after watching this, what do we really learn about John Gotti? Swearing seemed to be his favorite thing to do, he had a family and he was a mob leader. Why was he so fascinating? I am not sure if the writer just forgot to include this, or if the character just really is not that interesting. I choose to believe the latter. If you want a movie about a real mobster/gangster, I suggest watching “Citizen Gangster.” You can thank me later.

9. Ouji (2014)
This one was also given a very low score on Rotten Tomatoes, at a 6%. If you like a good jump, this movie is a great one for you. However, if you like acting skills, story and plot, steer clear because this one lacks all three. There honestly aren’t a whole lot of lines in the movie, so its mostly atmospheric. Perhaps this was a movie in which to encourage people to buy the Hasbro “game” from your local Walmarts. Many will argue that Ouji is not in fact a game but a legit way to communicate with spirits in a very dangerous way, as you are opening up a door to all kinds of evil whether it be intentional or not.

10. The Emoji Movie (2017)
The first animated film was released in 1914. Yes, it was that long ago! It was a film about a dinosaur named Gerty by Winsor McKay that only lasted a few minutes. This sparked a whole different type of film that has struck the hearts of people around the world for all these years. Just a short 103 years later, we see this exact same art form portrayed in the Emoji Movie. They used this technology to turn Patrick Steward into a talking piece of poop. Is this even a movie? Is it just a satire? Maybe if the movie has smarter folks writing it, it could have been a great satire about government corruption. You are never too young to learn about the government, kids!

© 2019 Katie Gillispie


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